Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

A key unit of the system performance. The choice of model determines the speed of calculations, performance, choice of tasks and more. Your choice of both low-cost productive 2-4 core home solutions and the most powerful 6-12 core processors for rendering and modeling

The motherboard is the base of every computer and the basis for the rest of the components. The system is based on this. Multi-layered circuit board with an abundance of connectors and expansion slots combines it components such as processor, graphics card, RAM and hard drives.

Inexpensive, but very important element of the PC, on which depends the stability of the processor, which tends to overheat under heavy load. Regular CPU cooling protects you from artifacts and computer failures. The most important characteristics of the cooler are noise level, speed and bearing type

The graphics core is a key node for processing data related to rendering 3D objects. It is an indispensable part of every gaming computer or graphics station. Powerful graphics cards place high demands on the quality of the power supply, as they can consume up to 300 W of energy.

A mechanical drive that is a permanent storage of all information on a computer. Its characteristics are determined by the spindle speed (5400 / 7200 rpm) and capacity. The latter number can range from 500 GB to 10 TB. You determine the tasks assigned to the HDD yourself.

Solid State Drives (Solid State Disk) are devices for storing data with a prohibitive speed of reading and writing information that is significantly faster than a traditional HDD. They also stand out for their quietness and the absence of mechanical components that can fail.

A metal case that collects all the elements of the system unit. The choice of the model depends on the compactness of the PC, the quality of cooling, the space for installing components and the free space for further upgrades. Some cases come with pre-installed power supplies.

The most important element of the computer, which supplies power to all key components of the computer (processor, graphics card, hard drives, cooling systems). High-quality power supplies additionally protect the PC from short circuits, overvoltages and static charging.

The software and operating system are the key components of the system that connect all the components of the PC together to work properly. Install only licensed software to protect yourself in the future and get official support from the manufacturer.

Additional options

PCI / PCI-E controller LPT, COM, 1394 FireWire, SATA, USB 3.0. Devices for connecting any memory cards. Bluetooth adapter. Fan speed controller, classic and with touch control. Additional USB controllers for the front panel 3.5 "; 5.25"

The sound card is a great alternative to the analogs built into the motherboard. Discrete board unfolds its full potential acoustic systems, adds modern speaker interfaces and allows you to achieve the effect of full immersion in a movie or game.



Setting the backlight for all components in the system unit. Fans, case, tape, motherboard – everything shines in one color. The setting is made only if you have a licensed operating system Microsoft Windows


The monitor is your window to the world of information. TN, PLS, IPS matrices with LED backlighting, a delay of 1 ms and the ability to display an image on a screen with a diagonal of 22, 24, 27, 30 inches and more. Do you want to get more thrills from your favorite game? Take a closer look at gaming models with refresh rates of 120, 144 and even 240 Hz.

An input device and a faithful companion in most modern games. We offer office models with minimal functionality, multimedia with additional buttons and gaming options. Mechanical or membrane switches, illuminated or not. Find an option to suit your taste.

An optical or laser mouse is an indispensable part of a PC, with which you open folders, move documents, browse the Internet, interact with programs and games. Wired or wireless models. Strict office or gaming with additional buttons. Choose a model that fits the palm of your hand.

The speaker system is an audio signal output device and an excellent companion when watching multimedia content and playing your favorite 3D games. Organize your home theater by connecting your speaker system to your sound card and enjoy movies and music. Get the advantage in games by hearing footsteps remotely.

A handy tool for chatting on the web and listening to music silently. An indispensable attribute for video calls, conferences, group voice chats. With headphones, you can watch movies in crowded places or enjoy your favorite actors without distracting others from their daily activities.

Power protection is essential in areas with frequent power outages. A source uninterruptible power supply allow your PC to run stably without unexpected shutdowns. A characteristic sound signal makes it clear that it is time to end the session and save the changes in the documentation, so that the work is not in vain.

