Pimples on the cheek – what helps and how to prevent them

Pimples on the cheek – how to prevent them, what helps and what to look for

Pimple cheek skin problems

Whether they come from chronic problems or lack of care, pimples on the cheek are always annoying. What you can do against the impurities on the face, we explain to you!

Who does not know? You are preparing for a party or an important appointment at work and just at the wrong time you see a pimple on your face. There one is fast close to the despair.

One place where skin problems are particularly troublesome is the cheeks. There it is especially difficult to conceal something well, and as soon as you turn to another person, the pimples are not to be overlooked.

Therefore, especially for pimples on the cheek good advice is expensive. However, there is no miracle cure for this either – that’s why the main thing is to familiarize yourself with tips and methods to fight against the problems.

How do pimples on the cheek develop?

As with pimples on all other parts of the body, it first helps to divide the causes into two areas. So you can get a better picture of the situation. Because it is necessary to distinguish between patients with chronic diseases, through which skin problems come, and those who can address most of the problems with hygiene measures.

Among other things, hormonal balance can also cause you to struggle with a lot of pimples. The main thing is to minimize the problems if possible.

People who are not confronted with diseases are nevertheless often surprised how many components play an important role in skin care. In a positive sense, you can have a helpful influence in many ways, but you can also quickly worsen the appearance of the skin.

Are there special reasons for pimples on the cheek?

When it comes to pimples on different parts of the body, it is important to distinguish what each of them comes into contact with. An example of this is that for the back it is especially important that the clothes are made of good material, and that bacteria do not collect there, because the back often comes into contact with it.

It’s different on the face – if you don’t wear a scarf up to your face or rely on balaclavas, clothing plays only a minor role. Other aspects are much more important.

It is helpful to keep in mind what the cheeks often come into contact with. This is not just about fresh air, but also about having your hands in your face as you lie on a pillow, or even the smartphone.

Because at work in particular, people tend to quickly prop their heads up and have their hands in their faces at the same time. When using the phone, many also hold the smartphone up to the skin. Even if the pillow you sleep on at night is full of bacteria, it can have a big impact on the appearance of your skin.

It’s relatively easy to draw conclusions from this – to minimize the risk of skin problems if you’re susceptible, you should wash your bedding more often, pay particular attention to hygiene and avoid pressing your smartphone against your skin as much as possible.

Depending on how pronounced the hair growth is, beard care can also become an issue on the cheeks. Impurities can settle more quickly under the hair, as it is more difficult to get at the skin.

In addition, many also have problems directly after shaving, as redness quickly appears. Also there it goes to look at the equipment (razor, shaving foam, evtl. Balm after shaving) to look at again and possibly make changes. Alternatively, one should be a little more cautious about it.

What does face mapping tell you about pimples on the cheek?

Face Mapping is a method from traditional Chinese medicine. For centuries now, various types of medicine have been traced back to the concepts of TCM. In face mapping, the face is divided into many small parts, which are assigned to an organ.

The organs associated with the cheeks are the liver and lungs – the better the condition of these, the better the skin in that area of the face. So, according to Face Mapping, in this case, good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and frequent exposure to fresh air, among other things, help.

As in other areas of traditional medicine, it is difficult to prove scientifically that the influence of Face Mapping is really so great. But you can’t do anything wrong with the tips in this case, because the mentioned aspects have a positive effect on the skin anyway.

What are the first steps that help in the fight against pimples on the cheek?

Especially the face encounters many environmental influences in the course of a day – not only fresh air, but also sweat, germs or dirt can settle on the skin. Therefore, the first tip is the simplest: wash!

If you want to have a beautiful complexion and look flawless, especially on the cheeks, you have to wash your face regularly. This is the only way to give the skin a chance to recover and to get rid of negative influences.

Basically, a good standard of hygiene goes hand in hand with discipline! This also includes washing your hands thoroughly or disinfecting them – then the risk is also lower if you should touch your face – possibly even uncontrollably.

However, this discipline will also bring quick returns! Because when it comes to skin care and the fight against pimples, you have to think in the long term. When a skin problem occurs, it is often the consequence of a mistake that has already been made.

One more tip concerning washing: water that is too hot can dry out the skin, water that is too cold can damage the capillaries (small blood vessels) – it’s the middle that counts!

