Instagram marketing: a comprehensive guide

Create engaging content, gain more followers, and encourage users to interact with your brand.

Instagram It’s hard to imagine our everyday lives without Instagram – and it wasn’t that long ago that filters and the typical square format for pictures were introduced. The app took the digital world by storm in 2010. It seems like every person is now represented on the platform.

Those who have only used Instagram for private purposes so far are now surely asking themselves whether Social media marketing is really the right thing to do on Instagram for your own brand. According to statistics, this question is quickly answered: In the USA, 40 percent of all adults use Instagram. Worldwide, the app ranks alongside Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp at Fifth place in the list of most-used social media networks . And with more than 1.22 billion active users per month the platform has long since found its way into professional life as well.

The feature-rich platform is used around the world and offers Company The ability to engage and inspire their target audiences on a personal level. You can also find new employees and introduce new products via Instagram.

But Instagram is not only used by many people, the way it is used is also very intensive. More than half of all active users (65 percent) visit the site at least once a week, with 53 percent visiting at least once a day. The app, originally intended for sharing photos and videos, has quickly become one of the most main social media platforms Developed.

Instagram is great for increasing brand awareness and marketing new products: For example, follow 90 percent of people on Instagram a company profile. The app allows businesses to promote their brands and products in an authentic and engaging way, without being too pushy.

People used Instagram worldwide in 2020.

More than

Millions of people watch Instagram Stories every day.

Post per month

The company at least one Instagram Story.

If you’re a first-time Instagram user, you may be a little unsure of how best to proceed. No problem, we will help you! A platform like Instagram, which is designed for visual content that is also posted in a fairly timely manner, can definitely be a bit intimidating at first. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive step-by-step guide that will introduce you to the concept of the Instagram marketing introduces.

If you don’t have time to read the full guide at the moment, you can simply skip to the section that interests you the most:

Create a business profile on Instagram

First of all, it’s important to understand that Instagram is designed to let other people share an experience in real time, which means, for example, sharing photos and videos right on the spot. It’s also crucial that you Regular Post photos and videos on Instagram, because otherwise you will quickly be forgotten. If you don’t keep your profile up to date, you’ll lose followers. As a result, fewer users will interact with your content on.

instagram interaction trends

1. Download the Instagram app

We recommend that you App to use, as Instagram does not currently offer a desktop version that includes all of the app’s features. So while you can view content on the Instagram website, it’s only possible to do so to a limited extent, Upload content with the desktop version . The app is free in the App Store from Apple And post on Google Play Available.

2. Create an Instagram account

After you have downloaded the app, create your account in the next step . When you open the app, you’ll be presented with two options: You can either link your Facebook account or sign up with your phone number or email address to. Choose here not Your Facebook account. This would result in your Instagram account being connected to your personal Facebook profile, and that’s something to avoid! Instead, sign in with your professional email address to. Alternatively, you can also use an Instagram creator account Create.

Then you enter your data. You will receive a confirmation code by email or SMS (depending on whether you registered with your cell phone number or your email address). Enter this to continue signing in. The name you put in the field "Full Name." Sign in does not correspond to your username or alias, but to the name that appears on your profile. So choose the name of your company here, so that users can find and assign you later on. Now assign another secure password and complete your date of birth.

Create Instagram account 2021

3. Choose a user name

In the next step, enter your username. The username is the Name of your profile, That other Instagram users use when they interact with your brand. Choose a name that users will recognize and that is easy to find. If your business name is already taken, simply append something to the name so that the first part of your username is definitely the business name. Note: you can always change the username later in the account settings.

Instagram username select 2021

4. Choose a suitable profile picture

Your profile picture is one of the first things a user sees when searching for your business on Instagram and viewing your profile. Therefore, it should definitely be match your brand And comply with your company’s appearance guidelines. For example, this could be your logo or a similar image that users are familiar with. Keep in mind that the profile picture on Instagram is round and the app automatically crops the photo – so leave enough space at the corners.

Choose Instagram profile picture

5. Write an appealing description/biography

Before you can publish your first posts, you must first write your description or biography. Since you have here Have a maximum of 150 characters available, you should preferably precise and concise Formulate. Explain to your target audience on a personal level what your company sells and what your brand stands for.

