Intimate care after shaving – with these tips everything goes smoothly

Take a relaxed bath, apply a hair treatment and then shave the legs, armpits and intimate area: Many women do not want pubic hair, but a hair-free genital area. Thanks to shaving, epilation, waxing and sugaring, there are many different ways to remove pubic hair from the skin. All the more annoying that after hair removal often redness, dry spots or even shaving pimples arise. What to consider in intimate care after shaving and how to ensure that everything goes smoothly with hair removal, we reveal here.

Intimate shaving

After intimate shaving

Why do pimples and irritations occur?

Yesterday only shaved and already it itches again unpleasantly, nevertheless, actually still should be rest? This can quickly spoil the fun of a hair-free bikini area. But why does irritation and small shaving pimples occur so frequently in the bikini area??

Intimate care after intimate shaving

Intimate shaving can cause skin irritation

With hair removal, not only the pubic hair is removed, but dead skin cells as well. If, for example, the blades of an intimate shave are too blunt or the hairs of a waxing are too long, the skin will be particularly affected. Skin irritations such as razor burn, dry skin, itching and ingrown hairs are the result.

Often the wrong products are used for and after hair removal – for example, if the shaving cream contains fragrances or other ingredients that irritate and dry out the sensitive skin in the intimate area. Greasy ointments are also not a good idea after hair removal, as they can promote inflammation.

The gentle way

Pubic Hair Removal

The alarm clock has rung again too late and accordingly it must go fast in the bath. Now depilate the bikini line and intimate area? Not such a good idea, because who hectically swings the razor, shaving against the direction of hair growth, has to fight later with small cuts and irritated skin. Therefore, it is better to take enough time for wet shaving. These tips help to avoid irritation and pimples on the skin after intimate shaving.

  • Hair growth direction
  • Razor blade
  • Skin heat
  • Hair length
  • Intimate care
  • Aftercare

Observe the direction of hair growth: When shaving intimate areas, run the blade over the skin in the direction of hair growth, when epilating or waxing against the direction of hair growth.

Change the razor blade in time: In order for the blade to grip the intimate hair better and prevent bacteria from accumulating, a new blade should be used after every fifth application.

Warm up the skin: A ca. A 10-minute shower or bath opens the pores, making it easier to remove the hair. It also keeps the skin smooth for longer.

Pay attention to the length of the hair: If the pubic hair is too long or too short, skin irritation can occur. For wet shaving a length of 0.2 cm is optimal, for epilation 0.2 to 0.5 cm is sufficient and for waxing and sugaring it should at best be 0.5 to 1 cm.

Do not forget intimate care: A moisturizing shaving gel or a caring shaving foam protects against injuries. An intimate wash lotion is a great shaving cream substitute for the intimate area, as it additionally protects the sensitive vaginal flora.

Aftercare: To close the skin pores, briefly rinse the depilated area with lukewarm water after the intimate shave. The subsequent application of an intimate care cream moisturizes and soothes the skin so that irritations and shaving pimples don’t stand a chance.

Intimate care after shaving for irritated skin

Help, it’s itchy underneath! This helps after intimate shaving

Tingling, itching, pinching, and most of all you would like to just scratch it. During depilation in the intimate area, the skin is particularly stressed and it can take up to two days for these symptoms to subside and the skin to heal. Even if the need to give in to itching is great during this time, any friction and scratching should be avoided. Airy clothing is therefore ideal and supports the healing process.

KadeFemin Intimate Care Cream

Remedy and relief for itching in the intimate area

A medical intimate care cream with skin-soothing, itch-relieving and moisturizing ingredients, which is applied to the affected areas, is a helper in times of need.
If the itching becomes particularly unpleasant and occurs in combination with a white crumbly discharge, it may also be a fungal infection. If the symptoms occur for the first time, the gynecologist should be consulted. Women who are already aware of the symptoms can go to the pharmacy for advice on a suitable product.

Well-groomed intimate area before and after hair removal

Whether shaving, epilating or waxing – skin irritations in the bikini area can often be avoided quite easily. With a few skin-friendly tips for gentle hair removal and a little time for aftercare, everything will go smoothly down below. A moisturizing, skin-soothing intimate care cream supports the healing of irritated skin, so that the skin in the intimate area is beautifully smooth and well-groomed. By the way, our intimate care tips apply equally to men and women.

KadeFemin Intimate Care Series

Important after shaving:

Skin-soothing intimate care products

Before intimate care, the intimate area should be gently dabbed dry with a fresh towel. For intimate care after hair removal, products that soothe irritated and itchy skin are suitable. Moisturizing ingredients are ideal here, because conventional after-shave products often contain alcohol or chemical substances and are far too aggressive for the sensitive intimate region. Fragrances, allergens and parabens can also additionally irritate the skin. Better also keep your hands off tea tree oil. Although tea tree oil has an antibacterial effect, it has no significant caring properties.

Special intimate care creams

Intimate care with high-quality ingredients

Special intimate care creams, on the other hand, are designed to meet the needs of the sensitive intimate zone. Products with hyaluronic acid moisturize and, thanks to their water-binding capacity, ensure that the skin does not dry out. Ingredients such as oats or Zanthalene® soothe the skin and are a boon for redness and itchy areas. Jojoba oil and vitamin E provide additional care and ensure suppleness in the depilated intimate area.

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