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Pick up accessories? What could be easier

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Discover what it takes to be a system administrator

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  • 1. System unit – how to choose accessories?
  • 2. Installation of processor, RAM and cooling system.
  • 3. Applying thermal paste to the processor
  • 4. Installation of the motherboard into the case
  • 5. Connecting the body controls to the motherboard
  • 6. Install power supply
  • 7. Installing drives
  • 8. Installing a graphics card
  • 9. Cable routing and finishing

Each of us at least once faced a situation when, trusting a seller, he chose a ready-made product Personal computer, and after a few months I realized that for the same money I could get a much more productive version. To make sure that no such story happens to any of our readers in the future, we have prepared instructions on how to assemble a computer yourself.

While this process turns out to be much simpler than many tech-savvy users assume, it still has some nuances that we will discuss in detail in our material. And we’ll start with a quick reminder of what a computer is made of and how not to make mistakes when choosing components.

System unit – how to choose accessories?

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

When a customer enters a computer store and sees the wide range of motherboards, processors, graphics cards and other components, it seems to him that you need to have at least a PhD in technical sciences to connect all these devices together . But not everything is so bad, computer hardware manufacturers have taken care of us and many years ago adopted a single standard – Advanced Technology Extended, which unites all the hardware of a computer.

Choosing components is the most difficult task when assembling a PC, much more tedious than putting it together, but this material is dedicated only to the last task, and you can find a comparison of the characteristics of graphics cards and processors in our other publications.

The basis of our entire future system is the motherboard, as the name suggests. It practically does not affect performance, but is responsible for the proper operation of all components of our computer.

The whole process of assembling a personal computer is essentially to connect components to the board via connectors and wires, and therefore it is worthwhile to first check what kind of computer you want to have at the output and based on this to choose a motherboard with one or another number of cells for RAM, suitable for the desired processor socket and so on. Another important feature of a motherboard is the form factor – it determines what dimensions you need for a case. So be careful right away and when buying a large E-ATX motherboard, don’t expect it to fit into a compact case.

Installation of processor, RAM and cooling system.

To assemble a computer at home, we recommend starting work on an "open stand" rather than immediately installing your components into the case without knowing whether the system will work or not. The process is as follows: We connect all our parts to the motherboard, update the board firmware, install the operating system, and test the resulting assembly for errors and conflicts. If they are not identified, we will be happy to build it all into the case.

Let’s start the process by installing the heart of our future PC – the processor. It should be remembered that two leaders in the manufacture of processors – AMD and Intel – use fundamentally different socket designs, the former have contact pins on the processor, while the latter prefer to place them in the socket.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

To install an AMD processor, you need to lift the metal lever, insert the legs into the holes provided, and then return the lever to its original position. Thus, we close the contacts of the processor with the contacts of the socket and reliably fix this position.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

Lift the lever and hold-down cover when installing Intel, and reverse these steps after installing the processor. Both one and the other type of processor should be installed in a well-defined position, indicated by arrows on the processor itself and on the motherboard socket.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

As for cooling the processor, you need to remember that they are all installed in different ways and the only sensible action is to follow the instructions exactly. For example, AMD has a passion for mounting elements with plastic tabs, and Intel basically does not use such a design solution. In general, most processor coolers are fairly universal and can therefore work with chipsets from both companies, but be careful when choosing – there are also models that are loyal to only one brand.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

Don’t forget that many coolers can be installed in two positions, which determines through which wall the heated air exits – to the back or to the top. Therefore, before installation, weigh the effectiveness of both options and your case and choose the most productive one.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

After attaching the heatsink and mounting a fan on it, we just need to connect the power connector to the corresponding connector on the board called CPU_FAN. More expensive motherboards can provide two similar connectors for two coolers at the same time.

So to complete the initial work, we just need to install the RAM modules into the DIMM slots. Each bracket has a safety key that makes it impossible for you to put it in the wrong direction, and you also can’t insert memory of the same type, for example DDR3, into a socket on the motherboard that is not intended for it. Thus, the installation of RAM is the simplest process in the algorithm of assembling a personal computer.

Most processors have a dual-channel RAM set, so it is recommended to insert an even number of stripes. It should be remembered that a sufficiently large processor cooler can overlap the RAM slots on some motherboards, so it is worth studying their compatibility thoroughly before buying them.

