My passion: protecting the environment – with louisa dellert

My passion: protecting the environment - with louisa dellert

Louisa Dellert photographed by Laura Hoffmann

But how does "protecting the environment" work??

Don’t worry, we’re not going to bog you down with complicated data or repeat things you may have heard before. This PassionWeek is all about acting! This week we would like to introduce you to strong women who all live out their passions in their own way and thus protect the environment to some extent. There are so many wonderful ways to approach the subject and even make it fun and enjoyable. Maybe you can get enthusiastic about it.

My passion: protecting the environment - with louisa dellert

Every action can have a big impact – Photo: Manor Lux

Louisa Dellert’s life has been changed by environmental protection

The 30-year-old Louisa Dellert recently moved from Braunschweig to Berlin After graduating from high school, she completed an apprenticeship as a businesswoman for office communication. After this, their lives have completely changed in the last few years. She lets us in on her passion and shares her tips: "My friends call me Lou. My main job is as an influencer and I run an online store for sustainable products together with my best friends. My heart topic has become the protection of the environment. That’s why I decided to use my social media reach wisely and talk to politicians about current politics," she tells us. With nearly 390 thousand subscribers on Instagram, it reaches a wide range of people. She also has a YouTube channel and a podcast.

"I decided to put my social media reach to good use."

Louisa Dellert

Every*one is capable of great things

"My favorite quote comes from the Austrian writer Stefan Zweig and is, "Many small people in many small places, taking many small steps, can change the face of the world." I like to repeat it. Why? Because in my opinion it is very important to believe in the power within ourselves. Every citizen of the Earth has now, right now, the chance to counteract the dramatic developments on our planet. It doesn’t help to wait for others to take action or for revolutionary decisions to be made from above.

In doing so, I have found through daily interactions with my community that the individual/individual is indeed capable of making great things happen. A good example of this are the many new petitions that people have signed, thus achieving by their own efforts that taxes were lowered and laws were changed in Germany.

Every little effort is important and precious.

A text by Carla Borthwick, which had viral attention on the Internet in the summer, has also made a special impression on me. The key message is that it cannot be everyone’s responsibility to save everything in the world. The point is that everyone is at least aware of the developments and does what is possible in his or her discretion, because every little effort is important and precious.

Louisa’s message for girls

For girls and young women who are in the process of realizing their dreams for the future, I would like to give them a message to never give up. As I’ve already tried to suggest, negative thoughts can quickly arise when it comes to environmental protection – like: What’s the point if I alone don’t use plastic items anymore or if I alone only wear second hand or if I alone collect garbage on the beach? It brings happiness and hope. Do your thing and don’t let others get in your way. The main thing is that you know that your efforts are good." Louisa is not afraid to speak her mind, show emotion and ask for help. She is always reflective. With her curiosity and energy, she has already done great work now.

  • My passion: protecting the environment - with louisa dellert
  • My passion: protecting the environment - with louisa dellert

But why climate protection? Charlotte has dealt with this

"In the last weeks and months the discussion about climate change, Fridays For Future, Greta Thunberg& Co always bigger. Now the UN climate conference is coming up, where the climate policy will be scrutinized again. It’s about time, because many people, especially students – like me – are not satisfied with the current situation at all. But in order to really change something, politicians have to pull in the same direction.

The climate change brings to the serious effects of which we are partly already affected now. Examples of this would be that the sea level rises, forests, coral reefs and animal species disappear little by little, harvests fail and environmental disasters increase. To prevent this, however, a number of things must happen." Charlotte (17 years) from Pulheim has already written in a blog article about why she is joining the Fridays for Future demo.

The responsibility is also ours

"Many people are already committed to this, it is important to them to get involved in order to save nature. I myself find that totally super and think that everyone can contribute a part for themselves. Because we ourselves are responsible for how we treat our environment or what we allow to happen. For example, I give up meat, ride a bike and try to avoid plastic packaging. However, I am particularly annoyed by the fact that the consequences of climate change are felt especially by the people who can do least for it: In Africa, climate change is already having an impact on the weather, water supply, agriculture and people’s health. And then I think about the fact that here in Germany we drive fat cars or use plastic coffee-to-go cups to the point of no return. But I still think that if everyone starts with themselves and changes a few things, you’ve already achieved quite a lot," Charlotte tells us.

