Long car journeys: tips to get to your destination safely

Long journeys are exhausting and can get on your last nerve. What many people don’t know: There are a few tricks to make even longer trips enjoyable and avoid fatigue, headaches and stress.

The right preparation

Proper preparation is essential, especially before long journeys. In the evening before departure, you should take it easy and go to bed early. So you can start the day fit and well rested. Eat a hearty breakfast before you leave. Fruit, muesli or bread with a herb spread and cucumber slices are particularly good ways to prepare your body for the long stretch behind the wheel. Prepare some snacks in case you get hungry during the trip.

Preparation also includes choosing the right clothing. Choose comfortable clothes that are not too tight on your body and shoes that allow you to stand firmly on the gas pedal. Shoes that are too slippery or loose, such as flip-flops or sandals in summer, increase the risk of slipping. During the trip you should also not wear thick winter jackets or annoying headgear, such as large hats. They restrict your freedom of movement and block your full view of the roads.

If your eyes start to glaze over while you’re driving, it’s time to take a longer break.

During the ride

Allow enough time for the ride. So you can take a few breaks in between and not be stressed by unscheduled stops. Especially when you have a fixed appointment, it is important to leave a little earlier. This way you will not be pressed for time and can arrive relaxed at your appointment.

Short breaks in between should also be scheduled. A rule of thumb is that a 15-minute break should follow two hours of driving. During this break you should get out of the car and move around a bit. Short stretching exercises or a short walk will get your circulation going again and make you fit for the onward journey.

It is also a good idea to eat the prepared snacks during the breaks. It is important to take low-calorie and nutritious snacks such as apples, grapes, carrot strips, celery sticks, kohlrabi pieces and granola bars. You should also make sure that you always drink enough fluids. Tea, fruit juices and still mineral water are particularly suitable for longer journeys. If possible, avoid coffee or energy drinks. They counteract fatigue in the short term, but then there is a sudden reduction in performance.

After a two-hour drive, it is advisable to take a break of at least 15 minutes at a rest area.

Avoid distractions

Avoid distractions as much as possible during the trip. Playing music too loudly or operating the navigation system disturbs concentration and increases the risk of an accident. Make a short stop to set up the navigation system correctly. You should also stop if you drop an object, or wait until the next break. Do not try to pick up or look for the object while driving. During this time, you lose sight of the road and could endanger yourself and other road users.

As everyone should know by now, cell phone use is generally prohibited while driving – and rightly so, because the distraction is simply too high. Violation of this law is punishable by a fine and a point in Flensburg. Smoking a cigarette can also become an accident risk because the driver is distracted. Take one more break. This will help you keep a clear head while giving you time to air it out a bit. A good supply of oxygen is also important to stay focused and avoid headaches.

All in all: Don’t get stressed! Don’t rush and take one more break than less. Even in stressful situations, such as waiting in traffic jams, you should remain calm. Take advantage of this unscheduled break to relax and stretch a bit.

Have your vehicle checked regularly

To get to your destination safely, it is also absolutely important that you can rely on your vehicle. Regular vehicle checks are important to always be safe on the roads. Come by one of our workshops and our experts will take care of your vehicle with over 30 years of Karabag experience!

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