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Florida Hurricane

Florida Hurricane

In Florida one must also always be prepared with Hurricane calculate. This is a tropical cyclone that can also cause severe damage. This has happened many times in Florida, such as Hurricane Charly or Irma.

Information about a hurricane in Florida

Normally you imagine the Sunshine State with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. This is the idea of most tourists. But unfortunately a hurricane can always form in the Caribbean and can even reach Florida. In the past years this has happened quite often. As already mentioned "Charly" and "Irma" also causes great damage in the state. Then you always have to be prepared for a few bad vacation days with lots of rain and also storms. Mostly this lasts almost a whole week until the weather has calmed down again and then the sun shines again as if nothing had happened.

But after that there is always the cleanup and the damage has to be repaired again. If you have booked a hotel in Miami then you don’t have to worry too much there. You are safe there because it is a big building. The only thing that can happen there is that there is a power outage and there are the chances then very high. Perhaps the hotel has an emergency generator where you can bridge a few hours until the lines are repaired again. In a big city like for example Miami this is done then very fast. But if you live in a small city then it will surely take longer.

A hurricane in Florida

A hurricane in Florida

National Hurricane Center in Miami

In Miami there is National Hurricane Center where always the weather is observed. As soon as a hurricane forms, a warning is issued to the population there. Furthermore one has always the possibility to follow the current events about the weather on television. There is for example a TV channel called "The Weather Channel" calls where around the clock about the weather is reported. Usually you can receive this in the hotel and inquire about the current weather situation.

When is the official hurricane season in Florida?

But you also have to know that a hurricane can only form at certain times. That is the sea heats up in the summer in the Caribbean and then the chances always increase that a tropical storm is formed. The hurricane season in Florida is from 1. June to 30. November where one can form. If you want to avoid it then you should choose another travel time. Furthermore, the best time to travel to Miami is from February to May when the temperatures are pleasant with lots of sunshine and little rain.

This is of course also very important if you have booked a cruise to the Caribbean. Then you will not want to have a storm. We recommend tourists then to decide for the spring and the Port of Miami is yes the largest cruise port in the whole world. In principle, cruises to the Caribbean are offered from Miami all year round. But the shipping companies have the weather constantly in view and change immediately the route if a storm could form. So you don’t have to worry about anything happening there.

A cruise ship at the Port of Miami

A cruise ship in the Port of Miami

A yacht in the downtown of Miami

A yacht in the downtown of Miami

Florida Evacuation Route

When you are on vacation in Florida you will always see the blue signs along the road with the inscription "Evacuation Route". These signs serve that one must move in an emergency in this direction. But a hurricane develops very slowly and this does not happen from now on immediately. Thus one has then always sufficient time to prepare for it. Mostly is then called on television that one should move in the direction north to leave the Sunshine State. Mostly develops then very fast always a chaos there then too many cars on the roads and highways are. Thus one can move then only slowly. Further one should have then always the rented car fully refueled since one has no more chance at a gas station this to fill up since this is completely overloaded.

What to do in case of a hurricane

If you are affected by a hurricane while on vacation in Florida, there is very little you can do and just wait for it to pass. As already mentioned, this usually lasts a few days and then this has moved past. It is best then that one stays in the hotel in Miami so long in the hotel room. There you are usually very safe. But you should follow the instructions of the staff in the hotel also. This means that in a particularly severe storm a hotel can be evacuated. Thus one would have to leave then also the hotel. Normally, however, this happens very rarely and you can stay there. You may have to reckon that you no longer have electricity.

Bayside Marketplace in Miami

Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne

What is the weather and temperatures like during a hurricane?

Of course, then you have a few bad days in Florida with plenty of rain and storms. Thus one can make then nothing there. This means that the big shopping malls are closed and you can not go to the beach. It may well take up to a week until the weather has calmed down again. But if you have only two weeks vacation in Florida then you can write off one week of it. One can say that one has had then simply bad luck.

How to protect yourself

The best protection for tourists is of course to choose a different travel season, from December to May. However, this is also the most popular travel time for Florida and the prices are much more expensive which you can imagine. Otherwise if it has caught one nevertheless and in the vacation straight one is in the approach then one should always observe the weather forecast on the television. The residents protect themselves with sandbags and the windows are barricaded. So you can only wait and see how strong the hurricane will hit the Sunshine State. In the past, the Florida Keys were always the first place to go and it is better not to stay there.

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