Applying thermal paste to the processor

Many beginners make a common mistake and think that assembly is just a matter of putting parts together a la the designer. Thermal paste is no less important for the performance of the processor than itself and the cooling system, which helps their tandem to demonstrate maximum performance. Usually a small layer has already been applied to the fan sole, so this does not need to be done during initial installation.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

However, if it is not available, simply add a few drops of the composition and spread it evenly over the CPU heat distribution cover. Excess, on the other hand, reduces the thermal conductivity between the processor and the cooler, which negatively affects the computer’s performance. If you have already decided to assemble a computer with your own hands, then at least do not harm him.

Installation of the motherboard into the case

The main line of thinking for you when choosing a case should be the one responsible for the supported motherboard form factors. Below are the maximum possible sizes of the installed components – believe me, when it comes to wiring the wires, you will thank yourself for choosing the most comfortable case in which you can install all the desired hardware without unnecessary manipulation.

To install the motherboard, you first need to screw on the mounting nuts with external and internal threads. Usually all the nuts and bolts are included, they are standardized, so you hardly need to look for something unique to install your assembly. Fixing the dowels and screwing on the nuts is the next step.

Connecting the chassis controls to the motherboard

The panel of a standard case is usually equipped with on/off buttons as well as USB ports and a headphone jack. These interfaces are usually located on the bottom of the motherboard, so we find them and connect them to the case.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

The cable set is pretty standard:

  • PWR_SW is responsible for the on/off button;
  • RESET_SW activates the restart button;
  • HDD_LED ( plus ) and "minus") activates the drive activity indicator;
  • PWR_LED ("plus and "minus") is responsible for the operation of the computer status indicator.

Installing the power supply

It’s time to install the power supply and connect the cables to the motherboard. All connectors have keys that prevent incorrect connection, so an inexperienced user can handle them. Each connector speaks for itself, and if it says SATA, it’s probably for a device with the same interface.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

Lately, the compartment for the power supply is located at the bottom of the case for better ventilation. Therefore, make sure that the cable length is sufficient for components located in the part of the graphics card away from the block. After installing the device, we stretch two main cables – 24-pin to the motherboard itself and 8-pin to the processor. When you buy a power supply, we recommend that you immediately buy a bundle of nylon ties so that your bundle does not get mixed up among the PC parts.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

Install drives

There are several drive form factors: 2.5", 3,5" and M2 SSDs. The latter are installed on the motherboard itself, but the first two must first be installed in the case.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

Installing a drive into a slot with a slider is as simple as installing RAM, so we won’t go into this point in detail. Only cables from the motherboard and the power supply, which have a SATA connector, have to be brought to them.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

If you want to install an optical drive, the algorithm is the same – we fix it in the 5.25-inch tray, remove the front cover and turn on the device.

Installing a graphics card

Since our goal is to assemble a PC properly, we can not do without a special point for the graphics card. It is installed in last and power cables are preinstalled for it. The graphics accelerator must be installed first PCI-Express x16 port, but modern graphics cards occupy two or even three slots, so access to the downstream port is blocked.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

After these operations, you only need to remove two connectors where the radiator comes out, and screw the graphics card tightly to the motherboard and back case. The number of power cables depends on the graphics card performance and in extreme cases you will have to get cables to the power supply or use adapters.

Cable management and completion

The entire component list is combined into a single system, so it’s time to put the finishing touches on it. If the mounting is standard, you just need to choose what you want to connect the cooler to: Motherboard, reobass or power supply. After that, you just need to carefully lay the rest of the cables and tighten them with nylon straps, and then close the case lid.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

After that, we connect the monitor and other peripherals to the system unit, install the operating system and use a brand new assembled computer.

We hope that our material on how to assemble a computer yourself will help you save money and choose the most successful combination of elements, regardless of the tricks of computer equipment sellers!

Updated 06.02.2015. The article is relevant for the whole of 2015.
How to choose a computer so as not to regret it. Choose a good and inexpensive computer!

If you have never been interested in the parameters of certain computer components, the choice will be quite difficult for you. But fortunately you can read my article and your solution will be simple and correct. The most important thing is that the dearest is not always the best. And also do not trust the consultants in the stores, as their The main task- sell stale goods that no one buys. Therefore, they will convince you in every possible way, but you have to insist on yourself. And to be aware of your computer choice, read the article to the end!

So the first thing we need to do is decide what we need a computer for. There are three different options:

  • Office Solutions;
  • Options for home;
  • and gaming systems.

