Locating your cell phone: this is how it works

Smartphone gone? We show you how to locate your phone and introduce the best apps for Android and iOS.

Apps for locating the phone

No matter if you lost your cell phone or it was stolen – if the smartphone is gone, you not only suffer a financial loss. Your photos, phone numbers and sensitive data can easily fall into the wrong hands. In order to exclude that you have only misplaced it, you should first try to locate your cell phone.

Maybe it is still with your friends, in the fitness center or just under the couch. We tell you how to locate your cell phone. the cell phone number of your Android smartphones or iPhones can locate. First of all: You can not easily locate a foreign cell phone.

Cell phone tracking of Android smartphones

If you are an Android smartphone owner, you can use the "Find my device" function in the Android Device Manager to locate your phone. For this to work, you need to activate the app on your smartphone before you lose it.

If the app is not pre-installed, you can find it on Google Play. If you don’t already have one, you’ll also need to create a Google account with which you’re logged in to your phone.

Log in to the Android Device Manager with the corresponding email address, and you can locate your phone via "Find my device". Note: For the cell phone location your smartphone needs a Internet connection and the Location must be shared with Google.

Screenshot: Locate your phone with Google

If your smartphone is in the vicinity, you can also use the application to locate an Beep which will help you to quickly find your device. In addition, you can delete your data on the smartphone and lock the screen in case you can’t find it again.

Various smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC or Sony have also preinstalled their own services on their devices, with which the phone can be located.

Cell phone tracking for iPhone

As an iPhone owner you have the possibility to lock your phone via iCloud to locate. To use the feature, you need to allow iCloud on your iPhone to locate it even before you lose it. This can be done easily via the iCloud settings.

If your iPhone is missing, use the web version of iCloud or the "Find my iPhone" app on another device. Sign in with your Apple ID. You can now use the "Find my iPhone" app to locate your phone. For this to work, your iPhone must be connected to the Internet. If iCloud has found your phone, Apple Maps will show you the exact location.

Screenshot: Locate iPhone using iCloud

Your cell phone is in the immediate vicinity? Then activate the beep to find it faster. Also useful: If you can’t find your iPhone even after locating it, you can erase your data via iCloud or lock the device.

Locate cell phone number via mobile operator: Does this?

Basically, every network operator has the technical possibilities to locate the cell phone number of one of its customers. However, before you contact them, you should know that they are not obligated to help you in case of loss by locating it.

In addition, a cell phone location from the network operator not supported by lawSince your phone de facto changes "owner" when lost, he would be locating someone else’s phone and thus be liable to prosecution.

Only after the loss has been reported to a police station, they could take action and locate your cell phone number. But usually this only happens when a court order is available for this.

In order to locate a cell phone number, the cell phone provider makes its transmission masts take advantage. If your phone is connected to a tower, it can roughly determine its position. A more reliable way to locate a cell phone is with GPS: In this case, satellites transmit the exact location of the device. However, this only works if it’s outside – it won’t work indoors.

Some mobile operators provide their customers with special service offers ready, to perform a cell phone tracking. With the app Vodafone Secure Net you can locate your phone and let it ring.

The best apps for cell phone tracking

If you want to play it safe and take further precautions in case you lose your phone, you can find many useful apps in the App Store and Google Play to locate your phone. In addition, there are some applications that help parents locate their child’s cell phone.

Wheres My Droid

The cell phone tracking app Wheres My Droid ( Android ) offers a variety of useful features to help you find your phone if you misplace it. Through the application you can track your smartphone using GPS and let your phone ring and vibrate. With the paid Pro version, you can even use your device to lock remotely and delete data from the cell phone or SD card.

Search my iPhone

iPhone users will find in the app Find my iPhone ( iOS ) an equivalent application in the App Store directly from the manufacturer Apple. Simply log in with your Apple ID, select "Find my iPhone", and the app will show you where your phone is on a map. In addition, you can activate a beep and lock your iPhone.

Antivirus& Security Lookout

Locate cell phone, beep, virus and malware protection – the app Antivirus& Security Lookout ( iOS | Android ) offers a whole package of useful features. If your cell phone is stolen, the application makes a Photo of the thief and sends it to you by e-mail. The basic version of the app is free.

Lost Phone Tracker

Also with the app Lost Phone Tracker ( Android ) you have the possibility to locate your lost phone. Besides the normal map view, you can even view your smartphone on a Street View Show map. A satellite view is also possible. In addition, the app scores with a user-friendly, intuitive interface – that’s all a location app needs.

Find My Kids

The cell phone tracking app Find My Kids ( Android ) is specially designed for parents. The application allows you to locate the cell phone of your offspring and thus to see where your protege is at the moment. Simply install app on the child’s smartphone and your own and determine the location as needed. This way, parents can easily locate even a "stranger’s phone" and make sure they are where they are supposed to be.

Locating strangers’ cell phones: Is this allowed?

Locating the cell phone of a stranger is generally forbidden. Numerous providers advertise on the Internet that they can locate a person’s cell phone using a cell phone number. But caution is advised here: Often it is a matter of Paid services or subscription traps, which in the end also do not bring the hoped for benefit.

This is only possible with apps that both parties voluntarily install on their smartphones, and only if they grant each other the right to track each other’s location, as is done with the Find My Kids app mentioned above.

So if you want to know where your friend is at the moment, it’s best to ask him or her personally.

The most important things at a glance

With the Android device manager or iCloud, it’s easy to locate your phone.

To make your personal Protect data from misuse, the delete and lock functions are very handy.

With various apps you can also locate your phone and remotely delete sensitive data as needed.

The mobile phone provider can only locate a cell phone number after a court order.

You can only locate a stranger’s cell phone if the other person has released their location to you.

Locating your cell phone: this is how it works

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