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MP3 player test

Music conveys what we can not put into words. Accordingly it accompanies us day by day. The MP3 player is the classic way to let you feel the music. In this article we have collected the most important purchase criteria and also devote ourselves to current MP3 player tests.We would like to help you find your perfect MP3 player for your special moments.

The best MP3 player for audio books: Agptek Adult product001
"Dive into a new world."

The best MP3 player compatible with iTunes: Apple iPod
"The classic in different colors. What color are you?"

The best MP3 player to play sports:
"Fit, Fitter, Fitfort. Also at your side during sports."

The best MP3 player with Bluetooth:
"Elegant and smart. A real eye-catcher."

The best MP3 player for kids: MP3 player from Soulcker
"For young and old."

The best MP3 player with radio: Oakcastle MP100
"A lot of value for little money."

The best waterproof MP3 player: Agptek IPX8
" Pure motivation for water sports activities."

The most important thing in a nutshell

  • Under a MP3 player is understood a Mediaplayer
  • Music can be stored and listened to on this portable device
  • The origin of the name comes from the MP3 file format of the same name
  • Usually the MP3 player with headphones is used
  • MP3 players are available in different models

Mp3 player with headphones on a record

with an MP3 player you can store and listen to music. But which MP3 player is best?

The best MP3 players: editors’ favorites

Here we have listed our favorites. The editorial recommendation should help you and make your purchase decision easier.

The best MP3 player for audio books: Agptek Adult

What we like:

  • Lossless sound quality
  • Up to 70 hours of continuous listening to music or audio books
  • with sleep timer you can enjoy your audio books even at night
  • supports e-book function
  • Recording and playback of audios
  • available in different colors

What we don’t like:

  • Only 8 GB of internal memory, for more music additional memory card needed

Editorial assessment

The Adult product001 MP3 player from Agptek is particularly suitable for the playback of audio books. 70 hours of playtime lets you immerse yourself in your fantasy world without being interrupted. With a total memory of 72 GB, you have plenty of room for your music and audio books.

Through the sleep timer, you can the next day, continue your story in the same place. Lossless sound quality makes music and stories even more worth listening to. Also serves the player to read e-books.

Recording and playback of audios that have 20h of recording storage (even more with a memory card), making it easier to take notes or learn languages. By listening several times, you can memorize things easier.

With a weight of 30 grams, you can also use the device on the go or for sports activities. The Adult product001 also has a shuffle mode, which allows you to listen to your songs by random playback. The MP3 player is available in three different colors, choose your favorite color.

The best MP3 player compatible with iTunes: Apple iPod Touch

What we like:

  • through App iTunes, download the songs very easily
  • Various apps and app store available
  • Playback of movies, pictures and videos in good quality
  • Comfortable operation due to large display
  • FaceTime with other contacts possible
  • Available in 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB
  • Available in several colors

What we don’t like:

  • Apple products are not always compatible with other softwares
  • no place for external memory card
  • not necessarily suitable for sports activities
  • less portable

Editorial assessment

Apple’s iPod touch is very similar in function to the iPhone. In principle, you can do almost everything on the iPod that is also possible on the iPhone, except make phone calls. But even this is not completely excluded. With group calls via FaceTime, you can stay in touch with friends and family.

Through the app store, you can easily download all the apps you need, including iTunes. iTunes allows you to easily download songs to your iPod. So you can quickly get to your favorite songs.

Due to the large display you have advantages when watching pictures, videos or movies. You can also use many other apps for everyday life or entertainment.

The device has a WLAN and Bluetooth function, which gives you access to the Internet and allows you to pair your device with other devices. The iPod is especially worthwhile for people who also use Apple products otherwise. The product is available in different memory sizes and colors.

The best MP3 player to do sports: MP3 player from Fitfort

What we like:

  • Mini size makes it perfect for sports activities
  • easy to attach to clothing
  • hardly wobbles, due to low weight
  • with Bluetooth function faster transfer capability
  • Play music via Bluetooth headset or speakers
  • can play back photos and videos
  • has a lifetime guarantee
  • up to 128 GB of expanded memory through SD card

What we don’t like:

  • built-in speaker not present
  • extra cost for memory card

Editorial assessment

You’re looking for an MP3 player that’s worth playing sports with? Then the MP3 player from Fitfort is right for you. Mini size makes it perfect for all sports activities.