Office computer these are not necessarily machines that are located in offices, but just such a general name for budget solutions. You are only able to work with documents and work on the Internet. Even watching movies can be difficult due to the lack of a full-fledged graphics card, games slow down terribly or don’t start at all. Finally, office solutions usually use weak components, for example, an integrated graphics card instead of a normal one.

Home computer THE MIDDLE LEVEL. Here you can already watch movies, even play some games, but not with the maximum graphics settings. Such a computer is quite suitable for most users and will not consume most of the family budget. It is advisable to assemble the configuration yourself and not use prefabricated solutions, as the price usually includes assembly, various licensed software that may not be useful, etc. Includes. It is always better to assemble everything yourself, especially since a home computer has become a simple builder by 2015, where it is simply unrealistic to assemble anything incorrectly.

And finally Gaming computer. Again, this is a generic name that doesn’t mean the computer is only used for gaming. It just tells us that the hardware of such a machine is very serious and powerful. It will allow us to process huge graphics for example in PhotoShop or 3D Max. Cut and convert videos at a reasonable speed, perform complex calculations. Such computers are often not immediately assembled by users themselves, as they are quite expensive.

For example, first a good motherboard is bought with a reserve for the future, and then an expensive graphics card, a processor, Rome. First one graphics card, then the second one for SLI mode or CrossFire. First 8 GB of RAM, then another 8 to work in double-channel or even triple-channel mode, depending on the configuration.

So if you need more than just a computer to check in and type mail, but do not play the latest innovations of the gaming industry and do not handle gigabytes of video, then the home version of the computer is for you.

Now we will go through all the components and talk a little about them. For each point I choose examples of components that I think are successful specifically for a home computer. As a result, at the end of the article I ideally have a system unit that will delight its owner with speed and potential.

Choosing a computer monitor

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

We start not with the system unit, but with the monitor, because it is actually the first thing that the user sees, and if the image on it is poor and of poor quality, then what good is powerful hardware? If you agree, continue, and if not, go directly to the paragraph on system blocks.

So, how do you choose a monitor so that it wows you with a juicy and clear picture? It’s easier than it sounds. Monitors have only a few important features. Well, I hope everyone has long understood that there is no question of tube monitors. This is a relic of the past, I don’t know if they are on sale somewhere now or not, but definitely forget about them as a nightmare!

Of course, it will be an LCD monitor, which should have an acceptable response time of 2-8 milliseconds, and it will most likely be a widescreen, this is also almost standard. A resolution of 1920 × 1080 for watching movies and games in full HD, of course, you can take more, for example, 3840 × 2160.

Viewing angles are actually not as critical as many people write and say about it. An angle of 170 horizontally and 160 vertically is a common option, because you won’t be looking at the monitor when you place it in front of you on the couch or in bed, or? All sit at right angles to the monitor and even with small deviations the image does not lose brightness.

The matrix will most likely be either TFT PLS or TFT IPS. And this is no longer a toy for real aesthetes or photographers, as in the past, but these technologies are already used in almost all modern models. It is used everywhere (as a replacement for the fluorescent), which consumes little power and improves color reproduction. I also strongly recommend buying monitors with a matte screen!

We will give examples in each section so that you understand approximately what we are talking about. As examples we can use the monitors DELL U2414H and ASUS VX239H, which are each in their own field. They have different formats, different matrices, different response times, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Read descriptions, reviews and understand.

That’s all for monitors, now let’s get to the peripherals, without which normal work on the computer is not possible.

peripherals (select mouse and keyboard)

As already mentioned, the periphery is a very important thing, where you do not need to save too much. Of course, for 10 thousand WLAN buy gyroscope mouse I do not urge you, but you also should not take a mouse for 100 rubles. Either it scratches the table or the cursor starts twitching. And many cheap mice also have low dpi, which will cause you a lot of inconvenience with a large widescreen monitor.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

General advice for mouse and keyboard: don’t buy cheap wireless devices. If there is no money for expensive models, take it with a cable, otherwise in the vast majority of cases there will be problems with the signal. These are not just my thoughts – this is really it. No money – we choose cables and no problems with the signal. there is money and desire – we take quality products.

