Muscle building for women: here’s how to do it right

Muscle building women This is how you build defined muscles as a woman

Women with muscles – this is where many people still have an oiled up bodybuilder stereotype in mind. Such nonsense! Muscular female bodies can be super aesthetic. And why should the female body always be only about aesthetics? Above all, it’s a great experience to discover the fun of your own strength!

You also have Bock on Muckis? Then here we’ll guide you through the basics of real strength, i.e. the right workout and the perfect diet for a truly stable body. Even better will help you our combo on training and nutrition plan for muscle building:

Muscle building for women: here's how to do it right

  • Training and nutrition plan
  • No equipment necessary
  • 29 exercises in picture and video
  • 8 weeks of delicious meals
  • 94 pages PDF, available on all devices
  • Training and nutrition plan
  • No equipment necessary
  • 29 exercises in picture and video
  • 8 weeks of delicious meals
  • 94 pages PDF, available on all devicesMuscle building training plan

You want to build up your muscles in the most effective way? Then you need not only an optimized training plan, but also a consistently structured diet – this combination plan offers you both. Get involved in watching your muscles grow for eight weeks.

Several times a week, you will perform full-body workouts that will take you step by step to your fitness goal. Before each workout you can expect a targeted warm-up program, with which you prepare your entire body for the load. And the best part is: you don’t need equipment. Are you up for the challenge?

Our nutrition plan for building muscle is the perfect complement to your hard workouts. Look forward to rewarding yourself with delicious dishes for your work and at the same time make an important contribution to your muscle growth. They expect beside three daily meals also tasty Snack ideas for in between.

Muscle building seldom comes alone: only training does not bring the desired effect. It’s the combination with a protein-rich, healthy diet that makes your muscles grow. Start now!

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In this article:

That is why muscle building is worthwhile for women

The free weight area in the gym is reserved for men only? No way! More and more women are discovering strength training for themselves and conquering the squat racks of the gyms. The result: athletic bodies and really well-toned muscles that benefit us women in many ways:

1. Muscles prevent pain

Too weak back muscles can cause headaches. With targeted muscle building and strength training you can improve your posture and prevent tension and pain. Even to avoid back pain, you should not neglect the sport, but strengthen the back muscles with the right muscle building exercises.

2. Muscle training makes you fit all around

When it comes to getting fit or defining the body a little more, many women rely solely on endurance training and torture themselves in long running sessions. "You may lose weight, but muscles shape and tone the body much better", says personal trainer and weightlifter Elli Hachmann from Hamburg, Germany. If you want to have a stable body, instead of spending hours on the running track you can simply lift a few weights.

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3. Muscles push the self-confidence

Women also benefit mentally from muscle-building workouts: "It just feels great to be able to move heavy weights. This not only strengthens your muscles, but also your self-confidence," explains Elli Hachmann, says Hachmann. As your performance increases, you’ll not only get physically stronger, but you’ll feel unbeatable as well.

4. Muscles help to lose weight

A nice side effect of muscles (for those who are interested) is that they help with weight loss. Because not only the dumbbell training consumes energy, even when you are lying relaxed on the sofa for a long time, the muscles continue to burn calories. "Muscle training automatically increases the basal metabolic rate. That means you can just eat more", explains Elli Hachmann. And the whole thing works without putting on weight. The more muscle mass you have, the more energy your body can burn. And the greater the percentage of muscle in your total body weight, the more calories you burn, even when resting.

Muscle building for women: here's how to do it right

  • Training plan
  • No equipment necessary
  • 29 exercises in picture and video
  • 26 pages PDF, available on all devices
  • Training plan
  • No equipment needed
  • 29 exercises in picture and video
  • 26 pages PDF, available on all devices

Tight arms and legs and a flat stomach are often considered sexy. In this 8-week muscle-building workout plan, you’ll learn to push your muscles to their limits. With the help of a total of 29 exercises you will independently ensure that others describe your muscles as sexy!

There are 28 workouts waiting for you that are designed for total body training. Every session is preceded by a warm-up to prepare you sufficiently for the hard work. And here’s the best part: you don’t need any equipment other than your own body weight.

Sexy muscles require hard work – but: it’s worth it! Get this 8-week training plan for muscle building and start directly with your first workout!

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The different types of muscles and fibers

There are 3 types of muscles: skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles and smooth muscles. We cannot control the heart muscles and smooth muscles ourselves, because the heart, circulation, breathing, metabolism and digestion function virtually by themselves, without us having to specifically tense muscles here. The situation is different with skeletal muscles, which are connected to the bones, stabilize the body and can be trained in a very targeted way.

Sports physicians distinguish between two different types of muscle fibers: Slow- and fast-twitch fibers

In these muscles, sports medicine distinguishes 2 types of muscle fibers: fast and slow contracting muscles. The slow-twitch fibers are very persistent, but thinner and not very strong. The fast-twitch fibers give immediate power, but do not last long. They are responsible for the fast-acting movements.

Everyone has both types of fibers, but not in the same ratio. They determine whether someone is more likely to run long, jump far, or sprint fast. Which fiber type predominates depends on the function of the particular muscle and your genes.

Unfortunately, this genetically predetermined muscle fiber type cannot be changed arbitrarily. But: Through targeted training you can get the best out of the existing muscle fibers. With lower weight and high repetitions (15 or more), you train more the endurance fibers, while high weight and few repetitions (less than 10) challenge the fast-strength muscle fibers. By varying the weight and number of repetitions, you can build on your strengths and compensate for weaknesses.

Do I get huge muscle mountains from strength training??