Due to the clip on the back you can attach the device flexibly to you. The MP3 player has a low weight, which is optimal when doing sports and hardly wobbles.

There is a Bluetooth function that causes a faster transmission ability. The music can be played through Bluetooth headset or speakers. The memory can be expanded up to 128 GB with the SD card. So you also have plenty of space for your favorite pictures and videos. The device has a professional DSP chip for noise reduction.

Additionally it offers a superior audio experience. It also has a long battery life, with playback capability of up to 30 hours. The MP3 player’s exterior is sturdy and robustly built. However, if some misfortune should happen, the device is secured by its lifetime warranty.

The best MP3 player with Bluetooth: SuperEye M3

What we like:

  • Bluetooth wireless function available
  • Bluetooth 4.1. provides faster and more stable transmission
  • offers lossless HIFI sound and FM radio
  • Serves the AUX support
  • has 7 highly sensitive touch button

What we do not like:

  • not compatible with phone
  • Not so suitable for external sports

Editorial assessment

You want an MP3 player that has a Bluetooth function? Then the M3 from SuperEye is ideal for you. The Bluetooth 4.1. technology leads to a fast and stable connection. This can easily transfer your pictures, videos, songs and files also your laptop or computer.

The player offers a lossless hifi sound, through which you can enjoy your music even more intense. Also an FM radio is integrated. With the AUX cable you can connect your MP3 player to your car and listen to your songs loudly. What makes this player so special is its 7 highly sensitive touch button.

Light touches can be used to control the device. Also can be used at night without any problems, due to the illuminated buttons. The MP3 player has a thickness of only 0.82 cm, which gives it an elegant touch. Also you can listen to radio and read e-books with the M3.

The best MP3 player for kids: MP3 player from Soulcker

What we like:

  • Simple operation, easy handling for children
  • wireless Bluetooth 4.0. Technology
  • integrated speaker, music playback without headphones possible
  • 9 Touch system for easy operation
  • Metal case as durable material
  • also suitable for adults
  • Product includes sports wristband

What we do not like

  • SD card not included

Editorial assessment

You want to buy an MP3 player for your child, your sister or your brother, but you don’t know which player is child-friendly? We recommend you the MP3 player from Soulcker. Its simple operation makes it easy and fun for kids to use.

It has a Bluetooth 4.0. Technology through which you can easily connect the MP3 player with other Bluetooth devices. There is also a built-in speaker that allows you to play music without headphones. So if the headphones should be annoying, just put them down and let the music play loudly.

The 9 Touch system is used for easy operation and makes the MP3 player visually a real eye-catcher. Due to the metal case, the device is built stably and is advantageous for children. Also can be played on the player video games and serves as entertainment for children.

Of course, the MP3 player is also suitable for adults. You want to use the device itself? No problem. Due to its fine design, the MP3 player is ideal for young and old alike. In addition, the delivery includes a sports wristband, with which you can also listen to your music while exercising.

The best MP3 player with radio: Oakcastle MP100

What we like:

  • FM radio with long battery life
  • easy and compatible transportable pocket radio
  • has a clip for attachment
  • due to its low weight it is also suitable for sports
  • has a Bluetooth function

What we don’t like:

  • only 8 GB internal memory with a total storage capacity of 136 GB

Editorial assessment

With its low price, the MP100 from Oakcastle is optimal for all MP3 players and radio fans. With its integrated FM radio, it has a battery life of 30 hours. It is also suitable as a pocket radio, as it is compatible and easy to transport.

Due to its low weight, the device is also perfect for doing sports with it. So you can listen to your songs or news on the go. The player has a clip for attachment and can be attached to your belt, sports bag or sports equipment.

In addition, the MP3 player has a Bluetooth function. With a range of up to 10 meters, you can connect the MP100 to a loudspeaker. Works in both wireless and wired mode.

Also serves the player to read e-books and listen to audio books. The Oakcastle MP3 player would be a great gift for adults and children alike.