Let’s start with Mouse selection. It should be comfortable and fit well in the palm of your hand. Don’t buy mice from laptops for use on a desktop computer. Hands get tired quickly when working with such a mouse, as it is uncomfortable to hold it. The palm of your hand should rest completely on the body of the mouse, not on the table. Also, I don’t recommend tracking the number of extra buttons on the mouse, as most don’t use them at all. But 2, maximum 4 additional buttons on the side of the mouse can be allowed, the main thing is that they do not interfere with the work. DPI is the resolution of the image and simplified to the mouse the speed at which the cursor moves on the screen. Rather, the ratio of the distance you physically moved the mouse to the distance on the screen by which the cursor moved.

As bigger monitor and its resolution, the more DPI you need for comfortable work. If you bought a full HD monitor with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 (I recommend choosing this one), you need at least 800 dpi, preferably 1200. Then you do not have to make unnecessary movements to move the cursor to the desired location. An example of a good mouse is A4Tech XL-750BK and in general A4tecs x7 series is very successful.

Keyboard Should be standard so that there are as few additional and also useless buttons as possible, then it lasts longer and is more comfortable to type on it. Choose a device with a short key travel, d. h. they are small, thin buttons. If you can type blindly, you won’t have a hard time getting used to such a keyboard, it will take 1-2 days at most. it can also have headphone, microphone and USB outputs. It all depends on your preferences, if necessary choose a model with outputs. An example of a successful model that fits your home computer budget is the Logitech K200.

With the periphery sorted out. Now you have everything except the most important thing – the system unit! And we’ll start with the argument for this, since people very often use the "box" neglect, but in vain, but here’s why, read on.

How important is the case of the system unit

The bottom line is this. Many people think that there is no point in buying a good case. I screwed all hardware, even to the box, the main thing is not to fall down. But the point is the strong iron, especially the graphics card and the processor, become very hot. The temperature of a graphics card without a cooling system can rise above 150 degrees in a few seconds. Accordingly, a cooling system dissipates heat from the graphics card itself and releases it into the surrounding air layers. Here you need a well-designed case, so that air can enter and leave the box unhindered, otherwise the cooling system will be ineffective. Then the computer will shut down abnormally.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

If you don’t want to keep the case open all the time, make sure there are coolers (fans) inside for blowing and blowing. Again, a more subtle point: if there is no balance between incoming and outgoing air, dust will collect inside the case, which will need constant cleaning.

The size also plays a role. For example, most modern graphics cards have impressive volumes. cooler to central processor can also be large. All this leads to the fact that the components simply interfere with each other and their installation is impossible. Make sure the cabinet is large enough to hold all the parts you buy. Example – Thermaltake Chaser A31 VP300A1W2N Black.

A few words about power supplies, a simple choice

Recently, power supplies are no longer installed in cases and must be purchased separately. This is actually true, because components that came with the box were almost always weak, and they still had to be modified, and finally the cost was included in the price of the box. Accordingly, we now only buy the case and choose the power supply ourselves according to our needs. It is worth noting that it does not grow proportionally to the increase in productivity.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

Yes, it grows, but mainly due to graphics cards, as processors and hard drives somehow curb their appetite in this regard. Reducing the CPU technology process often leads to a reduction in power consumption. Have hard disk it appears the so-called "green" models (Green), which also operate with lower power consumption and produce less heat. But graphics cards constantly need more watts. For this we actually need a 600-800 watt power supply unit. In this case it is desirable that the wires can be separated from the device itself. This will save a lot of space in the case, everything will be neat, beautiful and practical. So you can focus on models like Thermaltake TR2 RX 650W (detachable cables) and Thermaltake TR2 600W (non-detachable).

Now finally to the accessories. This will be the most interesting part, especially for those who have not read the text up to this point. The first thing we need is a motherboard, because it depends on what processor, graphics card, RAM and hard disk we install.

The motherboard is the heart of your computer

Now I explain everything briefly, so as not to bog down the head with unnecessary information. Of all the parameters of the motherboard, the most basic can be distinguished. For example, we will not consider the form factor, as for a home computer you will buy either a motherboard of standard ATX size (305×244 mm) or microATX (244×244 mm), which is better, as this particular format will not be overloaded with unnecessary slots. So let’s take a look at the options that are really useful in the selection process:

  • Socket (the type of processor depends on it);
  • Memory locations (number, type);
  • Graphics card slots (number, type).