You can also use your bio to prompt users to share a certain Take action – like certain Hashtag s or visit your website. On Instagram, you only have one option to set a Clickable URL Insert and redirect users to an external website, in the "website" field. The link will appear at the very end of the bio. Many companies keep adjusting this URL so it always links to the latest post. We recommend that you create such links with a tool like HubSpots tracking URL creator or Bitly respectively Shorten and follow up so your description and bio don’t look cluttered. This will give you an idea of the extent to which you can increase traffic to your website or campaigns with social media posts.

Instagram example: Refinery29
Instagram example: WeWork

To edit your profile picture, profile name or username, description or bio respectively, or the link you have inserted, select the button "Edit".

Edit Instagram description
Customize Instagram Bio

6. Customize your settings

You can open the settings customization menu by clicking the small gear (under the three vertical lines in the upper right corner) in your profile. From this menu, you can change your password, enable notifications, or track your activity in the app, among other things. We recommend, the following settings Immediately check.

Story settings: Here you can specify who Your Instagram Stories displayed and who can comment on them. To most effectively increase interaction with your brand, it is advisable to use your Stories with all followers Share and set it to allow all followers to add comments.

Also, setting "Allow your posts to be shared in Stories" can help you gain more reach and visibility. Namely, this gives users the opportunity to share your content on their own channels.

Instagram Allow your posts to be shared in Stories

Go to the business profile: In 2016, Instagram added new Business Tools introduced. These allow businesses to present themselves directly as such, making it easier for users to contact them. With the help of the company category and contact information, users visiting your account will get a direct insight into the industry you are in. Business profiles also provide detailed insights into the performance of content and simplify optimization in this regard. In addition, you can leverage your reach using Instagram ads and promote your brand or product directly to your followers.

Business profile example: Patagonia
Instagram business profile example

To one Change business profile Do the following: Open your profile and select the vertical lines in the top right to view the settings. Now click on the gear icon for "Settings".

Change Instagram Business profile

Now go to the "Account" menu. Scroll down and select the "Switch to professional account" item.

switch to professional instagram account

Instagram now shows you the benefits of having a business account. Click on "Next" until you finally have a "Category" be able to select for your business. Go to "Done".

Instagram business category select

Note: In addition to a business profile, Instagram also offers the option to create a Creator profile to lead. This is especially suitable for freelancers, content creators, artists and influencers.

Select "Business" profile type for your business and click "Continue" button.

select profile type on instagram

You can now also connect to Facebook and give Instagram administrative access to your pages. However, this option is optional. However, if you would like to Advertisements switch or Shopping tools use, you need to link to your Facebook page.

Link Instagram to your Facebook page

Select the Facebook page you want to link to your Instagram profile. Note: To link the two profiles together, you must be an administrator of the Facebook page.

Facebook page administrator

Instagram will now import all relevant data from your Facebook page. Check them and make changes if necessary.

Now you have a business profile on Instagram. Don’t forget to check the profile and account settings.

Private account: Instagram automatically sets up your profile as a public profile – you should do this as well not Change! After all, as a business owner, it’s in your best interest for users to automatically see your posts and follow you easily.

Instagram profiles private

Comments: Most comments under your posts will be interesting and motivating regarding your content. But every once in a while, a comment may go against the values your brand stands for or attack your target audience. In the comment settings you can specify that comments containing offensive keywords or phrases are automatically hidden.

To do this, activate the "Hide offensive comments" feature. The Instagram algorithm is getting better at recognizing such comments on its own. In addition, there is also the option to activate the "Manual Filter". Here you can enter words and phrases yourself that have no place in your comment columns.

Instagram Comeatre

Add more Instagram accounts: If you have multiple Instagram accounts, you can connect them to be shared from To switch from one to the other, without having to log out and log in separately. You can Add up to five additional accounts. Also, multiple users can easily log in to the same account at the same time.

In this case, however, be sure to keep your editorial calendar up to date so everyone knows exactly when to post what content. To add an account, open the settings in the top right corner. Now go to "account" and select "add new professional account". Enter the username and password for the account you want to add. To switch to another account, open your profile and tap on your username at the top of the page. You will then be able to choose between all the other accounts you.

Select Instagram account
choose another Instagram profile

The different types of posts on Instagram

After you’ve created your account, it’s time to take action and post engaging content. To that end, you have a variety of options such as Photos, videos, stories, Reels or IGTV available. So let’s take a look at the different types of posts you can post on Instagram and how you can best get your audience to interact with them.