The best waterproof MP3 player: Agptek IPX8

What we like:

  • is waterproof and therefore suitable for water sports activities
  • suitable for any weather
  • Radio playback possible
  • waterproof headphones included
  • Earplugs in different sizes for all ear types
  • 3 in 1 data cable with headphones, charging and data transfer function
  • Perfect for sports due to optimal size

What we do not like:

  • does not support playback of videos, pictures and e-book
  • no space for external memory
  • display a bit smaller

Editorial assessment

Agptek’s IPX8 waterproof feature makes it a must-have for all water fans. Whether you’re surfing, swimming or doing any other water sport activity, the IPX8 is just the ticket. In addition, you still get waterproof headphones and earplugs in different sizes for all ear types.

Not only for water activities is the player optimal also for other sports activities it is suitable, with its excellent size. Its waterproof function makes it perfect for all weather conditions. You no longer need to worry that your MP3 player will not withstand the rain.

The player from Agptek also has a radio function. Your favorite stations are also accessible to you underwater. The MP3 player has a 3-in-1 data cable. It acts as a headphone, charging and data transferring function.

Buying guide for MP3 players

In this section you will find interesting facts about the MP3 player and its use. This will give you an overview of the purchase criteria.

How an MP3 player works?

In most cases, the MP3 player is used with the headphone/earphone to listen to music. Also there are devices that have a built-in volume control. Through the USB interface, the MP3 player can connect to the computer and transfer data.

Depending on the model, other interfaces, such as WLAN or Bluetooth, may also be present. Additionally, the USB cable is used to charge the MP3 player.

Hard disks, flash memory and supplementary memory cards serve as storage media. The MP3 player can not only play MP3 files, it is also possible to play audio formats such as Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), Free Lossless Audio Codes (FLAC), Ogg Vorbis and Windows Media Audio (WMA).

Function control is basically via the buttons or touch screen. On the display you can find information about the respective piece of music.

Woman listens to music with an MP3 player

Basically, the MP3 player is used with headphones.

What types of MP3 players are there?

In general, there are three types of MP3 players. These are divided into devices with flash memory, integrated hard drive or multimedia player.

MP3 players with flash memory

The songs are stored here on a memory card or memory chip. Memory capacity is generally from 1 to 16 GB, but can increase up to 64 GB depending on the product. As a rule, MP3 players with flash memory, due to their small size, are more handy and transportable.

MP3 player with integrated hard disk

The storage capacity of the hard disk ranges from 4 to 160 GB. Basically it concerns notebook hard disks, which have a size of 2.5 inches (6.35 cm). There are also hard drives with a size of 1.8 inches (4.57 cm). That is, here the MP3 player can not only record more also are the devices usually larger and heavier.

Often, the newer MP3 players with hard drives have a display that allows you to play image, video and text files. Devices that have a hard drive with a larger capacity are also called multimedia players.

Portable MP3 CD player

In principle, this is a CD player and MP3 player at the same time. The music is played here only via CDs, because the device has no fixed memory. Accordingly, the music would first have to be burned to a CD.

For a better overview, we have the different types of MP3 players, with their differentiated, here again in a table listed.

MP3 players with flash memoryMP3 players with integrated hard diskPortable MP3 CD players
Generally a memory capacity of 1 to 16 GB, also 64 GB Possible Storage capacity of the hard disk ranges from 4 to 160 GB Device has no fixed memory, playback of music through CDs
due to the small size, more handy and transportable Devices hold more, but also tend to be larger and heavier due to the size not necessarily suitable for on the road
basically high robustness less robust less resilient and more sensitive

What are the most important criteria for buying an MP3 player??

Below you will find important functions and information of the MP3 player. This part is to show you which criteria are important in a purchase.


When buying an MP3 player, you should pay particular attention to the functions of the player. The volume plays a decisive role. The MP3 player is capable of producing a volume of up to 120 decibels.

Also when buying you should inform yourself about the maximum volume, the reproduced sound is a decisive factor for your use.

Battery life

The battery life is also essential for optimal use. Average battery life is 14 hours, but can vary depending on memory and product.


The MP3 player differs in particular by its storage capacity, which can occur in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). The types of memory are divided into flash memory, hard disk and plug-in memory cards.

MP3 players with flash memory have with 1 to 16 GB, in principle, the smallest storage capacity. There is an integrated memory in most models. The fewest are still provided with memory cards. The hard disk, with its maximum storage capacity of 160 GB, can hold significantly more.

When buying your MP3 player, be sure to check the GB size. If you want to fill your device with a lot of music, videos and pictures, then an MP3 player with a hard drive is a better choice.


