Powunity biketrax gps tracker in practice test

The GPS tracker from PowUnity can not prevent the theft of the bike. But if the bike was stolen it helps to find it again.

PowUnity BikeTrax practical test

A GPS tracker can not prevent theft. You still need a good lock. But if the bike is gone, he offers you a good chance to find the bike again.

The system of PowUnity is only suitable for eBikes. It is powered by the motor battery and is mounted hidden in the wheel.

Transparency note:
The test device was provided to me free of charge and without any conditions by the manufacturer.

& What does PowUnity cost??

The PowUnity GPS tracker* costs approx 200 euros. This includes one year of free online service with tracking.

If you want to continue using the service afterwards you have to expect costs in the amount of 39,50 Euro per year calculate.

If you are not able to install the GPS yourself, you will have to pay the installation costs at the dealer.

✔️ Technology

You get a small piece of electronics, shrink-wrapped in heat shrink tubing. In addition a battery and a set of cables suitable for your bike.

BikeTrax scope of delivery with tracker, battery and motor specific cable

BikeTrax scope of delivery with tracker, battery and motor-specific cable

In the tracker is a cellular module with eSIM for the 2G network installed.

Why such an old technology?
Very simple. The 2G standard is the most widespread in Europe. So you can track the stolen bike quasi all over Europe.

Estimated remaining battery life is displayed in the app

Estimated remaining battery life is displayed in the app

A GPS receiver is integrated for position determination.

The battery is powered by the eBike while riding and lasts for about 2 weeks standby or 14 hours tracking.

✔️ installation

The actual GPS tracker is always built the same way. In addition, in the package there is a set of cables suitable for your drive.

I have installed the tracker in my ROSE xtraWatt 5 trekking bike with Bosch Performance Line (Gen2) motor. At PowUnity, the Bosch Classic Set* is called.

The installation is well described in the enclosed, printed installation instruction.

Biggest hurdle was taking off the crank to remove the motor cover. The team at ROSE Bikes Munich kindly supported me in this process.

To secure the crank and make it even more difficult for a thief to remove the tracker I closed the hexagon socket screw of the crank with a HexLox lock.

✔️ Setup

Now the PowUnity app comes into play. It’s available for Android and iPhone.

When setting up, the app will guide you through the process step by step. Worked for me without problems.

Setting up the app and pairing it with the BikeTrax module

Setting up the app and pairing it with the BikeTrax module

✔️ Protect bike

What do I have to do when I turn off the wheel?

In principle, the tracking is always active when the wheel is moved. It does not have to drive or roll, wiggling is enough to wake up the tracker.

So it would be enough to open the app when the bike is gone. Already you can check the current location.

To be actively notified of a theft, you have two options:

  • Message on movement (wiggle)
  • Message when leaving a security zone (geofencing)

I prefer the Security zone. When I was moving, there were too often false alarms in the shed because someone else got stuck on my bike while taking out his bike.

Set up alarm via GeoFence

Set up alarm via GeoFence

So now I get an alarm message on my cell phone when the bike is further than 100 m away from where I digitally locked it.

Of course you have to lock the bike manually by pressing the lock button in the app.

If you forget to unlock it when you start riding, you will get the alarm message on your cell phone after a short ride. Forgetfulness thus becomes a functional test of the bike tracking system

✔️ In a theft

What happens if your bike is stolen?

Whether you were alerted to the theft by app (motion or geofence) or just noticed it was missing.

You open the app and see the current position (red) of your bike on a map. In addition, the distance traveled.

GPS tracking in case of theft

GPS tracking in case of theft

Now you can inform the police and direct the patrol car on the chase with the help of the app.

Of course this should happen as soon as possible. Not that the battery in the tracker runs out. And once the wheel has disappeared in the cellar or a workshop, it becomes more difficult to get at it again.

✔️ Tour Diary

If you are on the road with your bike the tracker always records the route automatically.

recording each route in the route diary

Recording of each route in the route diary

Later you will find the tracks under "Routes" for evaluation. Export as GPX track is also possible.

PowUnity BikeTrax experience

If you are not really often and regularly on the road by bike, you have to take care of the battery a little bit.

The battery is empty after 2 weeks at the latest. But even earlier it can be tight. If you have only 10% left in it, you won’t be able to track the thief for long. And some time is needed to contact the police and start the manhunt.

I do it so that I always when I pass in the shed at the wheel briefly times the drive switch on. This way the tracker gets power and can recharge the battery a bit until it automatically falls asleep.

Alternatively, there is a second battery, with which you can extend the runtime. But this doesn’t really solve the problem in winter, it just gives you more buffer.

Buy PowUnity BikeTrax – yes or no?

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If you want additional security for your eBike, PowUnity offers you a great way to retrofit your bike yourself.

In daily practice it doesn’t bother you and thanks to tour tracking you have some added value – if you want to record your routes.

In case of emergency you have a good chance to get the stolen wheel back again.

Conclusion PowUnity BikeTrax

For me PowUnity is one of the best GPS trackers. The technology is mature and the radio standard is a common system throughout Europe.
The price of the hardware and the running costs are reasonable.

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