Photos on Instagram

Uploading photos is what made Instagram famous – and still, images are part of what makes Instagram tick. At this point, it’s important that you have a colorful Mix different images post. Select photos that show your company culture. However, make sure you don’t just post lifestyle photos, but also take a look behind the scenes once in a while and share posts from other users on . Also, don’t share too many product photos. Instagram users appreciate Authentic posts of companies – obvious advertisements, on the other hand, tend to be less so. Take a look at Nike’s Instagram account, for example. Here you’ll also find photos of Nike products, but mainly images of athletes and concerts, as well as other content that expresses the brand’s personality.

Account example: Nike

Then, as you dig deeper into the app, you’ll find that Instagram offers countless options for photo posts. Here you can give free rein to your creativity! We recommend taking notes right away as you explore the app if you spot a type of photo that you think would be a great fit for your brand. To help you get started a bit, we’ve summarized the most successful types of Instagram photo posts below:

1. A look behind the scenes

Posts of this type should offer your followers insights into areas of your business that are usually Are not available to the public. The top priority here is authenticity. So be sure to make sure your photos don’t look posed. A good example of this type of post is the NASA photo below, which shows astronaut Joseph Acaba at work. In the description, a glimpse into Acaba’s life is provided. Even his job as a teacher before becoming an astronaut is portrayed in this way in a comprehensible and "real" way.

Instagram marketing astronaut Joseph Acaba at work

2. Sharing posts from employees

Sometimes the best content is found in the profiles of your own employees. If you discover suitable photos there, then share them. This is a very good way to get authentic content and share on personal level communicate with your target audience. Content like this not only encourages your target audience to interact with your brand, but it also helps build a personal relationship with your employees. For example, the Fenway Park baseball stadium profile regularly shares photos of employees doing pre-game maintenance at the stadium. Just don’t forget to point out who is sharing the post originally published Has.

Sharing an Instagram post

3. Informative Instagram posts

This type of post is used to succinctly explain to users how to achieve a specific goal or bring topics to a specific audience. These explanations take the form of Photos, videos or infographics and are usually easy to understand. Local broadcaster rbb24 shows on its Instagram profile that even news portals can make ideal use of Instagram to provide informative posts for their target audience.

4. Influencer posts

At Influencer posts the notoriety of a celebrity or content creator is used to draw attention to a brand. Here, an influencer is usually shown doing an product used or interacts with him. One of the advantages of this type of post is that it allows you to reach a new target group and strengthen an existing relationship with users.

The following post from Jack Wolfskin features photographer and travel influencer Marisa Hampe wearing the new jacket model ARGON HOODY. With this photo, Jack Wolfskin not only receives the attention of its own target group, but also that of the more than 157.000 Instagram followers of Marisa.

Marisa Hampe instagram post on jack wolfskin

5. Inspirational Instagram posts

Posts of this type usually consist of simple Graphics with a motivational saying or quote in the foreground as well as a meaningful Caption. These posts are quite excellent for inspiring your target audience and reinforcing your brand values. They are extremely effective, but should be used with caution as they can quickly come across as overly sentimental and possibly contrived. With apps like Quipio and Typic you can easily add text to photos and also ensure posts meet your brand guidelines.

Inspirational posts on Instagram

6. Share posts from other users on Instagram

Just like your employees’ posts, your fans’ and followers’ posts are also a great source of authentic content. Regularly review the posts in which you’ve tagged or your hashtag used was. If you discover posts there that accurately reflect your brand’s values, you can share it in your profile. Not only is this a compliment to the person who originally wrote the post, but it also shows that you really care about your customers. Just don’t forget to share the original author With a @mention in the caption. To share another user’s post, you can either take a screenshot and crop it, or use a dedicated app like Repost for Instagram.

At WeWork, each year a #DogsOeWork-Campaign conducted. This involves selecting the most successful dog photos posted with that hashtag and including them in a calendar. Although the WeWork team is far from sharing every photo of its employees via its Instagram profile, the campaign is still so well known that it significantly increases the reach of posts and significantly increases the interaction rate.

