Mini bar for home: that’s what counts!

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Who doesn’t dream of a home bar in the great room or lounge with a real counter, with a built-in refrigerator and high bar stools – or maybe even a bar cellar? But not every apartment or every purse allows the fulfillment of such dreams. But there is another way: with a chic mini bar for the hobby bartender at home.

However, two things are indispensable: A refrigerator must be available, because a cocktail without ice is not a real cocktail. In addition, the mostly alcoholic soft drink is also enjoyed with the eyes, to which not only its appetizing appearance contributes, but also that the drink is mixed before the eyes of the guests.

Apart from that, there are hardly any limits to your fantasies. Once you have found the right place, you can be inspired by all kinds of ideas and start building it right away. We show six ideas for the personal mini bar in your own four walls.

Find the right place

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Before setting up a mini-bar in your home, you need to know if there is a suitable place for it. For example, a free space in the hallway under a staircase would be recommended. There it does not take away important space and still becomes an eye-catcher when guests come over. With a curtain, the mini bar can be easily concealed.

A free corner in the kitchen is also a good idea. If you have a large kitchen, you can certainly spare a little space for a small bar in the corner. Or maybe you want to build it in the middle of the room like a kind of dining counter – personal taste must decide about that.

Also a large living room is well suited to create a mini bar in it. Not only that you spend most of your time in the living room anyway, this way you always stay close to your guests and can prepare drinks in front of them.


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Next, it is important to decide on the appropriate furniture. To a perfect mini bar belongs first of all of course a good refrigerator. Devices in different sizes, shapes and colors are there to buy in different variants. In addition, furniture such as the bar counter or bar table and the bar stools must not be missing.

Since it is a mini-bar, the bar counter or bar table should of course not be too large, but offer enough space to work on it without problems and to put down glasses. As far as the design of the bar or table is concerned, personal taste can be given free rein. It is important that the bar harmonizes with the overall look of the room. If you like it more rustic, opt for a wooden look, which can also look nice after a beach vacation. If one likes it rather modern, one chooses perhaps a counter in high-gloss optics. For every taste, there is a sufficiently large selection in various stores – and that online or in a specialty store.

Of course, a mini bar does not offer a lot of space for sitting. For two chairs, the space should still be enough to create a coherent image of a mini bar – because what is a bar without bar stools? Here, too, the choice is great and you can find the right pieces of furniture for every taste, whether modern or rustic.

What is also important, if you want to get a bar, is enough storage space for glasses as well as for the alcohol with which the drinks will be prepared. In a bar, the bottles should be clearly visible, as is the case in places in cities – it’s just very decorative and you can get to the things you need faster when preparing. Either you build shelves behind the bar on the wall and put bottles and glasses there or you choose a bar counter in which there are shelves on the side, but which are not to be closed by doors, but remain open. Thus one saves place and has everything immediately at hand.

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