“Not registered in the network” – how to solve the problem with your android phone

If you have a Samsung phone, sometimes the message "Not registered in the network" appears on the screen. Phone calls and surfing are then no longer possible. We show you how to solve the problem with your Android phone.

The message appears on all popular Samsung models. So, the following suggested solutions will help you if you have, for example, a Galaxy S9 or S10, A6 or a similar device from the manufacturer.

Cell phone shows "Not registered in network" – solutions and help

If the message appears on the screen, your device does not connect to the mobile network. Unfortunately, there is no clear cause for the message "Not registered in the network". So you’ll have to try through the various possible solutions to access the cellular network again:

  • Often you can solve the problem by switching off your device and switching it on again after one or two minutes.
  • Check if the flight mode is active. Turn it off if necessary.
  • Is the SIM card still active?? Maybe your mobile contract or the prepaid period you booked has expired.
  • Every now and then something goes wrong with the mobile providers as well. Check on the website allestorungen.en, if there are any messages about network disturbances here. If this is the case, there is not much else to do than to wait until the problems with your mobile provider are fixed.
  • If the problem only occurs abroad, activate the roaming function on your device. However, check beforehand if connections abroad are included in your mobile plan.
  • Make sure that the SIM card is correctly inserted into the phone. If necessary, wipe dust and other dirt from the contacts.
  • In a WLAN check if an update is available for your cell phone. Many problems can be solved by an Android update.

Other possible solutions

Furthermore, check the network settings to see if something is set up incorrectly.

  • Open the settings app for this.
  • Call in the section for the connections the section Mobile networks at.
  • At Network mode should be automatic connection be activated.
  • If this is the case, try changing the mode to another option and see if your phone now dials into the mobile network.
  • In the section Network operator the right operator must also be selected for your mobile contract.
  • Change the setting here as well to see if the network problem can be solved this way.

If the error still exists, insert the SIM card into another device. If the message "Not registered in the network" is displayed here as well, there is probably an error with the SIM card. contact your mobile operator for replacement or further help. If the SIM card works, the problem is in the phone. If you have recently been surfing normally with your phone on the mobile network, consider whether you have made settings that cause the error. If you do not find any changes, reset the device to the factory settings. Back up your data before you do this.

Especially after rooting or flashing an Android phone problems occur, for example, if you install a firmware that is not optimized for your model. If the problem cannot be solved with our solutions, your phone might be damaged. You can find out from us where the device can be repaired in your area.

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