Lose weight easier with healthy food in the evening

Lose weight easier with healthy food in the evening

Lose weight easier with healthy food in the evening vegetables healthy

Should the dinner be left out completely?

As soon as they start a diet, many people think about whether it would be a good idea to stop eating in the evening. Especially in the so called interval fasting this kind of diet is a common practice and it bears fruit. After all, you reduce your calorie intake many times over if you skip dinner. Nevertheless, this can even be harmful for the purpose of losing weight: Not only does an unsightly feeling of hunger keep you up at night, but building muscle can also be hindered by too little caloric intake.

A better alternative is therefore to eat the right food in the evening, so that neither an unpleasant feeling of hunger nor too low a calorie intake occurs. This also ensures better sleep and that the metabolism is stimulated and ultimately burned more.

With healthy food in the evening easier to lose weight low carb healthy delicious

In the evening, protein should play the main role on the menu

For a healthy diet, protein should be a main component of the evening meal. On the one hand for the fact that muscle fibers and the body can regenerate in general. Proteins are processed in the body into amino acids, which we need to regenerate cells.

On the other hand, protein-rich meals are also filling and boost metabolism. More fat is burned in the body. They differ from carbohydrates in that our body can process and burn them quickly, but this does not lead to fat burning.

There are some low carb recipes for dinner that also include some protein. At the same time, you do not have to resort to a small selection of dishes over and over again, but now you can find the right alternative to dishes that usually contain more calories for every palate and every occasion. You can find recipes like this, along with home decorating ideas, gardening and planting tips, and DIY projects on our website. After all, low carb does not mean low pleasure.

Lose weight more easily with healthy food in the evening low carb families eat

When is the best time to have dinner?

Each culture has its own times at which to eat: In Germany, there is the Brotzeit in many cities, where, as can be assumed, little is eaten in the evening. In other countries, however, people often eat a lot of hot food late at night.

This has an impact on the next morning, because if you eat late at night, you will be much hungrier the next day. At night, digestion is strongly stimulated, so that hunger returns in the morning. Moreover, at night, when not eating late, the body is detoxified by the liver.

The best time to eat dinner is 12 hours before breakfast, so no later than 8 or 9 o’clock. If there are more hours between the two meals (approx. 14 to 16 hours), this is again better for digestion.

Lose weight easier with healthy food in the evening protein sources healthy low carb

The foods are best in the evening

Tofu: Rich in proteins, it increases fat burning, metabolism stimulation and muscle building.

Fish: In addition to the valuable proteins, fish ensures a sufficient intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

EggsThe food, which contains probably most proteins, and whose consumption by the substance Tryptophan for a better sleep provides.

Low-fat dairy products: Examples are sour milk curd, skyr and cottage cheese. They are satiating and also very rich in proteins.

AvocadosAvocados contain oils that are helpful in losing weight.

Almonds: They not only satisfy hunger pangs, but also balance blood sugar levels.

On these foods one should absolutely do without in the evening

White flour products, fruit juices, sweets and polished rice: These ensure that the blood sugar rises strongly and quickly. This prevents digestion from running optimally in the evening and nutrients from being absorbed.

Raw food: Prefer cooked foods in the evening, as they are easier to digest, and the body has to expend enough energy at night to digest them.

Highly processed and fatty foodThese really deprive you of sleep, because the body has to expend more energy after eating them.

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