Should you go to the dermatologist because of pimples on the cheek?

The hygiene standard is good, but the skin still is not? This is not yet a cause for concern! Few people have a skin condition that completely satisfies them with little or no effort!

In most cases it is then suitable to take influence on it. Buying wild beauty products without knowing what you need in the first place should not be an option in this case, however.

Instead, the next step is to find out exactly what it is – and the best way to do that is to see a dermatologist. Within a very short time the dermatologist can get a first picture of the skin.

That should already be enough for first conclusions, alternatively there are still test possibilities, in order to analyze for instance also the hormonal situation. Many know from other doctors the blood count, which is done to collect exact information – this also works in this context.

With this information it is then easier to talk purposefully about the different possibilities. In some cases, it is enough to recommend which medicines and remedies to take, or. are to be avoided.

Alternatively there are also the options that one regularly goes to treatment of the medical personnel, or also other possibilities of the therapy, in order to get rid of the skin problems in the long term.

What remedies help against pimples on the cheek?

The problem with most of the beauty products on the market today is not that they are bad. Often, however, the desired effect fails to materialize – but this is primarily due to the fact that the ingredients do not match what you need.

This is another reason why a visit to the doctor is so important, the dermatologist with his expertise can tell you which ingredients the products should have. Depending on what type of skin you have, it is important that the skin is not over-oily or does not dry out completely.

Especially in the case of skin problems on the cheek or other parts of the face, however, it is important to note that of course not only the products you buy explicitly for skin care have an effect. If you use moisturizer, apply make-up daily or even hairspray actually ends up on your face, this can of course also cause changes.

Do you have pimples on the cheek only during puberty?

No! Of course, many still associate pimples and other types of skin blemishes with teenagers who struggle with exactly these problems during puberty. However, the association lags!

Due to hormonal surges, many teenagers struggle with skin problems – however, hormonal problems can occur just as much in adults or. after the end of puberty simply does not disappear.

In addition, there are the possible factors of skin diseases and / or problems due to hygiene that can be extended. All of this has absolutely nothing to do with age, accordingly, people who struggle with blemishes in adulthood don’t have to hide either.

Again, this happens to a lot of people – probably more people than you might originally think – and can still be treated just as well, even at a slightly older age, to either make the problems go away or at least limit them.

What is right in the fight against pimples on the cheek?

Whether in puberty or in adulthood – scientists are still looking in vain for a miracle cure for pimples on the cheek and there will be no breakthrough anytime soon.

Accordingly, the priority should be to try to speed up the natural process. Because, of course, the body will also automatically ensure that each pimple – just as it appears – also disappears again.

In this case, beauty products and natural skin care primarily serve as helpers, which can only accelerate this process, even in the case of pimples on the cheek.

Of course, it is best if care and treatment are so good that pimples no longer occur at all. However, if the blemishes do occur, the first thing to do is to fight the inflammation.

Cooling helps among other things – be it with ice cubes, cold packs or other means, the cold leads to the fact that the inflammations are soothed. Alternatively, facial toner can also help.

However, it is important to pay attention to the alcohol content of the toner – it must be in the right proportion to your skin type, so that there is a reaction, but your skin does not suffer any damage.

If you have very oily skin, the alcohol content can go up to 60 percent, but it is important to talk to a doctor first – because the risk is very high with such high values. As a rule of thumb, the drier the skin is anyway, the lower the alcohol content can and should be.

If in the first step the inflammation was successfully relieved, it is necessary to "immobilize" the corresponding skin area as much as possible. So, in any case, it should be prevented that it comes to a renewed inflammation – there the hygiene is extremely important.

In addition, various remedies, which can be both products from the trade and home remedies, can further help to calm down. The sooner the pimple on the cheek could disappear altogether, or at least you’re "out of the woods" as far as the risk of re-inflammation is concerned.

What home remedies help with pimples on the cheek?

If you see the already mentioned cold packs or ice cubes as home remedies, because they are available in most home remedies, then of course they also belong to this category. Cooling has a positive influence especially in case of inflammations, thus cold can always support the healing process.

Even with home remedies, however, there are options that work better for some people, but are hardly effective for others. Again, this simply varies from case to case and if you feel that there is no improvement, you can simply switch to another option.

However, what has provided many users with pleasing results is lemon water. They contain, among other things, vitamin C and antioxidants, each of which has a positive effect on the skin.

