Muscle building for beginners: build up safely with these 4 steps

Building muscles for beginners

How to build muscles? In this short article, I will go over the 4 basic steps to follow when building muscle for beginners!

Muscle growth is a protective reaction of the body.

The best example of such a reaction is "getting a tan" or calluses on the hands or feet.

The "tanning", for example, takes place only when the sun has the right intensity, the sunbathing was sufficiently long and you supply the body well with nutrients, that is, you put the right cream on it.

Once you are tanned, the effect lasts only as long as you are regularly exposed to the sun’s rays. Since nature has naturally produced different skin types, the effect will last for different lengths of time.

Exactly the same applies to muscle growth.

This effect is called supercompensation.

Muscle building for beginners – The 4 steps

I have observed and analyzed many athletes, including myself. I have discovered 4 simple steps that form the basis for effective muscle building for beginners. They are:

  1. Suprathreshold stimulus (strength training)
  2. Sufficient rest (sleep)
  3. sufficient nutrients (calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates)
  4. Repetition of the suprathreshold stimulus (continuity)

Step 1 – Suprathreshold stimulus

To trigger muscle growth you need a stimulus that the muscle "does not know". For beginners, even the execution of a muscle-building exercise can represent an unfamiliar load and trigger muscle growth.

If you are doing strength training for the first time, you will surely know this situation.

The more often you train, the better your body adapts to the stresses of training.

For beginners it is absolutely important that all exercises are performed 100% correctly and in a controlled manner.

Even while learning the exercises, a stimulus is created that makes the muscles grow.

When all the exercises "sit" and have been learned correctly, the following point is important to trigger another muscle building stimulus: The constant increase of the training weights.

You should try to be stronger in each workout than in the previous one. It is important to increase the training weights and/or the number of repetitions constantly!

Step 2 – Sufficient recovery

If you are done with the training, the body needs time to adapt or to get used to the training. To trigger muscle growth.

This only happens if you get enough sleep. At least 8h per day.

Recovery is very important for muscle growth. Stressful workdays of up to 14h and more are not beneficial for muscle growth at all.

The muscle does not grow during the training, but in the recovery phase!

Step 3 – Sufficient nutrients

No car runs without gasoline, so your body needs sufficient nutrients after a strenuous workout to provide the building blocks for muscle growth.

The best building material is protein. Herefrom you should take approx. Take 2g per kg body weight per day. This means that a 70kg person needs 140g of protein a day. That would be roughly calculated 600g turkey meat or 1.2kg of low-fat curd cheese or 3 really big protein shakes per day.

Once you’ve started working out, you should adjust your other nutrients.

This means eating enough protein, watching your intake of carbohydrates and fats, and controlling your calories to avoid putting on belly fat.

To make it clear once again. According to my estimates, the diet takes approx. 50-60% of the total success in muscle building one. 15-20% is training and the rest is recovery.

Step 4 – Continuity

The muscle growth is short-lived if you stop strength training. Then your muscles will also shrink.

Unfortunately, the muscle breaks down about 4 times faster than it builds up!

Therefore, it is important to train continuously, of course, eat the right nutrients and recover sufficiently.

It is therefore called muscle BUILDING. Similar to a house, you have to put stone by stone.

Muscle building is cumulative, which means that one workout builds on the previous one. However, if you skip a few workouts, the efforts of the previous workouts disappear and you soon start all over again.

muscle building for beginners is not difficult, if the continuity is right!

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