Some fear to accumulate massive muscles directly. But don’t be shy: a few bicep curls or squats with the barbell won’t turn you into a bodybuilder overnight. Your genes alone will throw a spanner in the works. Compared to men, women have too little testosterone and too much estrogen in their blood to build up excessive muscle mass.

Even if you have above average testosterone for a woman, you would have to stick to a very strict diet in addition to hardcore training to turn into a bodybuilder. But from a purely anatomical point of view, men’s and women’s muscles are identical. That’s why women can also stimulate their muscles to grow with the right training stimulus. And who knows, maybe you’ll really want more and bigger muscles once you’ve started?

This is how muscle building workouts work

With muscle-building training, your muscles should increase in size. The individual muscle fibers should therefore become thicker. You can achieve this with the so-called hypertrophy training. In order to stimulate muscle growth, your muscles need to be challenged beyond their usual level of performance. This means that you really have to push yourself to the limit in training on a regular basis.

The strong training stimulus causes microscopic tears in the stressed muscle fibers, which can often be felt as muscle soreness the next few days. The body then starts to repair the fibers. They thicken in order to be better prepared for similar loads in the future. In fitness jargon, this important adaptation process is called supercompensation.

How to plan your muscle building workout

Strength gain and muscle mass are adaptation processes of the body. Only if you push him beyond the limits he knows, he will adjust in the future. The intensity of the training stimulus is controlled by the number of repetitions and the weight. Hachmann recommends using enough weight so that you can just manage 2 to 3 clean repetitions at the end of a set. In the beginning you will probably have to experiment a bit and increase the weight slowly.

Then you do 3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions each and between the sets 45 to 90 seconds break. Because: "Experience shows that women need shorter recovery times between sets than men", explains the personal trainer. A good movement speed for beginners: 2 seconds for the overcoming, 1 second for the static and 2 seconds for the yielding phase of an exercise. For a push-up, this would be 2 seconds for the way down, 1 second at the lowest position and 2 seconds for the push-up.

For beginners, Hachmann recommends 2 full-body workouts per week that target all muscle groups. "If you work out four times a week, you can do leg workouts twice and upper body workouts once", says the expert. By alternating the training days, you avoid an overload in the two muscle groups. Because between the individual training days the loaded musculature should regenerate at least 2 days. Also important: The best muscle-building diet for women.

Build muscle with the best exercises

Compose your exercises for muscle building so that you train the whole body. To do this, it’s best to choose exercises for the upper body, back and legs. Hachmann swears by these 4 basic exercises when building muscle mass:

  • Squats (here you can get a balance board (19,95€)
  • Deadlift (here’s the matching dumbbell bar (14,95 €)and weight plates (from 8,95€))
  • Bench press (get a weight bench here, from €99.95)
  • (assisted) pull-ups (here’s a pull-up bar, from 49,95 €)

These classics target the major muscle groups. Beginners, however, should prefer exercises on machines to build muscle, as the movements are guided here. Advanced choose free weights as in dumbbell training and cable pulls. "This is more intensive than on the machine, because so much more musculature must cooperate, in order to accomplish the movement correctly.", explains Hachmann. Be sure to perform them correctly and cleanly. The most important tips for strength training

Muscle building and cardio – is it possible??

"If you want to build muscle, you should basically do more strength training and less cardio", says Hachmann. Endurance training is not a complete no-go, but too much of it is detrimental to building muscle. "For fat burning and regeneration, you can go running once a week at low intensity for 30 to 40 minutes. Best on a separate day, so that the stressed muscles are not immediately loaded again after the strength training", says the expert.

If you find weightlifting alone too boring, you can also supplement your training with an interval unit per week. "A few crisp sprints or a Crossfit workout fire up the release of growth hormones." But not longer than 20 minutes and preferably after the strength training, otherwise you will lose energy for the strength exercises.

These 5 mistakes prevent your muscles from growing

If you want to build muscles, regular training is not enough, you also have to do everything right. You should avoid these common mistakes:

1. Fear of heavy weights

"Many women don’t go to their limits during training because they still have the fear in the back of their mind that they will become too wide, or because they don’t have the confidence to do it themselves." Better: Go to your performance limits during muscle building training and increase the weight regularly.

2. Too little protein

"Most of the time, women actually eat too little protein and lose valuable muscle mass as a result.", says Hachmann. "They tend to be less able to metabolize protein than men. This is why they need more", she explains. Optimal is about 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily. "You should make sure you’re eating a good source of animal protein. If they eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, women need 3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to build muscle."

3. The wrong exercises

Biceps curls and sit-ups are great. For muscle building you should not neglect the basic exercises and all exercises that target large muscle groups.

Don't be afraid of heavy weights! Dare to do something, but make sure you do the exercises correctly

4. Unclean execution

Be sure to do the exercises correctly and use your full range of motion. Do not stop halay, otherwise muscles can shorten. Besides: lead the movement with strength, never with momentum!

5. Too long breaks

Set yourself a timer and keep the set breaks exactly, otherwise you waste valuable energy.

Are burning muscles a sign of overwork?

For a long time, sports scientists believed that lactate was just a metabolic product that builds up in the muscle during exercise, and that the so-called hyperacidity caused by rising lactate levels showed that the muscles were tiring – accompanied by a nasty burning sensation.

However, recent studies show that while lactate is responsible for the burn, it can also serve as an energy source – further firing up the muscles. If you feel a slight burning sensation in your muscles during a workout, you’re doing everything right.

What are you waiting for? Strength training and the right diet strengthen your muscles. How wide you actually become as a result is in your own hands. Either way, you’ll reap the benefits of strong muscles. So get to the dumbbells!

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