Make-up tips for men

make-up for men

For the blog post "Make-up tips for men" I was inspired by the book "Generation Beziehungsunfahig" by Michael Nast. In the chapter "Men mature, women wilt" the author tells about an encounter with his Berlin work colleague.

"Dit is Concealer

"Dit is Concealer" revealed this to him when the author noticed that he looked impressively good one day. Fresher, healthier and younger than usual. He wondered how he had done it and the secret was just concealer.

Well, we women have long since discovered this secret. Probably because we just wilt. There may be something to it, but even though the aging process starts much later in men, it happens much faster than in women. Therefore, I hereby pass on my tips to the world of men.


Conscious and healthy lifestyle

With my current 37 years I am basically estimated at least ten years younger. This is not because I use make-up, but because I am very conscious of myself and live a healthy life. Of course, genes also play a role.

I am a dark southern type, despite everything I make sure that I do not overdo it with sunbathing. Because this also causes wrinkles. The epidermis is really drained, moisture is withdrawn, the connective tissue with the collagen structures is permanently damaged. If possible, I always lie in the shade and apply sunscreen several times a day.

A healthy diet is just as important. Because not for nothing it is said: "You are what you eat". A healthy and balanced diet provides us with sufficient vitamins and nutrients. A lack of iron causes z. B. Eye shadows. Not to forget! Drink enough to not let our body dehydrate. This can also prevent wrinkles caused by lack of moisture.

Only the age wrinkles and expression lines can unfortunately not be prevented.

Sport for the facial skin

Cleaning and care of men’s skin

Wrinkles can be made milder and softer with appropriate care adapted to the skin type.

Razor burn can be prevented by using a shaving cream, peeling the skin beforehand, shaving with a fresh razor blade and then applying a special anti-stress cream with soothing aloe vera.

Blackheads have no chance at all, if the skin is cleaned regularly (at least once a day) with a cleansing gel or foam. Also the weekly Peeling provides remedy. If then nevertheless times some are there, nose plasters or so-called Clear-up Strips help. They are stuck on the appropriate place and after a few minutes they are pulled off.

Pale skin is revitalized by regular cleansing and appropriate care with appropriate ingredients, revitalized. When applying with the hands, the skin is massaged, which in turn promotes blood circulation. But also exercise in the fresh air and regular sports makes the skin look fresher. Because the body will be supplied with enough oxygen and will be better supplied with blood.

Make-up tips for men

Wrinkles – eye shadows – pimples& Co make up away

Eye shadow

The shade of the concealer should be a yellowish tint. Because under the eyes you often have bluish and violet discolorations. A yellowish concealer neutralizes these discolorations. Also make sure that the shade of concealer is a shade lighter than you are. Light colors make things look bigger and darker colors make things look smaller and lighter.

The shade of concealer you test best on the face. Because the hands are usually darker than the face. If you do not dare to buy one yourself, you can also ask for advice from me in my rooms. Of course, this is then a one-on-one consultation. Afterwards you can also buy these products from me.

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