Love in times of corona: find new contacts with these 12 dating apps

Getting to know people has changed fundamentally thanks to the Internet and even more so the smartphone. The classic first encounters have become rarer, especially in times of Corona have anyway almost all options gone to meet whom new by chance. Party at friends’, flirt in the bar? Better not. Accordingly, dating apps become even more important. Because even if we should avoid social contacts in real life, some still feel like some flirting. And that’s what apps like Tinder and Co. are for. ideal – especially since there are different programs for different interests.

Dating apps bring people together - evening atmosphere on the bridge over the Spree

There are many couples who have found each other in dating apps – why not get everything started, despite Corona.. Photo: Imago Images/Future Image

And anyway, the fact that the first date may be a bit longer in coming gives us more time to exchange ideas beforehand. Thanks to Grindr to the modern pen pal in picture and text instead of directly in the box? Why not actually. And if we’re allowed to do what we want again someday, we’ve already taken precautions instead of starting from scratch. And apart from that: a distance walk with the new flame from the Internet is even allowed to us. With this in mind: Have fun.


The infamous dating app Tinder has made a name for itself primarily through its Swipe-System made a name. Here, the complicated process of getting to know someone is replaced by a quick movement of the thumb: If I like a person, I swipe to the right. If I don’t like it, I swipe left. If both users swipe to the right, a new job ad is created Match And they can get to know each other further in the chat.

  • Advantages: Simple and fast operation. Many registered users worldwide. High hit rate.
  • Disadvantages: Due to the swipe function, potential partners are selected according to the hot-or-not principle, so getting to know each other is very superficial right from the first step.
  • Costs: The basic functions are free of charge. Additional functions are available from 10 € per month.


At Pickable, women can sign up completely anonymously. Only the men have to give their data and also a photo at registration. Contact requests can only be made by women, while men simply have to wait and see. Only when the woman has found a man she wants to send a "Like" to, does she also have to send a picture of herself along with it. The developer Clementin Lalande wants to revolutionize online dating and take away women’s fear of harassment and sexism.

  • Advantages: More protection against harassment. More anonymity (women do not meet employers, colleagues or ex-boyfriends).) More self-determination for the women.
  • Disadvantages: Discriminatory for men, only women benefit from the advantages.
  • Costs: For women, the app remains free of charge. Men can only use the free offer to a limited extent. Additional services are available from 10 € per month.


Women also make the first move on Bumble. Female empowerment is to be capitalized here. The app works similar to Tinder for the time being. All users* have to create a profile with photo, name and personal preferences, and then they can start with the swipe to be able to get started. Once a match has been found, however, only the woman can start a conversation in the chat, in contrast to Tinder.

  • Advantages: Women can take the initiative themselves and write to the men. The service is fast and simple. Instagram and Spotify can also be connected to the profile so potential matches can gain more insight.
  • Disadvantages: Users*innen are again much focused on the visual characteristics of a person. Men can’t make chat requests.
  • Costs: The app is free. Additional services are available from 8 € per month.

The Once Dating app says goodbye to the swipe system and decelerates the search for true love. Here, with the help of an algorithm, only one person per day is suggested to users*, who can introduce themselves on the basis of a small profile. 24 hours one has then time, in order to liken the Match and in the Chat more near to become acquainted with each other. If there is no Like, the next proposal follows only after the 24 hours have elapsed.

  • Advantages: It is less about superficialities and many of the users are looking for a committed relationship. Dating is decelerated.
  • Disadvantages: 24 hours deadline: who is too slow, may miss the dream partner / the dream partner.
  • Costs: The app is free.


Lovoo is one of the most popular dating apps and has over 70 million users, 41 percent of whom are between 18 and 24 years old. With Lovoo, you can not only find other people’s profiles through match suggestions, but you can also use a search function and a radar to find people from your surroundings.

  • Advantages: Very many users and a high hit rate. You don’t have to wait for suggestions, but can start your own search. People can also be contacted without a match.
  • Disadvantages: Many fake profiles. Very superficial.
  • Costs: The app is free. Additional services are available from 3 €


Also with Badoo one can step completely without match with other persons into contact. Singles can like, favorite or just look at the profiles. Not only photos can be uploaded, but also videos and Instagram pictures. What’s special about Badoo, it shows users* how many times they’ve run into each other. This quickly reveals common hobbies and interests of the users.

  • Advantages: You can see a lot of other users* data and quickly know if you share common interests. People can also be contacted without a match.
  • Disadvantages: A lot of outside criticism for a low-level clientele.
  • Cost: The app is free. Additional services are available from 8.50 € per month.


With more than 27 million users worldwide, Grindr is one of the most popular dating apps for gay, bisexual and transgender men. To discover other users, you can look at different profiles on a map in your area. To narrow down the selection a bit, common preferences and interests can be selected through search filters. If you like someone, you simply send the user a flame or start a conversation directly.

  • Pros: Wide age range, most users are between 18 and 40 years old.
  • Disadvantage: It’s more about quick pleasure than getting to know each other. If you think this is a disadvantage.
  • The app is free. Additional services are available from 16€ per month.


With 1.4 million users from Germany, PlanetRomeo is the most popular dating app for gay, bisexual and transgender men in this country. Here you can share your preferences and interests with others via your own profile. Similar to social networks, here you can also add people as contacts and write messages.

  • Advantages: The app can be used in blind mode. So if users are sitting in a cafe or at work, they can use blind mode to access a more graphically neutral version that protects their privacy.
  • Disadvantages: Many fake profiles and intrusive users.
  • Costs: The app is free of charge. Additional services are available from €5 per month.

Zoe is a dating app for lesbian, bisexual and queer women. Like Tinder, it continues to stick to the tried-and-true swipe system. Here again, users* swipe from left to right until they find a match. However, the partner suggestions are not random here, but refer to the percentage matches from a personality test that you have to answer when registering.

  • Pros: Less superficial, there is a lot of information about the users*.
  • Disadvantages: You can find a lot of fake profiles here as well.
  • Costs: The app is free. Additional services are available from 7.5 € per month.

Wapa is one of the most popular dating apps for lesbian, bisexual and queer women. The app offers a targeted partner search through many filter functions and unlimited chat access. You don’t even need to give your email address to register with Wapa. You simply download the app and can get started.

  • Pros: Special features like video messaging and changing locations.
  • Disadvantages: Many of the features only run through the paid premium version.
  • Costs: The app is free. Additional services are available from €4 per month.


The dating app from has a much higher average age than its competitors. Most users here are in their early 50s or older. Who at neu.If you want to create your own profile, you have to provide a lot of information at the beginning, which will later be used for the selection of partner suggestions. In addition, singles can also look for profiles themselves via a search function or they simply wait until they are written to.

  • Pros: Less superficial, there’s a lot of information about the users*.
  • Disadvantages: No special features.
  • Costs: The app is free of charge. Additional services are available from 20 € per month.

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If you really want to meet (with distance), you can stroll and flirt in one of the many beautiful parks in Berlin super. When in doubt, stay up into the night – the best places to watch the sunset and look at the stars.

Unfortunately, dickpics, harassment and sexism are also part of it: getting to know each other with dating apps doesn’t always go smoothly – on the contrary, boundaries are constantly being crossed. Joko and Klaas show how often women are confronted with sexual violence in everyday life in their exhibition "Mannerwelten" ("Men’s Worlds").

Berlin 4 Lovers – In the documentary film by Leonie Loretta Scholl, ten users relentlessly talk about their different experiences with the dating app Tinder.

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