Netflix: “squid game” – with this trick parents can protect children

Netflix: "Squid Game" and Co. – with this trick parents can protect their children

For weeks, the Netflix-Series "Squid Game" on everyone’s lips. Even in schoolyards and daycare centers, people talk about it – even though the show is only for ages 16 and up. But how can parents protect their children from this?

In supposed children’s games, 456 participants compete against each other. Whoever makes all the games wins a huge sum of money. Whoever is disqualified dies. That can Netflix-Viewers watch nine roughly one-hour episodes on the series "Squid Game" from Korea.

Netflix: How to set up parental controls

But it’s not just adults who are magically drawn to the series. Minors also watch them or have already seen film clips of them. On schoolyards the games are imitated. There are already violators.

So how can I protect my child from this? First of all, it is important that your own child does not even have the ability to select the series at Netflix. The streaming service offers extra protection for minors for this purpose.

Indeed, when creating a new Netflix profile, parents can choose whether it is for adults or children. So the little ones are shown only child-friendly series such as "Paw Patrol" or "Peppa Wutz".

This is Netflix:

  • the company was founded back in 1997
  • First it was an online video store that sent movies and DVDs
  • by now Netflix has 9400 employees (as of 2020)
  • Netflix made $25 billion in revenue in 2020
  • In recent years, there have been more and more in-house productions such as "The Lady Gambit", "Stranger Things" and "House of Money"

But teens, of course, don’t just want to consume cartoon series on Netflix. There is one better setting for this. So the displayed content can be displayed according to the Voluntary Self-Regulation (FSK). There are a total of five release levels: no youth release (FSK 18), FSK 16, FSK 12, FSK 6 and without age restriction (FSK 0).

Netflix: block only individual titles

The can be selected at Netflix. However, this is not possible with the app. For this, the website must can be visited. Log in for it, then go to "Manage profiles", then click on the pencil above the profile picture.

More on Netflix:

There you will find the item "Age rating settings" and "edit". You will then be asked again for your password and can then select for each profile, from which FSK series and movies can be streamed. You can also set a PIN to prevent your kids from accessing your own profile.

If you want to give your children more freedom at Netflix, you can also just block individual titles. You can also find this item on parental controls.

Attention: This setting is new. For some users it is not yet displayed. Netflix writes: "The device may need to be updated to apply the updated settings. How to update your device: switch to another profile and back to the initial profile again. Or log out on your device and then log in again." (ldi)

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