However, especially for skin problems on the cheek or other places on the face, chamomile helps. The natural remedy is now so popular as a home and skin remedy that it is also commercially available as an extract.

So it can be applied directly to the corresponding skin area with the help of a cotton pad. The ingredients of chamomile have primarily a calming effect, so this is especially recommended for the second step (see "What is right in the fight against pimples on the cheek?").

However, if you are looking for a cheaper and less intense alternative, you can basically prepare the chamomile remedy yourself. Just put chamomile tea bags in boiling water and you’re done.

However, in this case it is not a matter of drinking the tea, but also of applying it with cotton pads to the area with the impurities. However, it is important to let the whole thing cool down a bit beforehand – otherwise you could damage the skin.

There are two ways to do this: Either you rub the skin with the tea or you make sure that the cotton pad sticks to the corresponding spot. This should actually work because of the moisture, if you press the pad already a little more firmly against the skin – an actual adhesive is not necessary there.

Do pimples on the cheek come from poor diet?

There are numerous factors that can cause the skin situation to deteriorate. Of course, this also includes nutrition, with which one can do a lot wrong – but also some things right.

You should avoid products with a high content of white flour or sugar, especially these two ingredients have quite harmful to the skin. Sugar drives the sebum production, which causes more impurities, furthermore it causes inflammation.

In many types of cakes, cookies or even many fast food products also contain trans fats, which can also have a negative impact on the situation of your skin.

However, it is not only culprit when it comes to diet. On the other hand, there are also remedies that can help to get a good complexion. These include fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

From this you can probably already gather – what is generally considered healthy, also helps in terms of skin. The situation is similar with many types of nuts and vegetable oils.

Are alcohol and smoking responsible for pimples on the cheeks??

While there are still good and bad cases with the nutrition, the pendulum goes here only in a direction. Alcohol and smoking have a negative influence on the condition of the skin.

In terms of alcohol, the toxins contained in it are simply harmful to the whole body, this, of course, does not stop at the skin. Because the nutrient supply is hindered by the alcohol.

It is the same with two vitamins that are important for the skin – the supply of vitamin B and vitamin C is also disrupted. Unfortunately, this also has a negative effect on the appearance of our skin.

The effect of smoking, and thus primarily nicotine, on the body is similar to sugar intake – it also produces too much sebum, which also causes pimples.

Do you get pimples on your cheeks due to stress?

Not only consumption has a great influence on our skin appearance, but also the inner state of mind. Relaxing and doing something good for your skin at the same time – that sounds good, doesn’t it?? It can work the same way!

Because the statistics show that the intense lifestyle is increasing, and especially in recent years, more people suffer from stress. This not only has an impact on less free time, but also on our mental state.

Stress causes the release of the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline in particular, and one of their properties is that they cause inflammation, which in turn inevitably leads to skin blemishes.

Cortisol is known as the "acne hormone," also a hormone that occurs in relation to stress. As the nickname suggests, cortisol also has a far from good effect on our skin appearance. Cortisol also stimulates the production of sebum.

Should you squeeze pimples on the cheek?

Last but not least, we deal with a topic that has already concerned many people with skin problems. If there is a pimple, should you squeeze it or should you leave it alone.

The answer is that as a layman you can do a lot wrong and should therefore rather do without it. Instead, experts, i.e. the medical staff at the dermatologist or even cosmeticians, are the right people to contact in this case as well.

There are two components that can cause problems when squeezing out on your own. On the one hand, it’s simply a matter of technical implementation – that’s where laymen often act rather clumsily.

It doesn’t help to just go wild with bathroom equipment like scissors, tweezers or even knives – that won’t work and can even be very dangerous. Even the clumsy pushing around is not better there.

On the other hand, lack of hygiene measures can also cause the pimple to get worse and/or. re-inflame and the healing process is delayed as a result.

The worst case is certainly to cause a scar due to the faulty pressing. Especially with the sensitive and conspicuous area on the cheek is something that everyone should avoid – so in this case, once again, special care is called for.

So if there is a need, you should definitely see an expert. Otherwise it is better to relieve the inflammation first. This helps to speed up the process so that the pimple disappears more quickly. Even the most annoying pimple for a few days is better than having to deal with a scar for years.

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