Jennifer lopez on her relationship with ben affleck: “beautiful love story”

Jennifer Lopez on her relationship with Ben Affleck: 'Beautiful love story'

One of the highlights of 2021 was definitely the love comeback of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Now the singer is speaking out for the first time about her newly blossomed relationship, calling it a "beautiful love story".

She is grateful for the second chance and hopes that this time it will last forever.

Jennifer Lopez gushes about relationship with Ben Affleck

17 years ago, a small world came crashing down for all "Bennifer" fans. Because the former dream couple decided at that time to go separate ways. But 2021 then the big surprise: After breaking up with her long-term boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, J. Lo found her way back to her Ben. Since then, the two have been inseparable, vacationing together and also spending time with each other’s children.

More has never been learned about the newly rekindled love of the two, as both Jen and Ben have always kept a very low profile. Until now! Because the singer People-Magazine spoke candidly for the first time about life with Ben Affleck. In the process, the 52-year-old gushes about a "beautiful love story".

"When you find someone you really love and then you get a second chance? This is something truly rare, precious and beautiful, and we don’t take it for granted," Lopez said. It is precisely this aspect of their love story that has brought their relationship to a new level today.

Earlier relationship was "trampled on"

In 2002, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship went public overnight. Back then, not a day went by that the two of them weren’t in the headlines of the tabloid press either and were hunted by paparazzi. That’s exactly what ultimately caused their love to fail, she said. According to Lopez, the relationship with the actor has been "trampled" by the public.

Now that the two have found each other again, to protect themselves from a similar scenario, they want to maintain their partnership more and keep it more private. "I am just very happy and glad to be in a happy and loving relationship, and I want to do everything I can to protect and preserve it. She deserved that, she really did … We consider her holy," said Lopez.

J. Lo wants her love to be forever

This time J. Lo sure: Ben Affleck is the right one! In the interview she emphasizes, That she "wants to do everything" to make sure their love lasts forever. Because with Ben by her side, she had finally found someone she could see herself with, To be happy for the rest of her life. "Seeing the person, the human being, the man he [Ben Affleck, notes. d. Red.] today, the father he is today, the partner he is – he is everything I always knew he was and wanted to be", raves Jennifer Lopez.

Now she can teach her children that true love actually exists, the 52-year-old explains. "Some things are simply for eternity. But that doesn’t mean they always have to follow a straight line." With their newly blossomed love and strong partnership, "Bennifer 2.0" probably proved to everyone that one can work on oneself and thereby also grow…

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