As for example IDE or PCI connectors, then forget about them, this is a relic of the past. Another option, the presence of PCI-E 1x, 2x, etc. to justify, but they are also not the parameter you should look at when buying a motherboard.

The socket can be used for either Intel or AMD processors. In addition, each of them can also be different. For example on this moment LGA1150 is relevant for Intel. AMD has the sockets FM2+ and AM3+. But soon the situation will change again, I am sure of it. The RAM must be DDR3, 2 or 4 slots. Of course there are two slots for a PCI-E 16x video card, if you plan to or can limit yourself to one slot is support for PCI-E version 3.0 required. An example is the ASUS B85M-G, which has everything you need for a home system.

RAM, nothing complicated

After we have decided on a motherboard, nothing will stop us – we have reached the home stretch of assembling our system unit and the computer as a whole. There is nothing difficult about choosing RAM. It should be noted only that it is DDR3, the total volume is not less than 8 GB, the frequency is 1600-2800 MHz.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

This volume can be achieved different ways. For example, buy an 8 GB holder, but it would be better to use 2 pieces with 4 GB each. And in terms of price and performance, it will do much better. Let’s take here as an example the usual, or better 2 things, in total we get 16 GB and excellent performance for a small price. Perhaps you have heard about the timings of RAM, but I do not advise you to change them (overclock the system) without knowledge in this area. Factory settings are fine.

Graphics card: one, two or zero?

Since it’s a budget home computer and not a powerful gaming solution, there will be a graphics card. But for this you can spend some more money instead of buying two cheap ones only for SLI or CrossFire. Thus, a good graphics card is able to meet even the requirements of modern games at ultra settings.

The connection will be PCI-E 16x of course, there is no other way. About the choice specific model It is worth referring to the same overclockers and their reviews. You should focus on 2 – 3 GB of memory, you don’t need more than that. Finally, I repeat, we are putting together a budget home computer. After reading dozens of reviews, I decided to buy two models, you can buy the one that will be in your store. Personal preferences can also play a role here, so choose for yourself: MSI GeForce GTX 970 and MSI Radeon R9 290. Both show good overclocking potential if you’re interested. But even at nominal frequencies, their performance is enough for all everyday tasks and for a comfortable silence while watching movies in Full HD, playing tanks, Battlefield 4 and GTA 5 in ultra settings.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

We should also talk separately about built-in graphics cards. No, no, these are not those useless graphics cards built into the motherboard, which even when working in Word slow down and can not draw the picture normally. It is perfect new technology construction of a system when both a processor and a graphics core are on a die. Among these models belongs AMD’s A-series, while Intel’s most advanced models have these graphics core. As for its performance, according to the tests it is enough even for some games, but this is purely individual for each processor, you need to read the tests. It’s just worth noting that if you want to save money on a graphics card, you can now do this simply and easily. Example standard solution from AMD: AMD A10-7850K Kaveri if you get a great processor and good graphics for a reasonable price. Intel has a range of Core i3 – Core i7, but the integrated graphics AMD cores much better, I warn you immediately!

The choice of a good processor – the heart of our system unit

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

Almost all computer performance depends on the processor. The fact is that the processor is responsible for all calculations, so its performance should be enough and even a little exceed, with a reserve for the future. It’s also worth noting that many processors can be easily overclocked, meaning you can increase their performance without paying too much. However, this is a separate topic, but first let’s talk about the characteristics of processors.

  • Socket.
  • Frequency.
  • Number of cores.
  • Cache volumes at different levels.

We won’t go into the first parameter – socket, we won’t go into it in detail, because we have already chosen the motherboard resp. we look at what socket is available. In our case this is LGA 1150. Thus, the entire Intel Core line from i3 to i7 is suitable for us, but here the price fork is too large. For our budget solution, you can take a modern version of the Core i5. For example, you can look at. Its power is enough to solve everyday tasks and all modern games.
The number of cores in our case is 4, the processor frequency is 3500 MHz, the cache of the 3. level is 6 MB. You can use these numbers to guide your choice.

Hard drive or cloud?

