Interesting facts about places of power, excursions and hikes in nature.

Alder in the air

How the encounter with a lady eagle can broaden the perception.

Like the meeting with an eagle lady and whose falconer can expand the perception of nature and our world.

The title of my article goes back to the Stauffer Friedrich II. back. When I heard this sentence for the first time, I was standing high above a valley basin, all around the most beautiful view of the mountain world, above me the wide sky. Paradisiacal beautiful one should think. This is not so, who wants to survive here, must be hard in taking. Who said this is an experienced falconer. He spoke of the habitat of the golden eagle. On the way with him and his mature eagle lady we can learn a lot about life in the free, wild nature.

In the mountain world only the elite survives

The struggle for survival of the animal and plant world in an area that could well be called a steppe, even a desert – in short: our alpine world around and above the tree line – lacks any romanticism. This comes more from our own imagination than from the reality of this habitat. Here is the realm of marmots, chamois and, of course, the eagle. Whoever survives here is elite. Even the people who, not so long ago, tried to find a living for themselves and their cattle on the alp year after year, can be counted among them. Truly not a beautiful world for those who want or have to survive here. Nevertheless, to me as a visitor another picture opens up, a picture which covers the other one. The mountains with their cliffs, bones, slopes, do not they also have their own beauty?

Interesting facts about places of power, excursions and hikes in nature.

The grasshopper also belongs to the elite and delights us with its music.

For a long time I have been observing the generosity of nature, the abundance it brings year after year and the sheer infinite variety that springs from it. And now I am confronted with something completely different, namely with this very nature that takes life again with almost the same generosity. In the end, there are only a few who are able to live, even to outlive, in this world, which is probably beautiful for us hikers, but far more desolate for everyone else.

The relation to the soul landscape

An inspiring parable for our human doings perhaps? We, who can retire to the warm room, stock up on food around the corner, we still find a connection to this world? Mostly we see in her only the beautiful. But is this wild nature, the reality of the eagle really so strange to us?? To survive, he must develop an intuition for the right wind, the right moment, be mindful of his powers. And we humans, do we also? Do we still know a moderate contact with nature, life, mother earth? We do not yet want to see what is coming, what is brewing in nature. By this I do not mean the dying of some trees or the dying of the fish on some hundred meters of stream. What I mean is "burning down whole forest areas" and "poisoning the streams" in our own inner soul landscape . Once burnt out – burnout – we often find it difficult to recover, to find our way back to our former efficiency. A bare inner landscape, without dynamics, variety of feelings, fantasies, in the gray somewhere between life and lethargy. Just like in the big landscape, scars remain here as well. Those who think they can separate our human nature from the great outdoors will be proven wrong. To believe that one nature has nothing to do with the other is a big mistake, as is becoming more and more apparent. Even if the probability suggests otherwise, I believe that all is not lost.

Interesting facts about places of power, excursions and hikes in nature.

The wound clover blossoms in a meager place and delights heart and mind.

Again and again I experience with my clients how quickly they recover in the open nature, if they only become aware of it. Suddenly they manage to pause and take a deep breath. And sometimes it looks as if they are aware of the surrounding nature at all Every year I am with exactly it with the nature energetics on itself has, they report at the end of the day of never thought possible experiences with the trees, at the brook and where else everywhere.

Nature heals heart and mind

Just looking at a beautiful flower brings joy to heart and mind. How beautiful it is to linger by the stream, to be taken in by the play of water and its sounds, and to completely lose touch with time. A strong tree may captivate and strengthen us. So also the stay at strength – and healing places can contribute substantially to the own well-being.

Interesting facts about places of power, excursions and hikes in nature.

The wild cardoon is considered a medicinal plant, shows dynamism and order.

In this context, I would also like to point out the many gems of which we are hardly aware and which are nevertheless very capable of providing us with beneficial and restorative qualities. Often we overlook them. But especially in autumn, when the fog limits the visibility, we become more aware of them. A spider’s web in the fog, a beautiful maple leaf with its warm colors, trees that are only dimly visible and show us a very unique view of things. Everywhere we will encounter the natural order of the world, pleasantly different from that of our everyday life.

Interesting facts about places of power, excursions and hikes in nature.

The fog roams the forest and sometimes also our mind

The world may not be beautiful in many ways, but it is still a place full of wondrous places, joyful realities and delightful encounters. An important principle – also in the nature-energetic accompaniment – is to direct the attention not to the causes, but rather to the solution of the problems. Our life energy follows our attention. With every jewel to which we give our attention, we give ourselves a wonderful gift.

Interesting facts about places of power, excursions and hikes in nature.

Autumn maple leaf in all its beauty

With this I would like to conclude my sometimes somewhat theoretical series of articles. In the coming articles, I will again increasingly point you, dear reader, to wondrous places worth visiting and the treasures that can be discovered there.

Yours sincerely, Philippe Elsener

Text/Photo Philippe Elsener

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