Instagram marketing dogsoework campaign

7. Newsjacking

These days, there seems to be a "holiday" for just about every occasion. Events like Siblings Day or National Ice Cream Day get a significant amount of attention on social media. Use this to your advantage and join local, national and global trends of this type to. You can use this post type to post humorous content about events that are basically insignificant. But also Political statements are getting louder and louder. For example, International Women’s Day or LGBTQ+ Day are occasions for companies to take a political stand. To this, however, it should be said that companies should act feminist and LGBTQ+ friendly throughout the year, related to the two days mentioned, to ensure their authenticity.

An example of this is the following post by discount supermarket chain Penny on the first international day against homophobia. The grocer displays a picture of a rainbow cake that includes the colors of the LGBTQ+ flag, sending a clear message for equality.

LGBTQ+ flag Instagram marketing

8. Memes

Memes are also increasingly being used on Instagram by businesses and agencies to amusing content share with followers. The format became most popular on platforms like 9Gag and Reddit. Today, you can also find the creative content on Instagram again.

The Berlin public transport company (BVG) is known for its humorous marketing. The following Instagram post represents a meme with which BVG shows that it can laugh at itself – and make Berliners smile, too.

BVG Instagram marketing

Recommended sizes for Instagram photos

Compared to profiles on other social media platforms, an Instagram account looks quite simple. This inevitably puts the focus on the content being posted. While this encourages interaction, it also means that quality deficiencies are immediately noticeable. So be sure to only share high resolution photos through your Instagram profile. In general, it is recommended the 1080 × 1080 pixel format – so a square. However, the app now also supports landscape format (1200 x 628 pixels) with an aspect ratio of 1.91:1. Also Vertical images with a size of 1080 x 1350 pixels and an aspect ratio of 4:5 can now be shared on Instagram. However, users will only see the photo in this Format displayed when they tap on the thumbnail. In the feed, the photo is still displayed as a square and cropped accordingly.

8 Tips for taking the best photos for Instagram with your smartphone

In case you’re wondering whether you can take beautiful, take high quality photos can: Yes, this is quite possible. The Smartphone camera technology is now so advanced that it can easily compete with expensive professional cameras. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a professional to take professional-looking photos. The following tips will help you gain more followers and encourage users to interact more with your brand:

1. Adhere to the "rule of thirds"

In order to best align your camera, the Grid view enable: Make sure your subject is in a spot where a vertical line and a horizontal line intersect. This method is called the rule of thirds and was originally used by painters and illustrators. But it can equally be used for taking photos. By placing the object of a photo slightly off center, you create an imbalance that makes the photo look more interesting. On an iPhone, enable the grid view as follows: Open Settings, select "Photos& Camera" and activate the grid.

The rule of thirds

2. Focus on a single object

It is sometimes said that a photographer’s job is to find harmony even in chaos. Shooting different objects at the same time, and choosing a crowded background to boot, distracts from the actual subject of your photo and may even confuse your target audience. Therefore, choose rather only one object per photo And remove any distractions by cropping them out later or making sure the background is more plain when you take the photo.

plain background on instagram images

3. Use the negative space to your advantage

using negative space in photos

4. Choose interesting perspectives

In everyday life, we are often only used to one perspective – the one that is at our eye level. That’s why National Geographic’s photographers often choose unusual perspectives, making their photos Look interesting and unusual. For example, take photos from a bird’s-eye view from high above – or even from the very bottom of the screen. Try to show familiar objects from a new perspective by trying new angles.

Different perspectives

5. Symmetry

symmetry in instagram images

6. Pattern

instagram post with patterns

7. Choose natural light

Electric light from above can create harsh shadows and make individual areas of the photo appear undesirably dark or bright, respectively. Avoid this by always soft natural light choose. For example, take photos near a window that lets diffuse light into the room. For outdoor photos, the 30 minutes before and after sunrise and sunset are recommended respectively. At this time, the sun just barely above the horizon makes for impressive lighting conditions.

Natural light

8. Add filters and edit your photos

Some photos look great simply because they’ve been edited. And you can do it too: Instagram has tools and filters, thanks to which you can Edit photos easily and their VISUAL Quality Can significantly increase the quality of your photos in just a few minutes. To do this, simply follow these tips.

