Links in instagram: this is how it works even without a verified account

The biggest shortcoming of Instagram Stories right now? As far as user interactions go, they’re pretty much a dead end at the moment. Except for a comment function and single interaction stickers, there is not very much.

It would be so nice if you could provide a link that would take the user from the Story to an external website. Although, that does exist: just not for everyone so far.

This hurdle seems to have fallen in the meantime: We can now set links in individual, unverified accounts as well. But with the restriction of 10.000 or more followers.

How to use the new function?

If you’re already unlocked for the feature, then after you’ve recorded your story normally, you’ll see a "link" button in the top right corner in edit mode.

If you click on it, you have two possibilities to occupy the call-to-action at the moment. Either with a link to a website or with a reference to an existing IGTV episode. If you choose the web link, you can additionally see how it will look in the Instagram browser. This preview function is the discreet hint from Instagram that you should optimize the target page for mobile use.

Links in instagram: this is how it works even without a verified account

If you confirm the link, your story gets a "See more" hint at the bottom in the middle. In German this is labeled "Mehr anzeigen".

Depending on the size of the screen of the user viewing the story, the hint will be displayed either on or below your story slide.

Best Practise

If you use this feature, you should include a clear call-to-action within the story. So either in which you yourself say: "Click here below", or by writing on the story a hint or even paint an arrow.

Otherwise you run the risk that the user will not notice your link. Because the "See more" notice from Instagram is not particularly noticeable.

We have compiled a few examples for you here:

Links in instagram: this is how it works even without a verified account

When do I get the function?

As already noted above from 10.000 followers, that means all of them don’t have the function yet. There are also no secret tricks or gimmicks.

If you have the 10.000, but the function is not yet visible, you should restart your app once. Usually the linking can be done within minutes.

So you don’t need a separate account verification anymore, but just enough followers.

Should I buy followers for it?

In no case. Who buys followers for his account destroys the community and sends Instagram wrong signals who belongs to the target group. You surely don’t want the network to optimize the playout to your fake followers in Asia or South America in the future!

Last but not least, the purchase of followers can also fall back on you with a warning in the context of unfair competition.

Stay away from buying followers!

But what you can do, of course, are Instagram interaction ads. With good content in the channel, this will not only get you the paid interactions, but also a good amount of new followers as a bonus.

What alternatives do I have?

In fact, there is a very smart alternative to the swipe up, which is currently becoming more and more popular. Build a call-to-action into your story:

"Send me a heart in the comments and I’ll send you the link!"

This way the link becomes something special. You don’t get it as a user just like that, but only if you "apply" for it. At the same time your community will be strengthened and you will be able to address the user again in the future!

As a further alternative, you can of course also use the normal "link in profile". Then you only need a corresponding call-to-action or hint in your story. So "You can find the link to the website in my Instagram profile info".

Which way will you choose? Or do you have other ideas for the implementation? Let me know in the comments.

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