Jan delay: this is what the cult rapper says about his career end

Already the first single "Intro", which was released at the end of January, makes you want to listen to the album: While other rappers from Hamburg have drifted into foreign realms, Jan Delay returns to his roots and delivers hip-hop, finely garnished from the "hottest" city of Hamburg.

Musicians in Germany: Jan Delay
Full name: Jan Phillip Eibfeldt
Pseudonyms: Eizi Eiz, Eibfeldt
Music genres: Hip-hop, reggae, soul, rock and funk
Born: 20. February 1976 in Hamburg-Eppendorf

After RnB, reggae and rock, this is probably nice for Ur fans to hear. Seems like the artist himself sees it that way too. "Fresher than ever, finally doing my job again, after the rock record nobody was up for," raps Hamburg’s A-list celebrity.

Exclusive interview with Jan Delay about Corona, his new album and Weder Bremen

The sounds on his fifth solo album are a mix of disco, trap, afrobeats and ska, paired with Mexican horns. Sounds like the perfect soundtrack to celebrate coming back to life. Because is there anything better, when the Corona crisis is finally over, to dance in clubs until morning again? When Jan Delay pumps out his new album, all is right with the world again.

24hamburg.de spoke exclusively with Jan Delay about his new album, Corona and why he doesn’t currently want to talk about soccer. After all, his favorite team SV Werder Bremen just fired their long-term coach Florian Kohfeldt*.

Comic drawing of Jan Delay on a rocket in the foreground dancing people and left the title of his album Earth, Wind & Celebrate

Jan Delay: This is my best record

Jan Delay, the new album "Earth, Wind& Celebrate" appears on 21. May. What can your fans expect?

A positive good mood record to dance and celebrate, to draw energy from it to tackle all the stupid things that exist in our world.

It’s been seven years since the last solo album. How does the current record feel?

For me it’s the best album ever, because I gained a lot of experience and got better. And Kaspar, my partner who mixes everything and produces with me, has also become much better. You know much more what you want and what you don’t want and how to get what you want. We tried and approved some new stuff again. One is simply much more relaxed and you can hear that in the music.

Jan Delay reinstalled in a picture showing Hamburg from above with the Michel

Jan Delay: I want to do what brings me fun

Most musicians always remain true to one genre, one musical style. You do not. Why?

For me it’s the fun. Of course, there is always a certain risk involved. I noticed that when I made the rock record. But at the end of the day, I do it for me and I want to do what brings me fun. I do not want to bore myself. I always need a certain challenge, a challenge. That’s why I’m doing this.

In the end, the risk is not so great, because by always doing something new, you don’t run into the void and it never gets boring. I can’t say that I know what’s coming. That contributes to the fact that after 30 years I can still sit here and people are interested in what I have to say.

Is there a music direction you still want to try out?

Good question, but I can’t think of anything that’s on my wish list. Like I want to try a Finnish tango or something again. Nevertheless never say never. It can always be that you are kissed by the muse somewhere that you never expected and then you want to do it so badly.

Jan Delay on the reality TV format "Let’s Dance? Never!

Maybe join "Let’s Dance" to find new music styles…

(laughs) I can guarantee that will not happen.

Is the album something very special, because it was created under Corona conditions?

No, I have to correct that. It was not made under Corona. That would not have been possible. Just because of the good mood and the positivity of the lyrics and then the lack of inspiration. My musicians would not have come to the studio at all. The record was made before Corona. It took a little longer because of Corona and then I just used the time to tinker with it and polish it.

The end of rapper Jan Delay’s career is still a long way off

HP Baxxter said recently with us in 24hamburg.de-Interview similar, namely that you need the inspiration, the impressions from outside. Agree?

Absolutely. An album like this can’t be made in the studio.

30 years in the business. How long do you plan to continue making music?

For me there is no end in sight. But it also depends on the fact that I can perform again someday. If I would never be allowed to play concerts again, then I could already lose the desire. But at the moment I’m still in the mood for music and I’ll keep going.

Jan Delay

Jan Delay: Corona is like a colonoscopy

How did you experience the Corona year?

That was summed up in one word: Shit. I don’t feel like talking about it. Corona just sucks because it prohibits me from doing my job. Just as I don’t want to talk about a colonoscopy, I’m now reluctant to talk about Corona either.

Last week there was a gig broadcast on the internet. Back on stage for the first time in a year and a half. How was it?

It was great. I also never thought that I would like it so much and that it would mean something to so many people. I just thought I’d give it a try, because there’s not much more I can do at the moment anyway. I am super happy that I did it. Because when it took place, I was happy, because it was a lot of fun for me and my band. Everyone was happy to be able to make music again. And the reaction of the people was so that you could see how much it meant to them.

Jan Delay stands in the Weser Stadium next to a wall with the logo of Werder Bremen

Jan Delay promotes Corona vaccination

You also promoted vaccination at the concert. Are they actually vaccinated or. there was already a chance for you?

It’s not my turn yet, but if I get the chance, I’ll do it immediately. In any case!

Hope that it will soon start again in clubs? In June maybe already?

Definitely not. That depends on a lot of people getting vaccinated. Two brain cells are enough to work it out.

2016 the last album with the "Beginners". Is there something coming up?

Nothing is planned yet, because I was busy with my own record. And now I want to perform live for the first time. But when I’m through with it, I see great chances for that to come.

Jan Delay poses with hat and sunglasses in front of a yellow background

Tour of Jan Delay? Wait and see!

At Beach chair open air you are there in Hartenholm, but not in Hamburg. Why?

I am in any case at the start in Luneburg, because we first agreed there. There is then an exclusive clause that you are not allowed to play immediately afterwards in a closer circle. But I think I could play in Luneburg and in Hamburg and both would be full.

Do you have a tour or something similar planned?

Nothing can be planned. This is what was learned last year. I have already had to postpone my tour twice and I don’t feel like doing it a third time. I’ll wait for now until everything is safe again.

Soccer fan Jan Delay trembles with Werder Bremen and has not written off HSV yet

you are also a soccer fan of Werder Bremen. Does your club keep its class?

(laughs) I don’t want to say anything about that, just like I don’t want to say anything about Corona. It looks like shit, especially if you have it for what feels like the tenth time in a row. Always at the end of the season you stand in the back and have to see that you get out of it again. It’s just the way it is, but by having been through it so many times, you’re not so desperate anymore.

I guess the only joy then is that HSV will probably stay down…

They’ve just brought in Horst Hrubesch as coach, giving them a boost. Let’s see if they don’t make it in the end.

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