Make hair grow faster: tips for long hair

If you want to grow your hair faster, you should avoid blow drying

When you wash your hair, the sebum is removed from the sebaceous glands in your scalp. But this natural fat is not bad in itself. On the contrary, it is like a protective layer for your hair and gives it shine and smoothness. If you wash too often, hair and scalp dry out, hair breakage and split ends happen faster.

Therefore, try not to wash your hair every day, but only every two days or even only twice a week. Your hair will need some time to get used to this change, but the sebum production regulates itself quickly and your hair gets enough fat, without greasy look.

Use less shampoo

If you think you are doing something good for your hair by using an extra large portion of shampoo, you are wrong. Many ingredients in conventional shampoos are aggressive and attack the hair surface. This makes it porous, the hair dull and it comes to hair breakage.

Therefore, use less shampoo and preferably only natural cosmetic products. It does not contain harmful ingredients such as sulfates, which remove (good) oils from the hair, leaving it dry and unprotected. You can also make your own Make your own organic shampoo or natural Hair soaps use.

How to shampoo properly

If you want long hair fast, you need to shampoo it properly: After all, wet hair does not like too much rubbing at all and quickly pay it to you with hair breakage home.

If you want to grow your hair long fast, you should be gentle and only shampoo the scalp. The care product flows from there into the lengths and the tips, so you do not have to work it roughly into the hair.

Use a conditioner or make an acid rinse

Using only shampoo to wash your hair could dry it out too much in the long run. Therefore, use conditioners after soaping. They are there to make the hair supple and soft, so that you can comb your hair more easily and do not accidentally pull out hairs.

Again, be careful not to use conventional products with potentially aggressive or harmful ingredients. Try instead a acid rinse, z.B. with Apple cider vinegar, that works like a conditioner. But this is completely natural and homemade.

Dry your hair gently

Rub wet hair dry with a towel? Blow dry quickly? Both methods dry out the hair and damage the hair structure, which makes it easy for split ends to form.

The gentlest option for your hair: let it air dry or wrap it in a cotton towel.

Give your hair the extra care

If you want your hair to grow long quickly, a natural but intensive shampoo is the way to go Hair care indispensable. Include hair treatments once or twice a month. Depending on your needs you can use make your own natural hair treatments easily. Coconut oil treatments help with split ends, a treatment with natural yogurt brings a lot of moisture.

Tip 2: A nutrient-rich diet

Not only the right care but also a healthy diet will make your hair grow faster. Providing your body with the right nutrients will naturally benefit your hair as well.

Try to use 8 foods for beautiful skin and hair as often as possible in your diet to integrate. Among other things, they provide Biotin, also called vitamin H, which is indispensable for hair formation. also they contain much Zinc, which is involved in the synthesis of protein and thus helps in the formation of hair. Basically, you should make sure to treat your scalp with vitamins A, B3, B12, C Make sure you are well supplied with vitamins E and Z as well as zinc and iron, because they all ensure beautiful and healthy hair.

But also proteins are very important for healthy hair and fast hair growth. However, you don’t necessarily have to get it from meat or eggs. Also legumes, Oatmeal, Nuts, seeds and kernels are good and vegetable protein sources, that make your hair grow fast.

Tip 3: Massaging and combing for a healthy scalp

A scalp massage with oil stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth

When we think about hair care and beautiful, long hair, we often forget something important: the scalp. The scalp is where the hair follicles, the ‘roots’ of the hair, are located. If they are free of dirt and well supplied with blood, the hair also grows strong and fast.

Head massages stimulate blood circulation and help you on your way to the hair of your dreams. If you also use natural oils, you give your scalp and hair additional moisture and care. Suitable oils are z.B. Coconut oil, Castor oil or jojoba oil. Massage the oil into the scalp and hair and leave for up to half an hour before rinsing with warm water.

Frequent brushing is also good for your scalp, opens clogged hair follicles and distributes the natural sebum of the scalp glands into the hair lengths. This ensures shine and smoothness. But if possible, do not comb your hair when it is still wet or damp. By doing so you strain them, their surface is damaged and you are more likely to pull out hair.

Tip 4: Cut tips

hen you want to grow your hair, you understandably fight for every centimeter. But still, you should regularly go to the hairdresser or get a haircut even cut the tips. Because only if the dry, split ends are cut, your hair can grow long and healthy.

If you let split ends grow, they will move up into the lengths of your hair, damaging them and making them brittle. A top cut is recommended about every 8 weeks. Cutting off as little as half a centimeter helps to ensure that the ends of the hair are healthy and that split ends do not spread upwards. You can have a split-second cut also do it yourself.

Tip 5: Avoid too much styling

You can do so much with hair: curl it, straighten it, braid it, tie it into braids, dye it. All this may make them look more beautiful in the short term, but in the long run it will damage the hair. If your hair breaks, you can’t let it grow any longer.

Especially heat dries out your hair. You should therefore blow-dry, straighten and curl your hair only very rarely. Ponytails, braids and chignon also pose a risk of long hair. On the one hand, because tightly pulled back or up hair can quickly pull out. On the other hand, because the metal parts of the hair elastics chafe the hair surface. Therefore, make sure to use hair elastics without metal and only loosely pin the hair together. If you use styling products, make sure they contain natural ingredients.

Conventional hair dyes often contain ammonia, a bleaching agent that dries out hair and can make it prone to breakage. There are also Natural methods for hair coloring, which are not as aggressive and often have a conditioning effect as well.

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