My child has corona – can i still go to work?

The child’s Corona self-test is positive – what happens now??

Once the Corona rapid test done at the school shows a positive result in your child, it is considered a suspected Corona case and the child must go home to a quarantined. The pediatrician issues a sick note for this time. While the school notifies the health department and sends classmates home to voluntary self-isolation, the child’s concerned parents must have a PCR test on their child let. The latter also applies if a home self-test has been performed.

If the PCR test is also positive, the parents are contacted by the health department and a quarantine of several days is imposed Quarantine is imposed on the child (for vaccinated adolescents who fall ill despite Corona immunization, the quarantine period should be shorter). During domestic isolation, your child is not allowed to leave the home or receive visitors, with a few exceptions even if it shows no symptoms. ÜThe responsible public health department will inform you about the time when your child is allowed to attend daycare or school again and whether a free test is required.

Your child was quarantined only as a contact of a Corona-positive person? Then the following quarantine regulations apply for the parents.

Coronavirus self-testing at school. School children are required to take a coronavirus test several times a week

Do parents and siblings also have to be quarantined??

The regulation about the quarantine duty is defined by the respective state ordinance. In Bavaria, for example, the following currently applies: If close contact persons, i.e. also parents or siblings, fully vaccinated and do not show corona symptoms, they have to not in quarantine (Status: 11. November 2021). The reason: according to current knowledge, the risk of transmission by vaccinated people is significantly lower. If typical Corona symptoms appear despite vaccination, the health department can still order quarantine. By the way, the same applies to recovering family members, whose covid-19 disease was no more than six months ago.

For Unvaccinated parents or family members in the household a quarantine for several days is however always obligation. You can find out how long it lasts and when you can take time off from your local health department. However, unvaccinated employees in quarantine are not entitled to continued payment of wages if they are not ill.

Can I go to work if my child is Corona positive??

Must parents of a Corona-positive child even not in quarantine, they are allowed to continue to work. They are even obliged to work, whether in the home office or at the workplace. However, external care of the infected child by grandparents or other external care is out of the question. If the parents cannot ensure the care of the child (also applies in the home office), they are also entitled to quarantine children under twelve years of age Children’s sick days To. That is, employees are allowed to take time off from work and receive compensation for loss of earnings, the Children’s health care. The payment of wages is thus guaranteed.

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