My personal tips for better chances of winning on the internet

Can you really win something in lotteries on the Internet?? My answer is quite clear: "Yes, you can win at selected lotteries on the Internet." In this small article I will give you some personal tips on how to increase your chances of winning internet sweepstakes. At the end of the article I will show again what I have already won with little effort since the beginning of 2012 in online sweepstakes.

By the way, I prefer to take part in blogger sweepstakes or selected Amazon voucher sweepstakes. Furthermore I am looking for technical raffles, where you can win for example an iPad, Smartphones, Tablet PC or other things.

Often selected sweepstakes, The lottery is carried out according to the "lottery procedure", whereby one has the possibility to participate in the lottery not only with one’s own blog, but also via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or simply via a comment. If you take part in the competition via several channels, you will receive a corresponding number of tickets and thus increase your chance of winning one of the main prizes.

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I have already participated successfully in lotteries ..

How do I win now in sweepstakes? So here are a few tips to increase your chances of winning..

My personal tips for better chances of winning

Basically, of course, you always need a little luck to really win something in Internet sweepstakes. But if you pay attention to some important things when choosing the right lotteries, then you increase your chances of winning noticeably.

Always pay attention to the number of possible raffle participants

I always make sure that I only participate in sweepstakes, where with great foresight not more than 100 participants try their luck. The less competitors, the greater are of course the chances of winning.

Especially with Facebook raffles In my experience, it makes no sense to participate if there are already 200 to 500 people in the lottery pot. Rather look for Facebook sweepstakes, where just before the end only 20 to 50 people participate and you simply have a greater chance to win.

Better look for smaller weblogs or forums with interesting raffles

In order to increase my chances of winning a sweepstakes, I usually choose smaller blogs or forums that are, for example, currently hosting a sweepstakes Amazon sweepstakes to make the own blog more known. In these raffles usually not so many people take part and my own chances of winning the Amazon voucher increase.

Very well suitable are also smaller niche sweepstakes from rather unknown organizers. There usually only smaller prizes are raffled, but correspondingly fewer people participate.

Another way to find the right sweepstakes is to look at the number of prizes and pick out the sweepstakes where multiple prizes are drawn. Most of the time there are one or two big prizes and maybe up to 10 smaller prizes – I think this also increases your own chances considerably.

Participate in sweepstakes via several "channels

Of course, it is not always smaller weblogs that give away interesting prizes, such as a smartphone or tablet PC. These are then already somewhat larger forums or more well-known blogs. There, however, it is often offered to participate in the raffle through several channels. You get a corresponding number of tickets and increase your own chances of winning.

That’s why I often take part in such raffles via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ at the same time. But consider, that this also other "Glucksritter" try and by the multiplicity of the lots in the Lotopf the own chances of winning naturally also again somewhat sink.

My personal favorite are pure blogger sweepstakes. In these blogger promotions, you usually have to publish a small article about a certain topic on your own blog or website. In these contributions one must set then usually 1-2 left on certain web pages.

Writing such posts makes me mostly even gro?It’s a lot of fun, and if you consider the previously mentioned points to improve your chances of winning, you often have a very good chance of winning something.

Of course it is also very good to be able to take part in a lottery with a small comment. Often this is the case when "only" a book or a CD are raffled off. This can of course also be very attractive, so I look for such sweepstakes from time to time.

How to find the "good sweepstakes"

I have to me to find sweepstakes diverse Google Alerts set up. So I get daily e-mails with links to new contests. I look through these then 1-2 times a week and remember first of all how I find my raffle favorites.

Quite well one finds profit play also over Sweepstakes portals and sweepstakes blogs. There you can search for your favorites for free and they often recommend very good sweepstakes as well.

All in all, a lot of good competitions come up over time and of course you don’t really manage to participate in all of them.

That’s why I filter the sweepstakes offers according to my criteria mentioned above and only take part in selected sweepstakes. And even then I don’t manage to participate everywhere due to time constraints – unfortunately.

My conclusion about sweepstakes chances on the internet

If you follow some of the above tips when choosing the right sweepstakes, you have a good chance of winning a prize, if not the top prize.

If I have won something then, I am always very happy about the fact that the time investment was worth it for me again. There it is to me then also no matter whether it is a simple 10 euro or nevertheless the 50 to 100 euro Amazon coupon, I am pleased simply again something to have won.

Then if you ever win one of the bigger grand prizes, of course it’s doubly so already. Currently this is the case with me, as I have in April 2012 a iPhone 4 16 GB in black won have.

My lottery balance so far in 2012 (4 months)

Here now again my personal lottery balance since the beginning of the year. I’ve been working on a total of approx. participated in 25 to 30 sweepstakes on the Internet. I won the following prizes:

  • January: one 10 Euro Amazon voucher
  • February: 1x the Book "Texting for the Web" (value approx. 40 Euro) and a 10 Euro Amazon Voucher
  • March: a 50 Euro Amazon voucher
  • April: one iPhone 4 16 GB in black (value ca. 400,- Euro)

The last win was of course a rare stroke of luck for me, since certainly a few hundred people have participated in the sweepstakes&

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