Japanese dog names

Japanese dog names are mysterious and strange for us Europeans until today.

Yet sushi, manga and the typical computer games have long since conquered our continent and are become part of our everyday life. Perhaps that is why the Asian island state fascinates more and more people.

Japanese dog breeds are also increasingly seen on our streets.

Akita Inu, Shiba Inu or Tosa Inu are only some of the well known Japanese dogs. And they take our European hearts by storm.

20 Japanese dog names with meaning

If you have your heart lost to a Japanese dog you may also be looking for a suitable name for your exotic dog.

We have therefore compiled for you some of the most popular names for males and females.

Japanese dog names, female for bitches

  • Akira
  • Hikari
  • Kiku
  • Misaki
  • Naoki
  • Natsumi
  • Suki
  • Sumiko
  • Yoko
  • Yumi

1. Suki – Suki is a very popular name with a long tradition. It means "beloved" or "beloved".

2. Akira – this name is also often heard in our latitudes. It means "radiant," "bright," or "the enlightened one".

3. Naoki – this name stands for "upright tree. The tree is a symbol of permanence.

4. Yumi – this name can be spelled differently. The meaning, however, remains similar. It means "beautiful.

5. Yoko – meaning "child of the sun" or "child of the sun". This makes him an ideal name for a happy and funny dog.

6. Hikari – means "light.

7. Kiku – also this name can be written in different ways and therefore has different meanings. One of those meanings can be "child of the tree".

8. Misaki – the name Misaki translates as "beautiful flower" or "beautiful blossom".

9. Natsumi – this Japanese name means "beautiful summer.

10. Sumiko – This name means "the eternal child" and is perfect for a dog that is lively and funny.

Japanese dog names male and female, list with meaning

Japanese dog names, masculine for males

  • Aiko
  • Hachiko
  • Isamu
  • Kazuki
  • Kenji
  • Naoki
  • Takahiro
  • Takeshi
  • Takumi
  • Taro

1. Hachiko – the name translated means "the eighth child. Hachiko is the most famous dog in Japan.

He lived in the 1920s and was known for his unconditional loyalty to his master. Hollywood even made a movie of his story in 2009 with Richard Gere in the leading role.

2. Aiko – this name means "child of love" derived from "Ai" for love and "Ko" for child.

3. Takeshi – means "warrior" or "protector.

4. Isamu – "bravery" and "courage" is the meaning of this name. Ideal for Japanese breeds.

5. Kenji – also this name is associated with a number. It means "strong second son".

6. Naoki – means "honest" or "honorable.

7. Takahiro – this is the name of many famous Japanese personalities. It means "big hawk.

8. Kazuki – means "seeming" or "the seeming one".

9. Takumi – the meaning of this name is "the gifted one" or "the skilful one".

10. Taro – here again the reference to the rank within the family is given. Taro is "the first born".

The variety of names in Japan is great. However, many names have a peculiar sound for us Europeans.

How to choose the right name for your dog

It is best to choose a name for your dog that is easy to pronounce. A difficult name is very impractical if your dog needs to be recalled quickly.

Of course, a dog does not necessarily have to originate in Japan. The names also fit to european races.

If you have a preference for Japan, a Japanese dog name is perfect for your dog.

From whom do Japanese dogs descend?

Many of the Japanese dogs have a common ancestor. This is how the Japanese Spitz is reflected in many of today’s breeds.

And almost all Japanese breeds are characterized by their self-confidence, alertness and loyalty.

Japanese dog breeds

But there are also exceptions. The Tosa Inu belongs to the Molossers. It is therefore on some race lists in Europe.

The Japanese terrier, on the other hand, has become very rare. Once popular as a lap dog. Today he shows himself as a classic family dog.

The Japan Chin, on the other hand, is a lapdog straight out of a picture book. It reminds a little of the Pekinese.

What significance do dogs have for the Japanese??

Since ever the dog has a very high value in Japan. Depending on the origin, it was a hunting companion or was even cultically revered.

Many original dog breeds from Japan may not be exported until today. They are under the protection of the government and are considered a "National Natural Monument".

Meaning of Japanese names

Pay attention to the origin and meaning of Japanese names.

Names like Mikado, Samurai or even Harakiri are not suitable as dog names:

  • Mikado is the title of the emperor in Japan
  • Samurai is a term for a warrior. It is more common in the West.
  • Harakiri is the term used for ritual suicide.

These names seem disrespectful to Japanese people.

Avoid misunderstandings with Japanese dog names

Be sure to avoid names you don’t know the meaning of.

Asian languages are very different from Western ones. And just like incorrectly tattooed Chinese characters, an inappropriate dog name leads to embarrassing misunderstandings.

In addition, you should avoid all names that have a negative meaning. This includes for example Nagasaki or Fukushima.

Maybe the names of these cities sound nice at first hearing. However, to use it is an absolute taboo. Likewise, you should refrain from using religious names and terms.

Huge selection of Japanese dog names

Otherwise the colorful world of Japanese names is yours to choose from.

Japanese dog names: female and male with meaning

Maybe a hero from a classic manga is the right name for your four-legged friend. Or a character from one of the numerous, Japanese computer games.

Let us inspire you. Maybe you will find the perfect Japanese name for your dog.

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