First of all, you should only use successful shots. Even with the greatest editing effort, it’s impossible to completely correct poorly positioned objects or bad lighting conditions. In addition, you can also edit your photos using other apps. Snapseed is, for example, a free, premium photo editing app that allows you to Color contrast Optimize, apply effects like the HDR effect, and selectively adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation only in certain areas of the photo. VSCO Is another popular photo editing app with countless free filters. The counterpart to the professional Adobe Lightroom version is Lightroom CC. The free, mobile version of the photo editor allows you to make countless adjustments. Change Colors, contrast, brightness or temperature the image. You can use pre-made filters or save and use your own presets. With Lightroom CC, you can also capture images in RAW format with your smartphone. The RAW format contains all the raw data of the image and is therefore best suited for further processing.

When you upload an edited photo to Instagram, the app automatically crops the photo to a square shape. But you can easily go back to the original size by tapping the icon with the two expansion arrows at the bottom left of the photo.

go back to the original size of the image on instagram

After uploading, you can now additionally apply Instagram filters to the externally edited photo. Just make sure to keep it not to exaggerate. Because each filter fundamentally changes the image and gives it its very own character.

use instagram filters

In the next step, you can adjust your photo using the Lux function edit. Optimize them according to Instagram the exposure and brightness of photos. It is an effect that makes photos more vivid and highlights details. You apply the effect by selecting a filter, tapping the magic wand icon at the top of the screen, and then adjusting the slider rule.

use instagram magic wand and slider rule

Now give your photo a new size with the Editing tools Putting the finishing touches on Instagram. To do this, select the "Edit" button. After that you can use other tools like adjusting alignment, brightness, contrast, texture etc. When you are ready to share your photo, select "Next". Fill in the fields that appear and then share your image.

share image on instagram

Videos in Instagram Marketing

In addition to photos, you can also post videos on Instagram (max. 60 seconds), IGTV videos Or post reels. You can either edit videos Upload from your computer, that have been edited with professional editing software. However, you can also select videos that you want to edited together with the help of apps have. Splice Is a popular, free editing tool from GoPro that lets you edit different clips together into one video and add transitions, titles and even music.

When editing videos, take into account that on Instagram played without sound by default become. So make sure your videos are understood even without sound. Or, in the caption, prompt users to turn on sound.


Hyperlapse Is a separate app from Instagram that lets you shorten longer videos and optimize them for Instagram can. The app offers a premium time-lapse feature as well as built-in stabilization technology, thanks to which you can watch videos absolutely smoothly. To create your own Hyperlapse videos, all you need to do is download the free Hyperlapse app on your mobile device. Agree to let the app access your camera, and you’re good to go. If you want to start recording, tap the circle – to stop recording, tap it again. Then you can choose the playback speed from 1x to 12x speed. Save the hyperlapse video to your gallery and upload it.

Reels, IGTV and Instagram Live

The video format is becoming more and more exciting on Instagram – not least because of the wide range of functions it offers. You have the option on Instagram to share videos in your feed, in your story, as a reel, IGTV or Instagram Live. Feed videos can only be up to 60 seconds long, which is why Instagram will format IGTV introduced. Videos here can have a duration of up to 60 minutes and are listed in the profile under a separate tab.

IGTV video on instagram

Also Reels are saved in your account under a separate section. The Reel format borrows heavily from TikTok’s features and allows users to create 12-second video sequences cut together within the app, complete with various effects and sound. You can post reels in your feed as well as in your story.

Instagram reel

Instagram Live refers – as the name suggests – to a Real-time format. In doing so, account owners engage in a live chat with your followers. Live videos are great for hosting Q&A’s or taking followers to an event. The live videos can then be saved and published as IGTV on Instagram, so that viewers who join later can still watch the video.


Instagram Stories Allow you to post content more frequently without cluttering your followers or feed. Stories are especially good for behind-the-scenes looks. Just like Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories will after 24 hours automatically deleted again.

Again, make sure your content comes across as authentic. While you should post prepared photos in your profile feed, your Stories are welcome to a little less perfect Be. Use the feature to share exclusive insights about your brand and company culture. For example, if it’s common in your company to bring dogs to the office, Stories are just the right place to post photos and videos of all the cute four-legged friends in your office. They’re also perfect for reporting on live events held by your company or attended by your team.

Create an Instagram Story

Instagram offers three different options, to create a story. Either tap the plus icon in the top left, the button to add a story over your profile picture, or simply swipe to the right.

