Intimate shaving: how to shave your intimate area

"Intimate shaving – yes or no?"This question still divides opinions. We say: The decisive factor is how you feel most comfortable yourself. All other considerations come second at the earliest. If you decide to shave your bikini area, we have many practical tips for you. After all, you want to be as gentle as possible and avoid itching or unpleasant pimples.

Which products are available for intimate shaving??

If you want to remove your pubic hair, there are various tools at your disposal. Hair removal is just as successful with shaving foam and a blade as with wax. Epilation also promises a long-lasting and thorough result, but is not painless. Many therefore decide to shave pubic hair. The reason: shaving is uncomplicated and quickly done. In addition, unlike waxing or sugaring, it is absolutely painless.

How to use your razor correctly?

If you want to shave your bikini line, it is best to use a high quality razor. If the razor blades are worn, it can come to razor burn. That’s why you should pay attention to sharp blades. So you do not have to press so hard during the shave and the risk of injury decreases. Disposable razors are not recommended. Decide instead for a razor with a movable head, with which you reach all places well. If you also want to shave the labia area, it is best to stand with one leg on the edge of the bathtub. This is how you get to hard to reach places. It is best to stretch the skin to be shaved between two fingers. This significantly minimizes the risk of cutting yourself.

It is also very important that you clean the razor after each use. Usually it is enough to rinse it thoroughly under running water. Let it dry well afterwards, so that germs do not stand a chance. If you want to disinfect the razor especially well, use a little rubbing alcohol. You should change the razor blade after two weeks at the latest if you shave every day. Otherwise it is sufficient to renew the blades every four to six weeks. By the way: If you do not store the razor directly in the shower, but protected in the bathroom cabinet, the blades stay sharp longer. Whether you use shaving foam or shaving gel is up to your personal preference. Shaving foam has the advantage that it softens the hairs and the blade can glide better.

How to prepare for intimate shaving?

To prepare for intimate shaving, clean your intimate area thoroughly with a mild wash lotion. In this way you can eliminate the bacteria responsible for the development of inflammation and pustules. In addition, the hairs become softer, which makes shaving much easier. Instead of a mild washing lotion you can also use washing foam, which replaces the shaving foam at the same time. With enough time, you can also gently exfoliate your skin before shaving. This removes dead skin cells and improves the result of the shave.

When you shave for the first time, it is best to shorten the intimate hair with scissors until only a few millimeters remain. Because if the hairs are too long, they can not be properly captured by the razor. It is best to shave in the evening before going to bed. This gives the skin the opportunity to regenerate overnight. If you prefer shaving in the morning, it is best to wear cotton underwear. It is the least irritating to the sensitive skin in the bikini area.

How often should you shave?

Hair growth varies from person to person. Shaving, unlike waxing or sugaring, is a hair removal method that you have to use relatively often if you want to keep the bikini area nice and smooth. After two to three days at the latest, the first stubble will appear. If you want to have peace for longer, it is best to choose epilation. However, even this method is not completely painless, especially in the bikini area. Shaving, on the other hand, is completely uncomplicated and inexpensive to boot.

What care should I give my skin after shaving?

No matter how careful you are when removing intimate hair, there will always be small superficial injuries to the skin. You can cause ingrown hairs as well as pimples and redness of the skin. For this reason, a comprehensive care after the intimate shave is mandatory. For this purpose, for example, protective ointments are suitable, as you can find them in the pharmacy. There are also special after-shave lotions available in stores for the intimately shaved skin. Gynofit intimate care oil is particularly beneficial, and thanks to its lactic acid content, it also supports the pH balance. Strongly perfumed creams, on the other hand, are best avoided after shaving. You should also avoid too much sunlight and chlorinated water: Both can additionally irritate the stressed skin.

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