Mature skin make-up: 8 professional tips for a radiant complexion

Brighter, fresher and even younger: the right makeup can be as effective as a facelift! Mature skin makeup like the pros: Learn here how to make the most of your guy and accentuate your assets.

Here come the best pro-age tips from international makeup artists Mary Greenwell, Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilburry. They make up stars of all ages for photo shoots and events.

1. Preparation: good skin care is a must

The beautiful Cindy Crawford is now 53 years old. Incredible, isn’t it? For her radiant look, she relies on one thing above all: care, care and more care! She revealed this in her morning routine, which you can watch here:

Mature skin make-up: 8 professional tips for a radiant complexion

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So before you get into makeup, you should apply a good skincare routine. Cindy Crawford even applies serum and day cream before moving on to foundation. This way, the skin is optimally supplied with nutrients and protected from moisture loss throughout the day.

Product tip: The Edelfrau cream "Juno – Ultimate Lift" is so rich in nutrients that you can save yourself the serum!

2. Sun protection under the foundation: Daily!

Pro Mary Greenwell used to do Princess Diana’s makeup and now creates gorgeous makeup looks for magazines and red carpet events. Your most important must-have for mature skin: apply sunscreen, every single day! Sunscreen should be applied after day cream and before foundation. The sun protection factor may be very high for mature skin. Best to aim for an SPF of 50.

Mature skin make-up: 8 professional tips for a radiant complexion


Don’t forget: UV radiation is still the main reason for premature skin aging. This is why you should protect your skin so that it remains beautiful for a long time to come.

Which is the best sunscreen for the face? Here you will find the best product tips for your skin!

3. Foundation: Less is more

Mature skin makeup – it starts with the right foundation. Because depending on your makeup, your skin may look younger or much older than it actually is!

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Mature skin make-up: 8 professional tips for a radiant complexion

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Light, liquid consistencies that cover the skin like a veil and do not creep into the wrinkles are well suited. Mary Greenwell recommends Chanel’s "Les Beiges" foundation, which has a light texture that is perfect for mature skin and acts as a visual soft focus.

By the way: Only if you suffer from extremely oily skin, you should use a completely matte foundation. Otherwise, make-up with a soft shiny finish looks better and makes you look fresher and younger. Exactly the same goes for concealer: prefer light-reflecting products.

For more tips from Mary Greenwell, check out this video:

3. Mature skin makeup: the eye makeup may turn out intense

With the years we lose some definition in the eye area. The skin is a bit flabbier, which sometimes makes us look tired. But with the right makeup tricks, you can quickly create an awake, intense look!

A must for mature skin is a good eye primer. It keeps the color in place, and that’s important because otherwise the pigments could settle into laugh lines. Urban Decay’s "Primer Portion" is a favorite of many professionals and matches any eyeshadow because of its neutral color.

Especially the eye make-up can be a little stronger. This means that you should use stronger eye shadows as well as eyeliner and mascara. Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge also recommends this tip – check out her makeup technique in the video below to learn more:

4. Lips: More color, more freshness

With age, the natural lip line can fade a bit, making your lips look thinner than they actually are. No problem: Simply draw the contour with a lipliner that is slightly darker than your natural lip color. This is recommended by the British Charlotte Tilburry, who usually makes up stars like Amal Clooney, Kate Moss or Gisele Bundchen.

Charlotte recommends going for a stronger lipstick color and not being afraid of fresh colors. Delicate berry tones look great on mature skin. Just be bold!

Matte lipsticks make lips look thinner and drier.

Charlotte Tilburry’s tips can be found in the following video:

5. Blush: Do not apply too deeply

A touch of color on the cheeks gives you a wonderful glow and a healthy glow. Charlotte Tilburry recommends: apply lipstick first and then blush. This way you don’t risk getting too much color on your face.

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