Moosinning gets a new fire station

On this area at the Neuchinger road behind the commanders Stefan Nagler (l.) and Sebastian Weinzierl (r.) as well as mayor Georg Nagler the new fire station is to develop

The municipality of Moosinning has bought a plot of land in the south of the village on which the new fire station is to be built. But the planning for it is still at the very beginning.

Moosinning – Too small, too cramped, no longer state of the art: The fire station of the Moosinning fire department is getting on in years. A new building the active ones wish themselves already very long. So far this wish has failed because of a suitable plot. Now the municipality could acquire a suitable area at the southern end of Moosinning.

"For this, I would like to thank the owners, with whom we have always had open discussions," says Mayor Georg Nagler at an appointment with our newspaper where the new fire station is to be built: on Neuchinger Strasse, roughly opposite the entrance to Andreas-Kaiser-Strasse, about 600 meters away from the old site, also on Neuchinger Strasse. Georg Nagler emphasizes: "We are now only at the very beginning of a planning process that will accompany us for the next few years."

"After a long time of waiting, hoping and worrying, this is now the first milestone," says commander Stefan Nagler happily. And his vice Sebastian Weinzierl adds: "The most important step has been taken, now we can start with the planning."

Moosinning fire department currently has 73 active members and 18 members in the youth fire department

That is to happen in this year – it stands for discussions among other things with the firefighters and the circle fire inspection, in order to develop a futureable concept. "We will also look at firehouses in the area to draw on the experience of neighboring communities," says the mayor. Finally, a planning office will be brought on board in due course, the development plan will also have to be changed, and the change in the land use plan – currently the planned area is completely outside – has already been initiated.

Even though it is still early days, the firefighters are very happy about it. "We have had the need for a very, very long time, the topic has accompanied us for x years," says Weinzierl. The honorary task forces would become ever more, also the number of the youth fire-brigade members rises – 73 active one counts up-to-date, with the new generation it is 18 young people. "The community is also growing, operations are increasing and vehicles are being added. Since the infrastructure must simply grow with it," explains the 2. Commander. That that does not go with view of the property market from today to tomorrow, is clear. "That’s why we’re glad that it’s worked out now, especially because the site is also fit for the future."

Moosinning fire department: at the current location since 1986

Georg Nagler reminds that already other locations were in the discussion – some years ago for instance the industrial area Am Bleichbach. But often it had failed because of the deadlines for assistance. The district fire department has worked out where a more ideal location for Moosinning would be – namely south of the federal highway. "The municipality is very large in terms of area, as far as Riexing and Eder am Holz," explains Commander Nagler.

Since 1986, the Moosinning fire department has been housed at its current location. "But it is no longer state of the art. Times are changing, needs are changing, regulations are changing, the number of firefighters is changing," says Georg Nagler. If the building was at that time still more than sufficient for the only vehicle of the fire-brigade, it bursts meanwhile from all seams. The fleet consists of three vehicles: two emergency vehicles, one of which is now being replaced, and a personnel carrier, as well as a trailer.

But it’s not just the storage space for the vehicles that is exhausted, the entire building is no longer adequate. Equipment has already been moved out, the seminar rooms are no longer up to date, there is a lack of changing rooms, the entry and exit situation is far from ideal, and the youth fire department is housed in the garage. "We are really at the limit here", as the then commander Georg Humplmair, who had led the fire brigade for 30 years until Stefan Nagler and Sebastian Weinzierl took over the command in May 2018, put it a few years ago.

Residential development is also planned for the area in the future

"We must now develop a concept that is promising for the future. The new fire station is to remain at this location for the next few decades. It will be exciting, but I believe we will find a good solution," Weinzierl is sure. When the active ones of the new equipment house will move out? "There are too many imponderables to say the least – development plan, surveys, bidding, the construction itself. And as I said, we are just starting to plan now," emphasizes Mayor Nagler. "But a move in time for the 150th anniversary of the fire department in 2025 would already be the wish of us all," says Commander Nagler.

So it is still too early for a precise timetable. It is clear, however, that the appliance house will not be the only one to be built in the south of Moosinning. The municipality has acquired a total of four hectares of land here, of which the mayor says around 4000 to 5000 square meters are planned for the fire station. On the remaining area they want to develop residential buildings in the future.

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