Some MP3 players also have a radio function. So if you want to take a break from the music file and still prefer to reach for the radio station, you can do that.


Meanwhile, there are also MP3 players that have a Bluetooth function. This allows you to connect without cables your Bluetooth headphones with your MP3 player. Also this connection works with other Bluetooth devices, like the loudspeaker. The advantage here is that you don’t have to deal with superfluous cable.


Some MP3 players offer additional functions, one of them is the calendar. If you want to do organizational things besides listening to music, you can also look for devices with calendars.


Another extra function is the stopwatch. Especially the stopwatch function is useful if you like to do sports. Accordingly, you can listen to music during sports, quite relaxed and does not have to keep track of time in your head.

Water resistance

Also, some MP3 players are waterproof. If you want to use your device at the beach or while swimming, you should consider the water resistance.


MP3 players with a flash memory are generally more robust. On the road or for sports it would be more worthwhile. On the other hand, MP3 players with hard disks and portable MP3 CD players are not necessarily suitable for top sports.

buttons& Touch

While some MP3 players are operated by a button function, other models have a touch function. The classic button function is equipped with a "start/stop", "fast forward", "rewind", "louder" and "quieter" button combination. In comparison, the touch function is easy to operate by hand.

Shuffle mode

Also it is possible with some MP3 players to shuffle the songs. This function allows you to listen to your songs in a varied way. But beware, not all of them have this function. Some devices can play the songs or the artist only by the alphabet.


The newer versions are also available in combination with a wristband. The MP3 player is attached, like a watch on the arm. Especially for on the road or during sports this model is practical.

Battery& Battery

There are battery-powered as well as battery-operated variations. The former is usually charged with a USB cable on the PC / laptop. How long the charging time can vary.

Most devices have an integrated battery, which must be sent for repair in case of a defect. Although there are also MP3 players with a replaceable battery, the purchase of an additional battery is also associated with costs.

In battery-powered players, the batteries can be easily replaced. If your battery is empty, you can easily replace it with a new one.


An MP3 player basically consists of a memory, keyboard and display. The rest of the structure may vary depending on the model.


The display can also vary by type. While some displays are equipped with colors, others can only show grayscales. In most cases, the screen is able to play the artist and track list.

Nowadays, many players can also play pictures and videos. So if you like to watch videos and pictures, a bigger display with good quality would be useful for you.

Size& Weight

The weight of an MP3 player can weigh from less than 50 grams to several hundred grams. MP3 players with battery or flash memory weigh the least, followed by hard drive models. If it comes to the size, the smallest form is ca. 4 cm x 3 cm.

If you plan to do sports with your player or are generally on the road a lot, then an MP3 player with flash memory is much more suitable. When using pictures and videos, we would recommend you to buy a bigger product with a large and colorful display.


As with the smartphone, the MP3 player is offered in different colors. Almost all colors are now on the market to buy. So depending on your mood you can use.

Which brands produce quality MP3 players?

Here you get an overview of well-known brands that produce quality MP3 players.


Apple Inc. is a US hardware and software developer. Their iPod product quickly rose as a market leader among MP3 players. Meanwhile, the iPod is officially considered the best-selling portable music player in the world.

Astell& Core

The brand Astell& Kern belongs to the South Korean high-tech company iRiver ltd. iRiver the predecessor of Astell& Kern was the market leader at that time. Also Astell& Kern has made a title for itself worldwide and is considered the reference for portable audio players.

Sony is a Japanese brand in the field of consumer electronics and is also the third largest Japanese electronics company. There are many successful MP3 players to find.


SanDisk Corporation (SD) is a multinational company. Their headquarters are located in California. The MP3 player products from SanDisk are called Sansa.

Where to buy an MP3 player?

You can search for your perfect device in electronics stores like Saturn and Media Markt. But MP3 players are also available in online stores such as Amazon. Sometimes supermarkets / discounters also offer MP3 players. However, these are only valid for a certain period of time and are not available all year round.

The advantage of buying locally is that you can get advice from your local dealer and see your product in person. However, there are no reviews from customers that could possibly help you.

Accordingly, you have this advantage with the online store. Also you have a larger assortment to choose from. Unfortunately, things can not be considered here personally.

To give you a better overview, we have listed the stores and online stores again here.

OnlineElectronics storesSupermarkets/Discounters
Amazon MediaMarkt Real
Otto Saturn Net
eBay Medimax Kaufland

How much do MP3 players cost?

