“My husband got professional problems because of two months of parental leave.”

"My husband got professional problems because of two months of parental leave."

"My family is going through a difficult time right now. But from the beginning: My husband works as a cashier in a retail store. At his old employer, after almost five years of good cooperation, there were suddenly problems because my husband dared to take two months of parental leave.

Shortly before my husband came back after parental leave, we already heard rumors that he was going to be ‘kicked out’ by the store manager. The deputy branch manager is a good friend of ours, so at least he was able to give us a heads-up. Then it started: Suddenly it was said that everyone was complaining about my husband and that my colleagues had a problem with him.

My husband was very unsettled and tried to talk to his colleagues, most of whom he is friends with.

Everyone assured him that no one had complained about him. The statements of the branch manager were therefore probably only pretended. After parental leave, my husband was simply transferred to a completely different department, directly in front of the branch manager’s office, where he watched him around the clock.

When my husband tried to take action against this, because he was not informed in time about the change of department, he was not even listened to. The boss only said that this would show exactly what kind of person he was. As if that wasn’t enough, my husband was then also assigned very strange shifts that made family life almost impossible.

At some point it just became too much, my husband looked for a new job and quit in March 2021.

The boss even tried to talk my husband into a termination agreement, even though he knew full well that we had a small child at home.

Accordingly, we were just happy that my husband had a new job, which even included a small promotion – from cashier to assistant store manager. He was first assigned to a different branch for eight weeks to familiarize himself with the new job. Everything went smoothly there, he felt totally at ease. We were both relieved and so we started fertility treatment for a second child at the beginning of June.

We really believed that everything was great.

Since mid-June he has been working in the branch for which he was also hired. The problems came within a few days. Suddenly there were comments that he was too slow, didn’t have the overview. He was great at dealing with customers, cashiering, and everything else, but there were deficits when it came to stocking merchandise and organization.

Then yesterday he had a talk with his supervisor. He was clearly told that if he didn’t get his act together, he wouldn’t make it through the probationary period, which is over in October. On a hunch, I checked earlier: The company had already re-advertised his position yesterday. ?

I am currently on parental leave at home, our child is 14 months old.

We are in the middle of fertility treatment and I’m sure it worked out again, but can’t test it until next week. I only get 150 euros in parental allowance, so my husband is the sole breadwinner.

During the pregnancy with our first child I did my training as an educator. Actually the plan was to have a second child first and then do the recognition year. We didn’t want the age difference between the two of them to be too great, and so I would have suspended work until our children were two and four years old, and then work through it. Part-time in the year of recognition will be difficult because I also have to go to school and that is all day long.

Now I do not know what to do.

Of course, I don’t have a place in a daycare center either. It wasn’t planned that my husband would lose his job. And if I’m really pregnant, I’m not allowed to work in the kindergarten because of the lack of antibodies. Otherwise, I could at least have asked if they would employ me like that too.

My head is spinning right now, I’m very confused. But it all helps nothing. My husband was already writing applications to all the vacancies. We also write speculative applications. Unfortunately, we live in a small village, so there are not so many jobs here – but we write as many as possible.

In retrospect, the deputy job just wasn’t right for him ? ABut we really thought that things were going great."

Dear mom (name is known to the editors), thank you for your story. We wish you and your family all the best for the future.

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"My husband got professional problems because of two months of parental leave."

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"My husband got professional problems because of two months of parental leave."

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