Create Instagram story

For a photo, briefly tap the shutter button, for a video, hold it down. As usual, you switch the flash on and off using the flash icon and switch between the front and back camera using the arrows. You can switch to different modes in the story:







Spirit Level.

Try your hand and decide which format fits your intention. You can use the myriad of filters and special effects to give your Story an extraordinary look.

instagram story filters and special effects

Give your photo a personal touch. For example, by decorating it with one of the pens or fonts. To select a color, simply place your finger on the desired color.

select instagram story color
paint in an instagram story

Tap on "Aa" to add a text or emoji to your photo using the keyboard. Using the smiley button, you can Sticker select. Swipe left or right to add color filters, or click the star icon to see the Effects To access. For Sounds and music Browse under the music note icon to find the right song for your Instagram Story.

more options in an instagram story: location, mentions, hashtag, questions, gif, music and polls
add music to an instagram story

You also have the option to embed a link in your Story or tag another Instagram user in your Story. This is a great way to strengthen relationships with other businesses and marketing partners. Just tap on the @ sign and then enter the username of the person or brand you want to tag. Now when a user looks at your Story, the username of the highlighted person or brand will appear there underlined. Tapping on it will take you directly to the associated profile. If another user mentions you in their story, you will receive a notification.

mention someone in instagram story

To share your story, tap on the "Your Story". Or save the story to your gallery to post later. After you publish a story, it will be displayed above your Instagram feed. Alternatively, users can tap on your profile picture to view your Stories. You can also check who has viewed your story. To do this, open your Story and swipe up on it.

Optimize_instagram marketing-40

As you’ve probably noticed, the Stories features on Snapchat and Instagram are very similar. Meanwhile, just like Snapchat, Instagram has the advantage of face recognition and various lenses (or filters). With its broad base of active users and search features, the Instagram app offers businesses a great opportunity to get noticed. So do not hesitate, but use the Advantages of Instagram Stories "Your Story" for your business as well!

Instagram Live

On Instagram, you can also share videos Share live with your audience. To do this, open the app and then the camera. Then select "Live" from the menu at the bottom of the screen and then "Start Live Video". Once you start the live video, all followers who are currently online will be notified about it. Viewers can comment on the live video during streaming via the integrated chat function. We recommend using this feature sparingly and reserving it for live content and live Q&A sessions.

start an instagram live

You can also use Instagram Live for Fundraise use. To do this, click the heart icon on the left. Now select one of the charities you want the proceeds to go to.

select and support fundraisers in instagram live

Use the vertical lines to give your live video a title. This way, your subscribers will know directly what to expect in the livestream.

add instagram live caption

instagram for business header

How to use Instagram for Business

Learn how to gain more followers, grow your audience, set the right goals and measure your success.

interaction trends on instagram header

Interaction trends on Instagram

HubSpot and Mention analyzed data from over 81 million Instagram posts to help you base your Instagram strategy for 2020 and beyond on tangible insights.

Create a caption for an Instagram post

While a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words, it doesn’t provide additional context. The caption serves this purpose, which should not be underestimated.

However, good Instagram captions to compose is not so easy. That’s why we have some Tips to help you create meaningful, concise captions.

First of all, you should take enough time for this task. Draft different variations and ask another person for their opinion. Of course, you should post your content as timely as possible, but more importantly, it should be appealing prepared is. This is also supported by the fact that Instagram has changed its algorithm to show users the content they are most likely to see in their feeds find interestingn. So the reach of your posts depends on how many "like" clicks and comments they receive. Accordingly, it’s worth taking the time necessary to create content that will actually engage and excite your customers.

Also the Caption length is critical. On Instagram, you have a maximum of 2.200 characters per caption available. Compared to the 280 characters Twitter gives you, this is pretty long. Keep in mind, however, that users will only see the first three to four lines at first, and will need to actively fade in the rest by tapping More.

So mention the most important thing first to make sure this is definitely displayed. With that said, you can easily make full use of the available space. Captions provide a great opportunity to provide background information about the posted photo. For example, the Humans of New York page uses captions to include quotes from the people photographed.

humans of new york instagram post by an older lady with green hair

You can also create a Call-to-action in your caption to encourage your audience to like, comment, or share your photo. Plus, you can direct them to the link in your profile mentioned above to get them to click it and check out your new product or read a new blog post. However, be sure to use the right link (to your most recent post) to insert. One tip: Use shortened tracking URLs so you can track how much you’re driving traffic with your Instagram activity.