Here are Charlotte’s tips for the love of the environment ❤️

  • Ditch the car for a change and ride a bike or walk
  • I shop in SecondHand stores, you can find really nice things there
  • Save water and electricity
  • Try to avoid unnecessary (plastic) packaging, at "unpacking stores" you can take cans/glasses from home.
  • Eating less meat/animal food
  • Plant a few flowers, the bees will be happy&
  • Buying Fairtrade or organic products
  • How about glass bottles instead of plastic, it’s worth a try
  • Just share with others about the topic and give each other tips
My passion: protecting the environment - with louisa dellert

Charlotte’s posters for the Fridays for Future demo

Acting sustainably in our private and professional lives? This is how Katharina

Sustainability is on everyone’s lips. But how do you start to live "sustainable"?? Katharina (29 years old) from Cologne tries to live sustainably not only in her private life by avoiding unnecessary plastic packaging and shopping in unpackaged stores, for example. Animal products have no place on her menu and she manages to transfer this sustainable consciousness to her job as well. She works at Ernst& Young GmbH auditing company.

What can we do as a company?

"Within EY, I am involved with a group called "Alliance for Climate". We’re thrown together from all departments/ages and career levels, yet united in one thing- the belief that in such a large and international company, you can make big things happen even in small ways. We regularly discuss what approaches there are in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, for example, in the field of environmental protection. save CO2, reduce the amount of travel sustainably or plant trees with Ecosia as default browser and search engine. In addition, there are many dedicated colleagues at EY who, for example, have introduced Vegan Wednesday in the Berlin office, where interested people can sign up to try different vegan restaurants at a discounted price. My goal is to offer something similar in the Cologne/Dusseldorf office in the near future."

Why naked products are so sexy now

I don’t use unnecessary plastic packaging anymore. You can do a self-experiment and observe yourself for a day, a week or maybe even a month and notice how much plastic you consume. On one of my first plastic-free days, I simply came out of the supermarket without anything – apples, salad and sushi were wrapped in plastic, and there doesn’t seem to be a real alternative for margarine, chips, spaghetti and co yet either. But there is!" Katharina will tell you more about these alternatives on our Instagram channel this week. Together they would like to start the "Plastic-Free Challenge" with you.

Passion Book recommendation: "My heart beats green" by Louisa Dellert

Getting started with #zerowaste or #lesswaste? Integrating a more sustainable life into everyday life? Important facts about climate change and CO2 emissions? For all those who are looking for a super pleasant introduction to the topic. Without pointing fingers! My heart beats green" by Louisa Dellert – made on apple paper. no tree was felled for it, but used from industrial apple leftovers.

My passion: protecting the environment - with louisa dellert

Komplett-Media Verlag: A book publisher with a sense of responsibility

Komplett-Media, as the publisher of Louisa’s book, sees itself as a publishing house that not only publishes its themes, but also lives them. Therefore, they try to take social responsibility with their work and to protect the environment.

The Complete Media Publisher..

  • does not shrink-wrap books in plastic foil.
  • prints climate-neutrally with ClimatePartner and offsets the CO2 produced during the printing of the books in a regional project for stable mixed mountain forests in the Allgau region. In doing so, they are contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
  • print on FSC or apple paper and are constantly working to make our manufacturing even greener.
  • support Fridays for Future with your company and join us on the road.

Thank you for sponsoring the books for this giveaway.

Fun facts about protecting the environment from Rwanda – Did you know??

Rwanda is probably the cleanest country in Africa. And one of the reasons for this is that Rwanda was the first country in the world to ban plastic bags back in 2008. So it is illegal to import, produce, sell or even just own plastic bags. In case of a violation, fines or even up to 12 months in prison can be expected.

The ban has also led, for example, to women and young people in particular forming associations to produce bags from locally available and sustainably environmentally friendly materials.

My passion: protecting the environment - with louisa dellert

Photo: Andre Josselin

Our recommendations for environmentally conscious shopping:

We would like to introduce you to two contact points where you can get further information. A visit to a fair trade and sustainability fair, is always worth a visit.

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