Online application

Online application

Send the e-mail application to several companies at once? This may sound practical, but it doesn’t make a good impression on recruiters and doesn’t shorten the job search in the long run, because they receive many applications every day and can immediately see who has really made an effort and who simply sends a collective application – an applicant will not be invited to an interview in this way. A career in a rush simply does not work.

Before you send your online application, you should definitely check the right contact person and direct the application specifically to this one. It is also always useful to have a subject line that makes it clear at first glance what the e-mail is about.

Again, a brief overview of the data that applicants should update with each application:

Address of the company

Adapt the content to the job posting

Application designs for your online application

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Seriousness in the online application

On the Internet you are usually duzt and the formal rules in social networks are also rather loose. However, seriousness is required in online applications. Mail from [email protected]? An application with such an email address does not leave a good impression and does not contain any information about the sender. As a rule, such an address leads to, that your application immediately ends up in the virtual wastebasket.

Always use a reputable sender and make a good first impression. If necessary, create a new e-mail address in the form of [email protected]. This additionally facilitates the management of your open applications and feedbacks, which otherwise run the risk of being lost in private e-mails.

The content of the online application

Content always plays a big part in a job application – whether it’s traditional by mail or online. Since you can score with an online application not by the first impression of a particularly fancy application portfolio, the content here is even more important.

That a correct spelling It goes without saying that this is a basic requirement – as well as politeness and the right tone (no slang or abbreviations).

In addition, it’s important to pay close attention to the job description’s Requirements of the job go to. What good is an application where you don’t tell the company why exactly YOU are the right candidate for the advertised position? Likewise, your resume should be tabular and clearly laid out, as well as include all of the relevant qualifications and skills include for the job posting.

Combine documents into one PDF file

Surely the recipient doesn’t feel like receiving the application documents as an email with many different Files in the attachment to get all of them opened one by one. In addition, sending several individual documents brings with it the risk that parts of your application will be lost.

Especially with a large number of applicants, no personnel manager will bother to look for the lost files of the application folder, but will sort out the application directly.

To prevent such problems and to make reading easier, you should use the Formatting data correctly and save your application as a PDF. For this purpose, it is advisable to combine the resume, cover letter and attachments such as the job reference into a single file using an appropriate PDF editor. There are a lot of free tools on the internet to do this. PDFs also have the advantage that you can be sure that, that the formatting remains the same, as you have entered it.

Choose a meaningful title

It is also important to Naming the document. A document with the name "doc-01" can’t be assigned by the recruiter – differently a document with the name "Bewerbung Max Mustermann" and the email subject "Bewerbung als [Beruf]" (application as [profession]). A virtual cover page with application photo can make your application stand out from the rest.

It should also be noted that File size max. 5 MB should be. If the file is too large, your application may not be sent or it may blow up the recipient’s mailbox and thus get lost along the way.

Your application for the job should also include application photo. It’s important that you include this in a good resolution in the cover page or resume.

One possibility is to scan your application photo with your finished application documents. However, to get the best quality, it is advisable to have the photographer pull the pictures onto a USB stick after the shooting and then insert them directly into your application documents. Are you still looking for the right photographer?. Service in your city? Then visit the application photo navigator!

Free samples for your cover letter

With us you will find numerous free modern application samples with sample texts. With the convincing texts you win the attention of the recruiters.

Check again thoroughly before sending

Surely you are happy when you have everything written and all necessary attachments together. Often one succumbs now to the urge out of sheer relief, click on "Submit" too hastily – and the job is gone!

The disadvantage: The simplicity of the electronic application process tempts many people not to check the documents beforehand.

That’s why: Be sure to spell check your application (Important: Do not rely on Word’s automatic error detection) and make sure that the correct contact persons are listed. You can also print out your application again for proofreading or send the e-mail in advance to an alternative e-mail address of yourself or a friend. How to test if everything is displayed correctly.

Check spam filter for reply

The application has already been sent for two months, but a reaction is missing? This could be because the spam filter is not letting the reply through to you.

Your email provider offers you the possibility to change this. So if you’re waiting for an important email, you always have to customize your spam filter, because there is nothing more annoying than to miss a possible invitation to a job interview because of this small and easy to change technical setting.

If you haven’t heard back after a few weeks, you can check your call the company and ask.

If you follow our online application tips, you will be ready for the interview.

Good luck with your application!

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