Permanent make-up: what does permanent eyeliner cost??

permanent make-up eyeliner cost

Eyeliner can be used to visually thicken the eyelashes, making the eyes look bigger and more expressive. The fine, colored line is not so easy to apply cleanly. In addition, the mostly waterproof products are difficult to remove and do not forgive any mistakes. This is probably one of the reasons why eyeliner is one of the classics of permanent make-up. The cost check expert knows how much you have to spend for this.

What are the costs of this beauty treatment?

Cost check: Thanks to modern techniques, the permanently drawn eyelid line looks very natural and no longer has anything in common with the dark, wide eyelid lines of the nineties. Since permanent make-up requires a lot of experience, the small procedure is not quite cheap. We have listed the costs you should expect in the following table:

Type Price
Eyeliner top 175 – 225 EUR
Eyeliner below 125 to 150 EUR
Eyeliner, upper eyelid and lower eyelid 250 – 400 EUR
Eyeliner with slightly wider lines 350 – 450 EUR
Reworking of the eyelid line after 12 or 24 months 150 – 350 EUR

Please keep in mind that the above prices can only be used as a rough guide. The actual cost of permanent make-up depends, among other things, on the region in which you live. Besides, every studio calculates differently.

However, never choose the treatment solely on the basis of the price. Confidence in the person performing the work, as well as their professionalism, should always be paramount. If the permanent make-up is offered at extremely low prices, you should be careful. Often pigments of poor quality are used, whose tone changes already after a few months.

Will this eyeliner last forever, like a tattoo??


Cost check: No, it does not, even if the word "permanent" suggests so. Even this eyeliner has an expiration date, depending on skin type, care and sun exposure.

The color pigments used are not as durable as those used for tattoos. The products are milder, so that the drawn lines disappear after a certain time and are therefore more tolerable. This is necessary because the beautician draws the eyeliner in a very sensitive place. Besides, the permanent make-up is not stung as deep under the skin as a "real" tattoo.

How long does the permanent eyeliner last?

cost check: Depending on the method, permanent make-up lasts two to three years. During this time the introduced color pigments are eliminated by the natural aging of the skin and the color looks paler and paler.

How does drawing the permanent eyeliner work??


Cost check: You should allow about an hour for the appointment in the studio:

  • First, the beautician draws the contour of the eyelid line with a pencil. – After that, you may take a look in the mirror to check if the shape suits you.
  • Millimeter by millimeter, the pigments are introduced into the epidermis with an extremely fine needle. Since less deep stinging is done, this is not as painful as with a classic tattoo.

About two weeks later you have another appointment where the eyeliner, if necessary, is reworked.

What are the risks of permanent eyeliner??

cost check: Due to the permanently drawn eyeliner, you are no longer so flexible in your choice of makeup. Trends change and maybe in one year you would like to emphasize the eyes less. However, the permanent makeup remains even then, because it usually disappears only after two to three years.

Who should do without permanent make-up?

Cost check: If you suffer from severe allergies, it is better to refrain from such beauty treatment.

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