Recently there is a trend to store information on the Internet. These technologies are called cloud technologies. The most noticeable and well-known examples are cloud services data storage: Yandex.Disk, Google Drive, DropBox. You can download music on Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, on Yandex.Listen to music and the like. Watch movies in online theaters, generally you get my point. So many can get by with a 200GB hard drive and won’t feel any discomfort or lack of storage.

However, if you still want to keep a collection of music, good quality movies, good resolution photos and much more on your computer, all you need is a large hard drive. I think 1 TB is enough for a huge collection of everything.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

As for the rest of the parameters, the form factor for a home computer is one – 3.5 inches. The rotation speed of the disc is 7200 rpm. The connection interface is SATA 6Gb / s, the buffer size is proportional to the volume of the hard disk itself. So, for a volume of 500 GB, the buffer is 16-32 MB, and for 1 TB it is already about 64 MB. Here I would recommend for example Western Digital WD10EFRX. This is the WD Red server series, which is characterized by its durability and reliability.

Among the advantages of SSD in general is the high speed. They are also quiet as they have no moving parts, are more reliable and consume less energy.

Now you can assemble the computer by yourself without any help. Choose all the accessories for both the budget version and the quite powerful machine. I still advise you to put together a home computer if you don’t need a gaming option. Since the price of components is falling very quickly, accordingly, on the hunt for new products, you can pay a lot too much! Besides, it is most profitable to shop in online stores.

Plan to buy a new computer? You have 2 options – buy a ready-made one or assemble it yourself. The advantages of the first way are obvious: bring it, plug it in and use it. No additional expense. Convenient, but . if you choose it, you will probably pay too much. Yes, and the inside of the sealed system unit may not meet your expectations. For example, cheap "Noname-Hardware sold to you at a high-end price, or a lightly trimmed defect, which at best will fail before the warranty expires. And at worst, right after the end.

Assembling a computer from separate components is a tedious but reasonable way. First, such a purchase is 10-25% cheaper. Secondly, you know exactly what your iron "pet" is made of exists. And thirdly, you can do it yourself quite well, even if you have no idea about the compatibility of parts. Online configurator services will help you, and in this article you will learn how to use them.

Before you start assembly, check for yourself:

  • What tasks will the new PC be used for.
  • What budget you have.

The most economical option is Computers in the office class. the range of tasks it is intended for is small. This is work in undemanding applications, on the Internet, listening to music, watching videos on YouTube, simple games. Such a car (turnkey kit) costs about 15-25 thousand rubles. It usually includes:

  • Inexpensive motherboard.
  • An inexpensive processor such as an Intel Celeron with an integrated graphics core, so you can save on graphics cards. Or plus a budget graphics card.
  • Box cooler. (hard disk drive).
  • 2-4 GB RAM.
  • Case with built-in power supply, peripherals.

Medium budget option – Multimedia PC. These are most often purchased for home. Multimedia computers are used for a wide range of tasks, except for heavy games and particularly resource-intensive applications. The cost of assembly is 30-60 thousand rubles. As a rule, it includes:

  • Motherboard based on a modern chipset with a lot of slots and USB (optimal – with USB 3.1 support).
  • Modern Intel processor Core i3-i7 or AMD equivalent.
  • Cooling system (CPU cooler + 1-2 case fans).
  • Graphics card in multimedia or gaming quality.
  • SSD + HDD (the first is for operating system, the second is used to store data)
  • 8-16 GB of RAM.
  • Power supply for 500-650 watts.
  • Multimedia monitor.
  • case, peripherals, expansion cards.

An expensive option – Gaming PC. The price of a computer for gaming starts on average at 60.000 rubles, the upper limit is not specified. The assembly usually includes:

  • Gaming mainboard.
  • Modern Intel Core i5-i7 processor or AMD equivalent.
  • Productive cooling system of air or water type.
  • 1-2 gaming graphics cards.
  • Discrete sound card (if the built-in audio sounds good, you do not need to buy it).
  • SSD + HDD.
  • From 16 GB RAM.
  • power supply from 550 W and stronger.
  • 1 or more gaming monitors.
  • Case, gaming keyboard, mouse and other accessories.

