In the district of bayreuth, a 15-year-old girl is said to have died from a corona vaccination: this is what is known so far

Deceased girl from Hollfeld (Bayreuth district): cause of death currently unclear. Symbol photo: Pixabay

On Wednesday morning (17. November 2021) a girl from Hollfeld (district Bayreuth) dies in a hospital. A post by the mother on the social networks raises the question of a connection to the Corona vaccination.

In the post, she writes that her daughter died because of "serious side effects" of the Corona vaccine. Police have been investigating since the girl’s death. This is known so far.

Update from 11. December 2021: Police investigation continues

Many messages have been received in recent days, whether there are any new findings. The bt has therefore asked again with the police Upper Franconia. A press spokeswoman explained: "Currently, investigations into the cause of death are still underway. Further information is only possible after the investigation has been completed."

It is not yet possible to say how long the investigation will continue. There is currently no further information.

Update from 25. November 2021: Investigations into the "unclear cause of death" in the Bayreuth district

The police have started the investigation. This is a normal procedure for "unexplained deaths", informs the police Upper Franconia on request of the bt. "Currently there are no new findings. The results of the ongoing investigation remain to be seen."It is not possible to estimate by when the first results will be available.

The case is also known in the district office Bayreuth. "The division of health care in the district office must be informed in case of possible complications in connection with the Corona vaccination," it says on request of the bt.

The investigation is still ongoing. "The responsible employees are investigating the case, then an anonymous report is made to the Government of Upper Franconia and the Paul Ehrlich Institute," it continues.

There is no further information from the health department in Bayreuth. There one refers to the obligation to maintain secrecy: To results of the autopsy "no information can be given due to the medical obligation to maintain secrecy."

First report from 21. November 2021: Girl (15) from Hollfeld died

The bt has inquired with the police. At the current time (19. November 2021) a connection of the death to the vaccination of the girl is neither confirmed nor refuted. The cause of death was initially classified as "unclear".

A spokeswoman for the police has confirmed the death of the girl. The cause of death is currently unclear. This is also confirmed by the district office Bayreuth. The current cause of death is unclear.

Investigation into the death of the girl is ongoing. According to the police spokeswoman, this is usual when the cause of death cannot be determined beyond doubt. An autopsy should provide clarity.

This is what the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute says about the suspicion from the district of Bayreuth

The Paul Ehrlich Institute, which is responsible for such incidents, responded, "The recording and evaluation of suspected case reports of vaccination side effects and vaccination complications always takes place at the federal level. Due to data protection, the Paul Ehrlich Institute does not receive any information about the address of the (original) notifier or the person concerned in case of notifications by the Drug Commission of the German Medical Association, the Drug Commission of Pharmacists and by the marketing authorization holder (the company)." It can therefore not be confirmed that a case was reported in Hollfeld.

Furthermore, the bt has asked the institute how many complications were known in the case of a Corona vaccination. There have been five cases, he said: "In none of the five suspected vaccine complications with fatal outcomes in the 12- to 17-year-old age group described in this report did the evaluation reveal a possible or probable association with vaccination."

It goes on to explain, "In addition, suspected adverse reaction reports and vaccine complications are reports of reactions that occurred close in time to the vaccine. But not every reaction that occurs after a vaccination and is reported as a suspected side effect or vaccine complication is synonymous with physical discomfort caused by the vaccine in question."

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