No time for training? 5 tips for busy people

One of the most used excuses is "I would love to work out but I just don’t have the time". In this blog post I give a few easy to implement tips for all those who find little time for training in everyday life.

With the right planning and the necessary will, everyone will manage to find time for their workout at least 2 times a week.

No time for training

No time? The right workout for busy people

In general, however, the time problem is usually just a matter of prioritization. If training is really important to you, you will also find the time for it. So do you really have no time for training or actually no desire at all? If you always find new excuses why you didn’t make it to the gym this week, the latter is probably the case.

If even top managers with 70 hour work weeks and single mothers with 2 children can make time for training, then you will be able to do the same.

2×60 minutes or 4×30 minutes per week is enough to achieve good form. More is not necessary up to a certain level.

It is a matter of prioritizing exercises and focusing on a training that will give you great results with a minimal investment of time.

1. Do whole body workouts instead of split workouts

Full body workout plan for muscle building

A split training where you train only certain muscle groups in each training session is only really worthwhile if you can go to the gym at least 4 times a week. If you are always pressed for time, plan your workout as a full body workout.

If you train hard 2 times a week and do all the basic exercises like deadlifts, squats, bench presses, pull-ups and a few more then that is quite enough to build an impressive body and get fit.

It makes no sense to train according to a split training plan and to skip 2 out of 4 training sessions on a regular basis. Take a realistic approach.

If you don’t feel able to build up your training by yourself, personal training can help to teach you what you need.

2. Train in Home Gym

One of the biggest benefits of training in your own home gym is that you save yourself a trip to the gym. Often 1 hour is lost by travelling to and from the gym.

Home Gym equipment

If you have your own small studio in the basement or garage, there is no need to drive to the studio and you can start training directly.

In addition, you are not distracted by people while working out and you go through your program faster.

For an effective workout at home you don’t need much more than a barbell with weights and a pull-up bar. With this training equipment already all muscle groups in the body can be trained.

3. Practice good time management

No time for training

Start planning your daily routine better and stop just living into the day. Those who plan their tasks well for the next few days are less likely to find themselves having to skip training.

Schedule a fixed period of time where you do not make appointments and do not meet with friends. This time is reserved only for training.

Make it an iron law to skip your workout only in emergency situations, and only if you can make it up a day later.

4. Cancel the endurance training

You want the greatest possible results in the least amount of time? Then cancel the endurance training and concentrate on strength training. If it is only possible for you to train 2 times a week, then do a workout in this time with which you achieve the fastest possible results.

Endurance training will only improve your stamina. Strength training builds muscle, improves endurance (assuming you do basic exercises), and burns significant fat.

5. Eliminate time wasters from your life

you should train when you have no time

It’s not just about using your existing free time wisely, it’s about creating more free time by eliminating unnecessary time wasters. Some things you just do because you are used to it and rarely question the sense of it.

Are you used to sitting in front of the TV for 4 hours in the evening?? 3 hours must be enough and are more than enough. Already you have one hour more life time per day and 7 hours per week.

You are often talked to by people in the gym? Tell them directly but politely that you don’t have time to talk today and that you are only here to do your workout.

Everybody finds such examples in his everyday life sufficiently. A very good book, in which you can find many suggestions is the 4-hour week by Tim Ferris (buy book here).

I hope this article has given you the push you need to rethink your training and helped you find time for your workouts!

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