There are different price ranges for buying MP3 players. These can vary from as little as 20 euros to over 100 euros. It is important that you are aware of the purpose of your purchase.

Should your MP3 player only be able to play music or are you also looking for other functions?? Just to listen to music you could also go to a lower price range. If you expect more features from your product, we recommend you to spend more.

What are the alternatives to the MP3 player?

Alternatives to MP3 players are smartphones or tablets. Among other additional features, you can also listen to music with a smartphone and tablet.

If you’re looking for an alternative with a larger display, a tablet might suit you. You could enjoy the playback of movies and pictures more. If you prefer something portable, you can also play your music with a smartphone.

Important accessories for the MP3 player

In this part you get an overview of important accessories of the MP3 player.


The MP3 player also has important accessories. The most elementary are of course the headphones, through which you can listen to your music accordingly. When it comes to buying headphones, we recommend you do not skimp. Poor workmanship of the headphones do not bring you the full enjoyment, in use, of the MP3 player.

Girl listens to music with headphones

Headphones are an important accessory for the MP3 player.

USB cable

Also a USB cable is very important. It is used to transfer data between the MP3 player and the computer. This allows you to move your pictures and songs. But it is also useful as a charging cable.

Hand strap

You can also buy a wrist strap for easy transportation. Through the wrist strap, your MP3 player can not easily slip from your hand.


What also offers easy transportation are bags for your MP3 player. This not only makes your MP3 player more portable, but also protects it better.

MP3 player test overview: Which MP3 players are the best?

Here we arranged for you the most usual offerers of consumer test, thus you get an overview of already executed test.

TestmagazineMP3-Player test available?Publication YearFree AccessLearn More
Foundation Warentest Yes, 20 MP3 and video players were tested. 2008 Yes Click here
Eco test Yes, 23 multimedia and 6 MP3 players were tested. 2009 Yes click here Yes, 20 different MP3 players were tested. 2006 No Click here

MP3 player test Stiftung Warentest

20 music and video players were compared, of which 11 were categorized as music players and 8 as music and video players. The prices of the test objects varied between 35 and 400 Euro.

Of these 11 music players cut only one model with good from the rest was classified as satisfactory and sufficient. In contrast, 6 out of 8 of the music and video players scored good and the remaining 2 models were given a quality rating of satisfactory and sufficient.

MP3 player test

23 multimedia and 6 MP3 players were tested here. The prices of MP3 players varied between 40 and 500 euros and multimedia players between 60 and 600 euros.

2 of the 6 MP3 players got a test rating of good, the rest were rated as average. Of the multimedia players, only 8 models were rated as good, and again the rest were only average.

MP3-Player Test Ktipp

Also here different MP3 players were compared. Compared 20 portable audio, video and photo players with hard disk or flash memory.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the MP3 player

Here is still an overview to the frequently asked questions approximately around the MP3-Player

Where to get music for your MP3 player?

The music for your MP3 player you can easily download. There are various providers, such as Amazon, iTunes and Musicload, which sell songs legally. So you can get in the balance to money, to your songs. Quickly and easily. Also you can use your CDs to listen to your music.

How to download music for the MP3 player?

First you have to choose a provider of your choice. When you have found the best, inquire about the payment method. After payment, there will most likely be a download button on the page that you just have to select. You can easily get your music this way.

Is it legal to download music?

Downloading music is legal, but often in exchange for money. Usually you have to buy your music and can’t download it for free. Only in the rarest cases are there legal providers who give something away for free. So before you download something, you should inform yourself about the provider carefully.

What can you do with an MP3 player?

Your MP3 player is used to listen to music, of course, but also goes beyond that. You can watch movies and pictures with your device. The advantage here is that it is easily transportable and handy.

Also there are appropriate functions, with which you can write notes and hold the stopwatch. The MP3 player is very practical especially for on the road. Whether you’re jogging, on the bus or on the plane, the MP3 player your personal companion.

Are MP3 players waterproof?

In fact, as mentioned above, there are waterproof MP3 players. This gives you the flexibility to listen to your music. No matter if on warm days in the pool, under the shower or on a beach vacation, your music is safe for you.

You don’t have to be afraid of waves or water splashes anymore, nothing can happen to your MP3 player!

Further sources

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