Learn to moderate as a dj

If you want to work as a DJ and do this as a mobile DJ, you will eventually come into contact with the point of moderation at parties.

And you ask yourself the question:

  • Must I necessarily moderate?
  • What to say?
  • And above all how should I say it?

Therefore, here are some tips in the blog with video, which should help you with your presentation.

Moderation tips

If you work as a mobile DJ, you’ll probably have to moderate sometimes. What club DJs never have to do and what festival DJs only have to do sometimes is an animation like "Put your Hands up", is much more important for the mobile DJ who plays at weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.

If you have ever been a guest at a party, you have probably seen DJs who took a break after every song and moderated for a while – after every song. Do you know this?

  • Did you find that rather helpful as a guest or rather annoying?

Then you have certainly experienced DJs who made music but never used the microphone.

  • Did you think this was better or would you have liked a little moderation at times?

We DJs are very different. One likes to moderate, the other not at all.

Yes quite once there was even an instruction that you had to moderate after a certain number of songs. Today there is no more. Everyone can moderate, but does not have to.

From my many years of experience as a DJ at weddings, I can tell you that you should stick to the motto, especially at weddings:

As little as possible – But as good as possible!

As a wedding DJ, these are things like a brief introduction of us, the bride and groom’s dance opening, the wedding cake or the bridal bouquet toss. Here it is helpful to prepare the guests for the next program point with a little moderation, so that they do not miss it.

We wedding DJs don’t have to announce things like "Jagermeister for 1€ and cocktails for 5€ in the next hour" – we don’t do that. But we are there to support the bride and groom and the guests, to guide them through the evening.

Just imagine it like in such a movie. A scene takes place in New York and there is a frame change and suddenly everybody is in the desert, then often texts are faded in like z.b. "5 months later, in the desert of Dubai" – This is there so that you can follow the action.

And so it is also with the moderation on events. So that the guests can follow the course of the evening!

But what is the best way to moderate?

I brought you 3 tips to help you with this one. Let’s start!

Tip 1:

Stage fright

Stage fright is perfectly normal. Because suddenly you are standing in front of guests who are all looking at you. It can make you really nervous. Especially in the moderation part where you introduce yourself as a DJ.

My tip for this: Practice your moderation at home beforehand. Prepare a text and read it out until you know it by heart. Believe me: A good preparation is half of your gig. Have a text ready, then you have it easier.

When I started as a DJ, I was told: "Imagine people naked, it’s easier then. I then have the first gig on a 70. I played my first birthday party and imagined the people naked – I can only tell you: "Don’t do that"!"You’ll never get that image out of your head.

Tip 2:

The correct position of the microphone

No gangster rap handholds, not even holding the capsule closed or the microphone at stomach level. My tip: Put the microphone to your chin, then it always has the same distance to your mouth when you speak and the sound doesn’t get louder or softer.

Tip 3:

Do not talk about a full signal over it

When the music is playing and you just talk over it, no one understands what you are saying because the music just drowns out your voice. It gets even worse when someone is singing or talking in the song itself. Then you won’t understand anything. Pull down the channel fader during the presentation. Not quite out, but so on ca. 20%, so that you can still hear the music a bit in the background.

If you have already moderated often, then you can already start to pull up the channel fader between the words you speak, so everything seems more dynamic. This is how the pros do it. But a little practice goes a long way.

Tip 4:

Use the instrumental part

This tip builds on the previous tip: It’s better to use instrumental parts from songs where no one is singing to present over. Because then no other voice gets in the way of your moderation. Set cue points for songs before an instrumental part, where you can jump to when you start your moderation.

Tip 5:

Use your inner mixer

Work with your voice to make it more dynamic and powerful. On the one hand, you can check out tips on the Internet about voice exercises to make your voice sound more sonorous. Let me give you this tip to take with you:

You can control your voice like you control the knobs on your mixing console.

Imagine it like this: You have a controller, which is responsible for the volume. When you use this your voice will either get louder or softer.

A wide slider, like the pitch fader, makes the voice go faster or slower. And one more slider, the one that adjusts the pitch, makes your voice go higher or lower. And you yourself can adjust your inner mixer how your voice should sound. Use the appropriate controls for it.

That’s it for this blog and some tips to improve your moderation. If you want to learn more, check out my DJ School.

Stay healthy and have a great day!

And if you are still looking for the right microphone and also want to learn a better way to use your microphone, then take a look at this post. In it you get also again 5 tips for the correct handling of microphones

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