Separately, servers and specialized computers are selected, for example, for video editing, mining, etc. Price can be anything, but is usually quite high. The composition of the configuration is determined by its purpose.

Here’s how to budget when buying components

Start designing the assembly of your future computer with the most important and expensive part. This is usually a processor, and when buying a gaming PC, a package of processor + graphics card. And sometimes a monitor.

Secondly, we choose:

  • Motherboard.
  • Cooler.
  • Power supply. We determine the required power after selecting the rest of the components, but allocate funds in advance, since it is impossible to save on power supply.

In the third stage you can save. Of course, the savings should not affect the quality of the equipment. This category includes parts, the purchase of which can be postponed if you are short of money. Or buy in a smaller amount than planned.

  • Rome. If it is not possible to buy everything at once, you can get by for some time with one module.
  • Hard disk.
  • expansion cards ( sound card, TV tuner, DVD/Blu-ray drive, etc.)., optional for a PC).
  • Peripherals. If you do not have enough money for expensive gaming equipment, you can fall back on the usual ones for a while. It’s better than cutting your graphics card or power supply budget.
  • Frame. The cost of the housing of the system units does not always reflect their quality. Some manufacturers raise prices only for decor – lighting, unusual shapes, etc. If jewelry is not the main thing for you, you are welcome to buy a case with normal design. The main thing it should be spacious (especially important for long graphics cards and tall tower coolers), with a practical arrangement of compartments (the power supply is located at the bottom, shelves for hard drives are crosswise, the compartment for cables is) present, as well as with ergonomic arrangement of buttons and connectors on "Muzzle".

We assemble a computer using the online configurator of the DNS store

Let’s find out how to use the online configurator on the example of DNS computer storage service. It was chosen because it has a device compatibility check and everything else is very simple and intuitive. For example, let’s assemble a gaming system unit in the minimum configuration.

Let’s start with choosing a processor. To do this, go to the service page and click on the "Add" button in the first line.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

The left column of the next page contains the characteristics of the CPU, and the right column lists products from the assortment of the store. We choose an Intel brand processor with a free multiplier (for overclocking). After we marked the parameters of interest, the service automatically found suitable models. After selecting one of them – Intel Core i5-6600K without cooler, click on "Include".

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

  • For a gaming computer.
  • GPU manufacturer – NVIDIA.
  • GPU model – GeForce GTX 1080.
  • The memory capacity is 8 GB.

They can be different for you. In general, when choosing components for a gaming PC, let yourself be guided by system requirements the most resource-intensive game you want to play on it. Then you can’t go wrong.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

Our choice fell on the GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 WINDFORCE OC. We add it to the kit and proceed to the selection of the motherboard.

In order for the service to show only the motherboards that are suitable for the selected processor, we set the "Compatible" checkbox in the upper part of the filter table (Properties).

From the rest we found out:

  • For a gaming computer.
  • Form factor – ATX (full size).
  • In the base Intel chipset Z270.
  • With USB-3.1 type A and C connectors.

Next to the name of each product there is a short list of its features. To open the full description, just click on the catalog line.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

The set went Gigabyte board GA-Z270-Gaming K3.

We have noticed:

  • Tower type.
  • Copper base.
  • 4-pin connector.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

The choice fell on the DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 200T.

The next components are RAM and SSD. Let’s take 2 Kingston HyperX FURY Red 16 GB sticks and solid-state drive Plextor M8SeY 512 GB.

Finally, let’s take the power supply in hand. The total power consumption of our assembly is 352 W (to find out, click on the button in the screenshot at the top of the page).

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

It is desirable that the nominal power of the power supply unit exceeds this value by at least 25-30. We got almost 2 times more, and that’s not bad.

There are no compatibility issues with our board. When they are there, the first button on the panel (with puzzles) will turn red. The hardware is optimally chosen, only the case of the system unit is missing. But we will buy it sometime later, as the price for all this stuff is up to 124.993 rubles amounted.

Is it possible to assemble a computer from components yourself? How to assemble a computer from components by yourself? Connecting the power supply

You can save your assembly in your personal account on the DNS website (registration required) and make a purchase there if you wish. However, we do not advise you to do this right away, as there are similar configurator services in other stores, where the prices may be lower, the assortment is richer, and the delivery time is shorter. Let’s get to know it.

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