Instagram profile design: the ultimate guide for 2021

Instagram followers are not an easy audience: if a newly discovered account does not look interesting at first glance, they leave the profile again immediately. To make sure that doesn’t happen, here’s how to use the 150 characters of the Make the most of Instagram biography and also otherwise your Design Instagram profile perfectly can!

Designing your Instagram profile correctly – what does that actually mean??

Every social media presence requires different measures. What works on Facebook or Pinterest may not work on Instagram. Add to that the fact that the image network has a few regulations that require the Design of the Instagram profile make a little tricky..

What do Instagram followers want to see?

Instagram is whole focused on visual content. Hand on heart, the reason we all like using Instagram so much is because the feed is easy to consume. Text there is only in the descriptions, otherwise dominate Images and videos the feed.

Precisely because the visual factor is so important, Instagram followers want to see appealing images. So if you want to keep it professional, you should definitely pay attention to this, uniformly designed and high quality visuals to post.

If there’s one thing passionate Instagrammers like even less than messy, pixelated photos, it’s that all too obvious advertising. While there’s nothing wrong with posting a product now and then, it should be done in an appropriate context stand and be presented in a restrained manner. Or would you yourself like to see the felt hundredth new shoe model with the very subtle caption "Buy the!" see? No, neither do we.

The Instagram name

You can give Instagram two names at once: the User name and the profile name. The username is at the top above the profile. With the exception of dots and (under)dashes, it may not contain any special characters. With the profile name, on the other hand, special and. Blanks no problem. It may consist of a maximum of 30 characters.

When in doubt, the rule for both names is: Keep it simple! After all, the user name and profile name are the only components of the profile about which people can found in the search function can be. Accordingly uncomplicated and easy to remember these names should be.

The Instagram profile picture

The profile picture is the first photo that the user sees. Accordingly, it should look professional and high-quality, especially for business profiles. Make sure Consistent with other social media profiles is, so that it has a recognition value.

The classic for the profile picture is of course the company logo. If you’re self-employed, a beautiful, professional and confidence-inspiring portrait photo to. A slight smile works especially well, as do shots where you can see the head and parts of the shoulders. Very important: refrain from sunglasses or similar eye coverings!

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Profile photo in round format displayed and at the same time does not offer too much space. All the more clearer and calmer the photo must look. This means that as nice as a photo of the entire team can be, it’s not really suitable as an Instagram profile picture. After all, you don’t want a teeming picture with half the staff cut off…

The Instagram profile info

This part of an Instagram profile should serve one purpose above all: Followers want to see who posts what here and why. The Topic of your profile must be clear here, so that new visitors can decide right away if you are right here.

By the way, the profile info is at the same time the only place to leave a contain clickable link may (unless you’ve already collected so many followers that you’re allowed to use the swipe-up feature). For Instagram profiles that are used for commercial purposes, this link should definitely always have at least one reference to the imprint Contain.

By the way, a profile is already considered commercial as soon as a single affiliate project expires. If the imprint reference does not exist, threatens a warning. Even though it is often not so easy to accommodate the imprint link: Generously you should definitely not overlook this legal factor.

In the info section, you can also contact details or an address Leave. This is a very handy service for your customers – take the opportunity to! Of course, the important thing to remember with all the information in your Instagram profile is that the Data always up to date are. But because there’s a lot more to say about your profile on Instagram, we’ll take a closer look at this topic in the next part.

The description on Instagram: How to design the profile

Instagram, unfortunately, doesn’t offer too much space for everything you want to say to your followers (and those who will be): 150 characters must be enough. So how can you still get the most out of the description?

How to write a bio?

One of the most important factors in the profile is the subject area: what do you do, where may your profile be classified? Write a crisp description, shorten it…and shorten it again. When in doubt Meaningful keywords makes much more sense than cumbersome wording!

Feel free to use Relevant keywords from your industry. While these aren’t considered by search algorithms, they give your visitors a good starting point right away. Also Branded Hashtags fit well into the biography, however, in this respect, less is still more. A flood of hashtags in the profile description quickly comes across as spam.

If you want to insert a link, you can use save some characters with shortening. Bitly and TinyURL are two popular providers with which you can abbreviate URLs. But be careful: with this variant you should mention where the short link actually leads to, because that can then no longer be read at first glance.

One last tip: Paragraphs look nice in the Instagram profile, but so far they can’t be implemented in the app. Write your Text including line breaks so best in a external note app and copy it into the bio. In the Desktop version from Instagram, line breaks are also possible without any problems.

Font and characters on the Instagram profile

You can keep your 150 characters in the default font provided by Instagram – or other fonts choose for it. This works for example with external sites like SprezzKeyboard: You enter your text and choose desired font. Then you can simply copy the finished text. Attention: You have to remove the reference "Made with @SprezzKeybobard" manually.

With a different font you can stand out well from the crowd. But beware: Do not overdo it. Too many different fonts on one profile, too many squiggles, too edgy fonts – all this quickly looks cluttered and so does not match the aesthetics that most users expect from an Instagram profile.

What does a good Instagram profile design need to do?

In theory, this question can be answered quite simply: the design must be your Make profile seem interesting, current, and representative. Visitors to the profile must immediately realize that there is a system to posting here and that you know exactly what is involved in a professional appearance.

When in doubt, stay minimalist and above all consistent. Topic area, contact options, a brief introduction: With these factors in place, you’re already in a pretty good position. Then, if the content is right, you can’t go wrong – try it out for yourself!

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