Problem with synchronization – lists are not transferred

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I have had the following problem for some time now:
I have an IPod Touch (software version 4.2.1) and set it to automatically sync with ITunes (version discontinued. So far I could always create playlists on the go without any problems, which were then transferred to the library during synchronization (on my IPod there is only music that is also in ITunes) – a feature that I appreciated very much, because I very often create lists on the go. Unfortunately this does not work for quite some time now. The lists are not transferred and also disappear from my IPod.

IPod software u. ITunes are up to date as far as I know, also I already tried to reset the IPod, but without success.

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Did you in iTunes perhaps accidentally under ‘Devices (your iPod)> Music’ the item ‘Selected Playlists . ‘ clicked and then no playlists marked there?

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Hifi King

No that can not be from the description of the TE actually. His problem is that the playlists created on the iPod are not transferred to iTunes when syncing, not that all songs, etc are deleted!



@ ergo: Yes, of course I marked playlists.

As Hfi-King rightly said, not all songs are deleted, but only the "links" (d.h. Playlists I create on the IPod).

Oh man, it’s so annoying


Have a look at the titles of a playlist in iTunes and then right click on a title. If you then select ‘Show in Windows Explorer’, it will then show you the correct location (usually under ‘iTunes Music’ or. the original physical storage location) will show up?


Hmm I just made an interesting discovery.
So far it was the same with my iPod touch as you described your problem. I created a playlist on the Ipod, and after the next syncro it was gone.
Now I just created a test playlist on my iPhone, put five titles in it and synchronized it.
Tadaa. The list is preserved on the iPhone and has also been added to the playlists in iTunes.

However, now I don’t know why it didn’t work before and for you, but now it does.

The only difference I can think of right now:
Now I have the whole music media library synconisieren, which I have not done before due to lack of space.

If you have enough space, you can try it out.

Did you actually change anything when you write that first it worked and then it didn’t??


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