Paper tablecloth

Who decides for a Paper tablecloth interested will certainly first want to know how paper is made and where the term originally comes from. Paper was originally made from plant fibers. There are no exact traditions, but it is certain that paper was originally produced for the first time in Asia. However, the paper became famous through the ancient Egyptians, who also helped him to his name. The Egyptians pressed Fibers of the papyrus plant to plates they painted.


The name of paper is derived from the word "Papyrus" from. In today’s production more cellulose or wood pulp is used. In the course of general environmental awareness and protection, more and more waste paper is being reused.

Paper tablecloths – a robust material

It would be very easy to jump to the conclusion that paper tablecloths suffer from moisture or a downpour. However, this is a fallacy, paper tablecloths are much more robust. Due to modern production possibilities Paper tablecloths The folded lanterns can be processed so robustly that they are both greaseproof and washable and even a small rain shower can not harm them. They are pressed so tightly that they are practically tear-proof and neither the influence of water, light, cold or heat can harm them.

Many know paper tablecloths from tables at the fair or in beer gardens. They are still available and especially at big parties they are the ideal carpet pad to cover a table festively and to protect the surface. But also in the private sector paper tablecloths are becoming more and more popular, because they can chicly set a table even at small celebrations. Especially at children’s birthday parties they are very popular and you can buy them in different designs and have a nice decoration at the same time.

tablecloth from the roll

Paper tablecloths can be bought from the roll and thus determine the size yourself. The standard width is from 80 up to 120cm, but there are also other dimensions. If you have several tables that you connect together, you can either spread a very long roll over all the tables or give each table its own paper tablecloth and then place them next to each other.

Buy paper tablecloths

Before one Paper tablecloths Buying and getting lost in the huge range of models you should ask yourself a few questions.

What are the requirements for Paper tablecloth? Where to use them? It may be necessary to treat it specially so that it is not delicate?

Once you have answered these questions, you can start searching and see which of the tablecloths on offer are suitable for you.

You can also create an elegant ambience with a paper tablecloth. Many of the tablecloths offered are embossed, with which you can create different designs. Also different colors or patterns are available in stores and you can choose what you need.

For what occasions can you use paper tablecloths?

Paper tablecloths are mostly used for larger celebrations, which one would like to give a festive frame. This can already be a private party, where you want to cover several tables. Mostly you do not have several matching fabric tablecloths in the house, which fit together. Exactly then a paper tablecloth is a good alternative. With a large roll you can cover all the tables and have a uniform table decoration everywhere.

If you are handy, you can also make placemats or matching napkins with a few simple steps. Paper tablecloths are the absolute hit at children’s birthday parties. But also on communions, confirmations, weddings or christenings a paper tablecloth is a good base on the table. But also at a company party or in a clubhouse for the meeting you have with a paper tablecloth the tables quickly covered.

On children’s birthday parties you can use paper tablecloths with motifs that are available on different themes. If you like you can also make one for your child plain paper tablecloth Or a mother who wants to please all the children at the children’s birthday party can put a box with pens on the table and allow the children to paint the tablecloth themselves. This is guaranteed to be a hit and you can keep the tablecloth as a souvenir afterwards.

Paper tablecloths are so inexpensive that you can dispose of them even after a single use. Especially if you have eaten and there may be grease stains or food residues on the tablecloth or stains left by red wine, you should dispose of a paper tablecloth. The advantage of paper tablecloths over cloth tablecloths is that you don’t have to worry about how to get the stains out again. If the blanket is ruined it is simply thrown away.

paper tablecloth

Paper tablecloth convertible

no matter what the occasion, with a Paper tablecloth you have quickly conjured up ambiences and transforms his table again and again into something different. Paper tablecloth buy cheap makes it possible that one has a choice at home and so can always create a new look. So you conjure up variety even in the table decoration and with few and above all inexpensive means.

It is enough a few matching accessories or ribbons that you run over the table and then perhaps combined with flowers and you can almost forget that you have "only" a paper tablecloth on the table.

When you buy your Paper tablecloth would like to reuse you can buy one that you can wipe with a damp cloth. After the party, you just go over the tablecloth with a damp cloth and leave it dry afterwards. Once it’s dry, you can roll it up and stow it away. You shouldn’t fold them, or you’ll see the wrinkles the next time you use them. You should also know that you can’t use the paper tablecloth forever. At ca. 3 applications is the end, then she no longer looks respectable. They are just meant to be disposable and not for permanent use.

But as a small reconciliation, you should keep in mind that the trade is constantly bringing out new motifs and you can always stay so current and set your table differently next time.

In the meantime, there are also really well-made paper tablecloths, where you can practically no longer see the difference to a tablecloth made of linen or other fabrics. Especially on festive occasions such as a wedding, this is particularly advantageous, since you do not make any sacrifices in terms of appearance, but save costs, since a Paper tablecloth is considerably cheaper than a conventional tablecloth.

If one Paper tablecloth would like to buy cheap you can find models on the roll in various stores. The retail trade already has a very large selection of different designs, colors and motifs. Especially for festivities like Easter or Christmas, there are always special motifs with which to decorate your table festively.

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