Mind mapping and mind maps: tools in the trade

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Do you know this? you think about how you could do something and nothing comes to mind. A mind map helps you to find an overview of the question and thus possible solutions in a creative way. Use mind maps to create maps of your thoughts and find access to the important issues as a result. We give you free tips on how to learn mind mapping and organize your thoughts as a result in mind maps.

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Mindmapping in the handicraft business – how to do it?

Mind Mapping is the term used to create a so-called mind map. It is a map on which the knowledge or the Ideas is pictorially structured and mapped on different levels. Mindmaps are tools to give your Creativity (z. B. according to a Brainstorm) a structure and thus to keep the overview.

What Mind Mapping can do for you?

There are many situations in Craft, in which you have to break down a task into parts and structure it. Therefore, you can’t put a good idea in a working order with just creativity. Creating a mind map organizes thoughts and organizes them into units of meaning.

Because in what order do the various trades come to a large construction site? project management is often too complex to keep everything exactly in mind. With the help of a mind map, you can create complex Projects and task therefore quickly and easily into more manageable parts and sees the dependencies on each other. For tradespeople, the view as project planning is worth its weight in gold; after all, there are many smaller tasks to consider.

Another plus of mind mapping is the knowledge transfer between employees. Your team can learn from each other and adopt thought patterns when they get the knowledge out of their heads. Mindmaps are used to make implicit knowledge (in the mind) explicit (thus usable for everyone). You’ll save valuable operational knowledge by writing it down, allowing you to be more flexible when staff changes occur. Mindmaps can therefore form the cornerstone of systematic knowledge management.

What do you need for a mind map?

A large sheet of paper and colored pens (colorful is important!) are basically sufficient.

Procedure for Mind Mapping

You do not work into the blue, but look for a meaningful term as a center:

Good examples:

  • "Shopping list"
  • "Company party"
  • "Internet presence"
  • "Organigram planning"

Bad examples:

  • "What do I have to go shopping for?"
  • "What all do we need for the company party"
  • "How do I get more visitors to my website"

lay the paper in front of you in landscape format and then write this term in capital letters in the middle. Instead of the term you can use a meaningful picture. Afterwards, outline the central concept with a thick line or decorate it with sketches, symbols, etc. There are no limits to your imagination, the mind map is an expression of your thoughts!

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