Kiss properly: these kisses are guaranteed to make him melt away!

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You want to enchant him with your kisses? Here are 7 tips to help you become a kissing expert. Because kissing properly has to be learned!

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  1. · The preparation
  2. · The approach
  3. · Please not too wet
  4. · Groping instead of pushing forward
  5. · Using your body to the fullest
  6. · Breathe, sigh, sigh
  7. · taking (artificial) breaks

What makes a bad kisser? Passionless smacking, mechanical movements and one thing above all: lack of feeling. Because only with feeling and devotion kisses become unforgettable and let also him Melting away.

Of course, the kissing technique is also not insignificant, if the moment is to be dreamlike beautiful. You think you can still do some tutoring in the matter of "kissing right" tolerate? Then you are exactly right here! We tell you the 7 best tips for perfect kisses!

1. The preparation

You can lose yourself in soft silky lips. If, on the other hand, the mouth is scratchy and brittle, the romantic mood is quickly over. Extensive lip care is therefore part of the compulsory program of every kissing enthusiast. This includes a regular lip peeling and a rich lip care, which is best applied shortly before the kiss. How to make your lips silky soft and irresistible.

By the way: Especially for winter kisses, a rich lip care is extremely important!

2. The approach

Do not kiss just like that, please, but get in the mood a little with glances. Look deep into the eyes of your kissing partner and then again and again at his mouth. So he should understand quite quickly what you want from him. And anticipation is known to be the most beautiful. In this case: the most sensual.

3. Please not too wet

One should have his spit already somewhat in the grasp, otherwise the counterpart suffers sometimes. Take a break every now and then and swallow, works wonders here.

4. Groping forward instead of pushing forward

If you ram your tongue down your kissing partner’s throat without being asked, you might not always be met with love and enthusiasm. Better: take the tempo out. Kissing properly is the most beautiful thing in the world and if you don’t take the time to do it, you don’t deserve a good kiss. So start slowly and kiss at first without tongue, with slightly open lips. Then slowly advance with the tongue. This can be extremely exciting. For both.

5. With full body effort

Kissing properly also means that not only the mouth is in use. Otherwise it would be a bit dull. Rather the whole body is involved. The eyes with which you look deeply into the eyes or on the mouth of your kissing partner. The hands with which you hold the other’s head or let them slide under your T-shirt. The entire body gently or passionately pressed against the other’s. So give it your all: physical effort definitely makes a good kisser even better!

6. Breathing, panting, sighing

Kissing doesn’t have to be done silently, and you don’t have to try to suppress your breath for fear of breathing on the other person. Cue: "Oh God, was there garlic on the pizza?". Breath is what makes kissing really exciting. Be it a quiet, gentle breathing or a breathless japening. This is the icing on the cake of kissing.

7. Take (artificial) breaks

So that the beloved gets a little air again, intersperse breaks every now and then. This does not have to be boring, but makes all the smooching much better. Discover the slowness. Release your lips and pause briefly in front of the other person’s lips. Feel how he breathes and can hardly wait for you to continue kissing him. Vary the tempo: slow kisses, wild and fast kisses. Take a breather, look into the eyes of your kissing partner and gently stroke his face. This is the perfect way to kiss for hours really nice.

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