Litter box cabinets – top 3 in comparison

Litter box cabinets - Top 3 in comparison

A Litter box is something quite natural, but not one of the most beautiful items in your own home. However, there are ways to avoid the cat litter box decorative hiding. For many cat owners, it is not easy to find the right place for the animal’s toilet. The cat litter box must be in a place that the cat itself accepts and where it feels comfortable. For example, it should never be in a place where there is transit traffic or where the cat could be regularly disturbed. a quiet place, which is always accessible for the animal, is very important here.

A good way to provide the litter box a quiet place and hide it decoratively is the Litter box cabinet. What it is exactly and what advantages it can offer, we would like to show you in the following article.

Litter box cabinet – What is it?

A Litter box cabinet is an extra device for the litter box. In this the cat’s toilet is hidden, so that it does not have to stand freely in the living space. The cabinet has the advantage that the litter box is no longer visible in the form and the cat gets a place of retreat, where she can do her business. Advantageously is that at a Cat litter box cabinet always different vents are installed, so that the odors of the droppings do not settle or there are unpleasant odors in the apartment.

Advantages of a litter box cabinet

The Advantages of a litter box cabinet are clear and relevant not only for the cat owner himself, but also for the animal. The following advantages prevail:

  • the cat litter box is ideally hidden and therefore not visible
  • the cat litter spreads less in the apartment
  • odors are minimized and not perceived in the environment
  • can be easily cleaned despite the cabinet
  • Other accessories can be easily hidden in the cabinet
  • The Litter Box Cabinet can be coordinated with the interior design
  • Cat itself is offered a quiet place of retreat
  • decorative element in your own living space

Disadvantages there are with a litter box cabinet only a few. In addition, this offers advantages not only for the cat, but also for the owner.

Litter box cabinets – TOP 3

We have for you the Top 3 of the cat litter box cabinets picked out, which score not only in their design, but also functionality.

Hobroo cat litter box

  • A Small Gift For Your Cat: Cats are waiting for you when you get home from work, and there are.
  • Another point – The width top plate: Max. static load capacity of the surface 100 kg, cat cabinet with.
  • Privacy: cats are naturally hyper-vigilant, and this litter box gives your cat the.

The Hobroo litter box cabinet is offered in two different colors (white and dark brown/vintage). The Cat cabinet offers due to the large, upper table top not only sufficient space for the litter box and other utensils, but additional storage space for decorations, lamps or magazines. Through the two front doors, the litter box can be easily cleaned. The cat itself can hide in the cabinet in peace and do its business. The interior partition also provides further storage space, for example, for cat litter or other utensils.

XXL litter box cabinet

  • Added value for pet owners I not only cat owners can benefit here – our full size cabinet.
  • Offers unique& discreet integration of the cat litter box incl. Storage space due to the partition inside for the.
  • The cat house made of high quality sustainable FSC certified wood I by the quality and modern.

With the XXL litter box cabinet from UPP will add value to any pet. This Cat litter box cabinet not only looks modern and chic, but can also be used as a dog house. This cabinet is made of a high-quality FSC wood and an excellent, high-grade quality. The modern design fits easily into any living space. Optionally, the entrance to the litter box can be moved to the right or left side. The upper plate is perfect for other decorations, such as flowers or photos.

Kerbl cat house

  • Cats – cabinet in furniture design
  • Perfect as a privacy screen of a cat toilet
  • Lined with a cat cushion, ideal as a hiding place and sleeping opportunity for the house cat

The Kerbl cat house is versatile. It can be used as Hiding place for the cat toilet or for an inside lying cushion are used. In the upper part of the cabinet is a drawer, which serves for sufficient storage space for other cat utensils. Due to the compact size and the white/blue design the cat house fits into every bathroom and offers there a decorative aspect. Finally, towels, plants or other things can be stored on the cat house.

The right cat litter for the litter box cabinet

  • highly effective odor control with activated carbon
  • gentle care with aloe vera
  • extremely productive

The matching cat litter can not be missing from a litter box cabinet of course. However, many cat owners can not decide with the large selection of litter manufacturers. A cat litter with a highly effective odor control, such as Biokat’s cat litter is usually a very good choice. It is important that the litter is productive and absorbs the liquids. It should also form small and firm lumps that can be easily removed. The Diamond Care Fresh from Biokat’s is the right choice for every cat owner who does not want to do without a high-quality litter.

Conclusion: The litter box cabinet brings advantages for animal and owner

The fact that the cat, while doing its business, can withdraw in a Litter box cabinet is not the only advantage. Finally, the cabinets are ideally suited to the interior of the apartment and are guaranteed to make a difference purely from the visual point of view. The view of the pure cat litter box remains thus out. In addition, there is the odor containment and cleanliness provided by such a cabinet. Finally, the cat litter remains in the closet and is no longer distributed in the apartment.

Whether in the bathroom, in the living room or in another living space – there is one for every room in your own four walls and every taste suitable litter box cabinet, which offers advantages for the pet and the owner.

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