Also, don’t forget to include a Geo-tag Insert. Because for posts with location tags the interaction rate is 79 percent higher Than posts without a geo-tag. By adding a location to your post, you provide users with another way to find your content. And the more users view your content, the more they interact with it as well.

Another crucial factor is choosing the the right style and tone For your Instagram presence. This may surprise you, but in fact, a different tone of voice is common and appropriate on every social platform. This means that a phrase can be perfect for Twitter but unsuitable for Instagram at the same time.

The best results are usually achieved with posts that sound casual and authentic. Experiment a bit with emojis and similar tools to give your Instagram presence a very individual touch. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed on the first try. It may well take a while to find the right voice for your brand.

When in doubt, keep your captions short. There is little correlation between caption length and interaction rate. Short captions, however, increase the Expressiveness of your content.

Using hashtags on Instagram

Everyone knows them and most people use them: Hashtags. Tags, originally developed for Twitter, are now present on every social network. A hashtag consists of One or more keywords, which are strung together without a space and prefixed with a hash (#). They are used to associate posts with specific topics. Hashtags are a great way to increase the reach of posts.

Here’s how hashtags are used on Instagram

Just like any other social media feed, Instagram feeds are continuously changing. When you consider that on the platform over 40 billion photos have been shared, this is not surprising. For you personally, this huge volume of content means you need to come up with something, To help you stand out from the crowd – and this is where hashtags come in.

Hashtags are used to bundle posts from Instagram users into a single feed that would otherwise have no connection to each other. If your account is public, your post will show up to any user searching for a hashtag you used in that post.

The Hashtag feeds The hashtags used by Instagram are quite simple and are intended to make it as easy as possible for users to quickly find similar content. Each feed is divided into the two areas "Top" and "Current". In the field "Top" are where the posts with the most interactions are located. At "Topical" find all posts tagged with the selected hashtag, with the most recent post always displayed first. If you choose a currently popular, much-used hashtag, your post will move down the feed very quickly. You have the option to use a hashtag To subscribe. Then you will be played the posts in your newsfeed that use the hashtag. A hashtag’s feed consists of images, feed videos, IGTV as well as reels.

results for the hashtag #coffee on instagram

Using and creating hashtags is as easy as pie. Simply choose any string of characters or numbers, or even emojis, and add bis to 30 hashtags To add to your caption or comment. And don’t forget to make your account public, so your posts will also show up in hashtag feeds.

Choosing the appropriate Instagram hashtag

As you can see, hashtags have quite an impact on your Instagram success. The only question left is how to choose the appropriate hashtags for a post. According to suitable keywords and current trends it’s best to search directly on Instagram. If you don’t have any clues yet, you should first look at the "Search" tab for. Tap on currently popular posts and see what hashtags have been used.

If you already know which hashtag you’d like to use, you can use the "Search" section to similarly popular Hashtags to find. To do this, tap on the magnifying glass in the menu bar at the bottom and then enter the hashtag you want in the search field above. On the "Tags" tab, you can check how many posts have been tagged with your hashtag or similar hashtags, respectively.

enter the hashtag coffee in instagram search

To ensure that your contribution is as long-lasting as possible, you should choose a mix of general, popular and specific hashtags choose. In some cases, it is also advisable to create a brand-specific hashtag. For example, some companies have created a new, dedicated hashtag to market a new product, Instagram campaign, event or the like. In this case, however, make absolutely sure that your hashtag doesn’t actually exist yet, and prompt your target audience to use your hashtag.

adobe lightroom uses its own hashtag on instagram profile, screenshot of profile with subscribers, posts and images and bio description

Position Instagram hashtags correctly

After you’ve found the perfect combination of hashtags for your new post, it’s time to decide where to put the hashtags with Yourm Content RELATED. Again, it is important that you do not overdo it. Hashtags should blend naturally into your caption. A study shows that more hashtags get more likes per post. As before, it is recommended to use up to 30 hashtags. On average, the number of hashtags used per post is 10.7.

If you have trouble including your chosen hashtags in your caption, just put them at the end of your text or in the first comment. The position of hashtags does not affect how they work. So you don’t have to include them in the text at any cost.

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