Philippines flights in comparison

Those who want to fly to the Philippines can choose from a huge range of Philippines flights. Most of the time, this involves stopovers at airports that lie between the home airport and Manila or even Cebu.

    via London via Amsterdam via Hong Kong via Singapore via Istanbul via Dubai.

For travelers to the Philippines, it is also a good idea to make a stopover of 2-3 days. In the process, z.B. Hong Kong and Singapore established as popular destinations for a short city break. Because from there you can then often catch a cheap flight with Cebu Pacific to then get to the Philippine islands.

Cheap Philippines flights in comparison

Cebu Pacific offers both international and domestic Philippines flights

Direct flights without a stopover don’t seem to exist at all from Germany at the moment. A good way to get cheap flights is to search for flights on flight search engines like z.B. momondo.en*:

Philippines flights booking through specialized agencies

If you value reliable service, you can also book Philippines flights through specialized agencies such as Kirschner Reisen, with whom we have also worked for years.

For a flight comparison in September 2017, we first used the following marginal dates: Outbound flight on 01.11.17 and return flight on 15.11.17. Departure is Frankfurt am Main, and arrival is in Manila – the same flight connection then back.

About Skyscanner was the cheapest variant of China Southern Airlines with two stopovers each for 541 euros. The flight times are approx. 20:30 hours there and ca. 19 hours back. The second cheapest airline would be China Airlines for 570 Euro and only one stopover. The flight times thereby a little better with 16 hours there and 20:30 hours back.

Philippines flights via momondo

About, we were offered a connection with China Southern for as little as 512 euros, and the second least expensive airline Saudi Arabian Airlines would have cost 516 euros. The outbound flight would cost approx. 19:55 hours take one stopover, and the return flight would be significantly longer at 26:35 hours, but again with only one stopover.

This information can change hourly and is only a non-binding snapshot.

In a direct comparison, we would probably give the offer from* and book the flight with Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA).

Philippines flights directly to Cebu

If you start your Philippines vacation in the Visayas, you can "fly by" Manila airport, d.h. it is best to fly to Cebu without stopping in Manila. Conceivable would be z.B. the flight options from Germany to Thailand (Bangkok) and then on with Cebu Pacific Air to Cebu or from Germany to Hong Kong and then also on with Cebu Pacific Air.

But what do the flight search engines spit out??

The cheapest flight connection at would be with the Korean Asiana Airlines and would currently cost 658 euros. The flight times are with 23:30 hours there and 21:30 hours back with a stopover still quite acceptable. We are always happy to avoid the often hectic change of planes in Manila and gladly accept the slightly more expensive flight tickets directly to Cebu.

The second cheapest connection via would already cost 712 euros and take a little more than 25 hours on both routes, with two stops each way. The airlines would be Turkish Airlines and Philippine Airlines. In this case the offer with Asiana would be clearly better.

Video: Impressions of Terminal 2, Mactan-Cebu International Airport

In July 2018 terminal 2 on Mactan Island was put into operation. As a result, the volume of visitors to Mactan Cebu International Airport is expected to increase in the near future from ca. 4.5 million will be catapulted to 12.5 million.

Via would be the above connection with Asiana at 666 Euro, and as the "best" offer the connection with Cathay Pacific advertised. This would cost 785 euros with one stopover each way in Hong Kong. The flight times would be here unbeaten 15:25 hours there and 17:20 hours back.

Other international airports

By the way, there are other international airports besides NAIA in Manila and Mactan-Cebu International Airport: For example, Clark and Davao City are good options if you want to go directly to the rice terraces or start your vacation in the south of the country.

In particular, Davao is expected to be better connected with Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and other neighboring countries in the near future, which u.a. AirAsia should manage.

An international airport is also currently being completed on Panglao Island. It is likely that there will be interesting Philippines flights directly to Panglao once completed.

Conclusion: Currently, the cheapest prices for flights to the Philippines are at approx. 500 to 600 euros. Surely every now and then there is a real bargain offer that can be found at only ca. 400 Euro is. However, flexibility in arriving and departing is definitely required.

We found the cheapest flights to the Philippines via* investigates.

Flights to Manila still tend to be cheaper than flights to Cebu, and Chinese, Arabian and Korean airlines fared the best in our tested flight search engines. Faster flight connections with flight durations of ca. 15-17 hours logically costs much more than flights with 20-25 hours.

If you want to save yourself the search for the best flight connection and also want to make sure that you don’t miss the connecting flights, you should rely on well-known providers like Kirschner Reisen – for more information click here to read our interview with Mr. Kirschner.

We would be happy to help you find the best flight connection preferably with Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Emirates.

If you have any tips for cheap flights to the Philippines, feel free to share them in the comments:D

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Philippines flights in comparison

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Thanks for the interesting contribution. This agrees with my search results. Still, when the time comes, I will choose a slightly more expensive option with a stopover in Dubai or surrounding areas. Because if you cross-check the safety of the cheap airlines you’ve found, you’ll miss out on quite a few if you’re anxious to arrive safely.
Now that would be worth another blog entry.

jaja the times are already long past as it still super favorable flights gave, I am once in September 2009 with Singapore air of Frankfurt to Manila there and back for 485, -€ flown and the domestic flight up to Caticlan there and back for 28, -€ those were Geile times.

So then have fun you all still tschau Ralf

So I paid 750 € for my flight to Manila. From there you can get on with Cebu Pacific. It would have gone also cheaper but then I would have been 32 hours with 2 stops on the way. For 750 € one is "already" in 17 hours in Manila. These were my approx. 80 € extra for my outward& Return flight definitely worth it.

i checked again i only book my flights through momondo.

small example:
FRA-MNL and return on 19.02.2014 return flight 12.03.2014

for 459 EURO,unbeatable.
AIRLINE is Saudi Arabian Airlines.
I also have to correct the post above.
with the saudis it depends on which day you fly on.
it can be that you have to wait 2-4 hours in jeddah or riad for the outbound flight…note departure day. the outward flight can also take 38 hrs. are
on the return flight is always with ca. 10 hrs. wait time to count.

I have flown with it myself and can only recommend this airline.
who flies with several persons can save a lot of money there.

a little tip FEBRUARY and NOVEMBER are according to my experience the cheapest months to fly to manila

Conclusion: "Many roads lead to Rome ". A good guide on how to approach the flight search – depending on your wallet, time and other premises. The tip, if necessary. to book to BKK or HKG and then fly on with low cost airline is valuable.
Important here: If you are planning for a longer period of time, it is worthwhile to check the special offers of PAL, Cebu Pacific etc., which appear again and again. wait, and then book the connecting flight first. With me it paid off, fly so in April over BKK to CEB for 765 € .

first of all thanks for the feedback:D I can confirm the special offers of Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific – partly I have seen flights Bangkok – Cebu and back for 999 pesos, which is hard to beat.

However, the offer under 500 Euro with Saudi Arabian Airlines is quite tempting – despite the long waiting time:D

Hello, with the offers from Cebu Pacific you should urgently pay attention to taxes and duties. 999 pesos to Bangkok sounds good at first but there is a lot more to it. Flights from Frankfurt to Cebu are always more expensive than to Manila. For this, however, if you take an inland flight to Cebu via Manila, you have to think about the different baggage allowance. There are already differences of 15 kg.

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