Lose weight fast in one week: your sheko emergency plan

The countdown is running backwards: In seven days, you’ll be lifting suitcases or backpacks out the front door. Vacation at last. Whether it’s relaxing at the North Sea or hiking in the Allgau region, exploring on a European city break or snorkeling on the other side of the world, you just want to feel good about yourself. Lose a few kilos in a hurry? That goes. Tips, tricks and recipes – in this post is the ultimate SHEKO emergency plan with the best tips for your sprint to a feel-good body.

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Lose weight fast or lose weight healthy?

Before we start into the topic, we would like to emphasize that SHEKO – from the product development team to the IT department to the entire editorial team – is stand for a balanced lifestyle and healthy food. We support the desire to lose a few pounds in a few days – but only on one condition. And that is: listen to your body and find a routine in the long run with lots of exercise and a healthy diet, that makes you feel good in the long run. Promised? Well, then it can go off with the SHEKO emergency plan.

Countless Diets promise a fast weight loss. But many of the touted methods are not a healthy way to a feel-good weight. Because even if rapid weight loss sounds tempting, the Health during the Abnehm Sprint often put behind. As an example, the consequences of reckless dieting – characterized by too few calories or by an unbalanced diet low in vitamins – can be circulatory problems, restless sleep and lack of energy.

How much can I lose weight in a week?

The most important question first: How much can I lose weight in a week? Pressing the start button of a Mini diet, the number on the scale goes down quickly in the first days.

But the weight loss depends strongly on the conditions of each individual person and their metabolism:

  • What is the starting weight?
  • How high is the body fat percentage?
  • How strict is the diet?
  • Is the body supplied with the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats?
  • And how intensively is trained during the Diat?

All of these points influence the weight curve.

In the first week between two and five kilograms of weight loss possible. However, this is not the pure loss of body fat. In fact, in this case, the body loses a large amount of stored water, which quickly makes you look more defined.

Lose weight fast: The basics

You want to lose weight in record time? Then you need for the period one comparatively large calorie deficit. To ensure this, you can On the one hand, you need to consume less energy with your food, and on the other hand, you need to burn more calories with intensive workouts.

The calorie deficit

Lose weight fast: The implementation with sports and nutrition

For those who want to lose weight not only quickly and effectively, but also healthy weight loss want, applies: Find a Diet and a Sports routine, with which you feel well nourished and full of energy.

While one person may be on a sugar-free diet tried to lose weight quickly and healthily, the next chooses the principle of fasting. The Interval Fasting is very popular here. The Low carb diet, which is low in carbohydrates and high in protein prescribes, is among the most popular diets. With a Formula Diet are replaced over a maximum period of three weeks either the entire daily ration or individual meals by certified drinks (Diet shakes) replaces. This helps over the actual hunger feeling. Formula diets are Comparatively straightforward and especially popular with people who want to lose weight fast.

Lose weight fast with SHEKO: Your emergency plan

We are there exactly when you need us. Even now, if you want to define your body in as few days as possible. BecauseSHEKO Shakes can be the basis of your Formula Diet.

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