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Sottrumer in the NLZ of the second league club

Oberborsch works very meticulously in the Werder Bremen U 14 coaching team

Updated: 01.02.2022 21:10

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He ended his active career four years ago. Now Jannis Oberborsch reports on his still fairly new job as co-trainer of Bremen’s U14 team.

Bremen – Jannis Oberborsch ended his career as a soccer player in 2018 with Landesliga club Rotenburger SV, as the stresses of studying and working were simply too great. But the 28-year-old self-employed financial services provider stayed involved in soccer, taking the opportunity offered by SV Werder Bremen to join the U10 team at the junior training center (NLZ) as a co-trainer. The Bundesliga club appreciated the great commitment and promoted the Sottrumer before the season to the co-trainer of the U 14 in the Verbandsliga.

"I should have continued to train continuously in order to maintain the level at RSV. Since I lived in Oldenburg, it was an additional hurdle," explains Oberborsch, who jumped at the chance and accepted the offer from Thorsten Bolder, sporting director U 8 to U 15 of the NLZ, after careful consideration. The former striker knows the junior training center from his time as an U 16 player. There he quickly felt at home again.

The first steps in the U 10

And that was also due to the exciting task of coaching the talented U 10s. Working alongside head coach Andreas Fastenau was already new territory, but very motivating at the same time. "I had previously coached a youth team at TSV Etelsen, so I had to deal with junior coaching. But it was a very pleasant and harmonious start. There were a lot of talented kids on the squad who were willing to learn and had fun training," Oberborsch notes. In his second season, he took over primary responsibility for the team and put in a perfect performance there as well.

But it got even better. Because before the current season he received the attractive offer from Thorsten Bolder to move up to the coaching team of the U 14. And that’s what his former teammate and good buddy Yannick Viol, who oversees the Verbandsliga club as a full-time coach, threaded together. "I told those responsible that I wanted Jannis to join the team," says Viol, adding: "We know each other from our time together as players in the U teams of Werder and Heeslinger SC. In addition, we had a good exchange in the last two seasons in terms of training work. Jannis has taken on the demanding challenge super, is an asset."

Work in the NLZ means a big time commitment

The 27-year-old Stade player had a good sense of what Oberborsch was about. He thus increased the quality of the coaching team, which also includes Borge Brunjes. "We’re all on the same wavelength, giving our all so that the kids have the best possible conditions," says Viol. The trio is full of drive and bubbling over with ambition. "We leave nothing to chance, we work very meticulously," notes Oberborsch, who travels to the NLZ three to four times a week for at least four hours.

"I know many who worked for a certain time as a coach in the NLZ, but then stopped, because the work consists mainly of passion, because there is not the big money flowing."It’s intense and demanding. Because: Everything must be documented. A well planned unit takes time. "When I’m on the pitch with the boys, you forget all your efforts. I’m really excited about the multi-layered tasks and experiences," emphasizes Oberborsch. In the medium term, he can imagine taking over responsibility for a men’s team in the national or top league. "But as long as I’m still meeting players there that I kicked with, it’s not an issue," the 28-year-old qualifies.

The championship just missed

It’s also fitting that "Jannis took a lot of time from the beginning to familiarize himself with the tasks in the U 10. He showed total commitment, knew how to tackle the kids and inspire them," praises Bolder. The sports director at the NLZ also approves of Oberborsch’s move to the U14s: "The coaching trio fits together very well, they think a lot about soccer."

Joel Meibohm and his team kept the title race open until the last match day. But JFV Bremerhaven won the league title on the basis of a better goal difference. "Everyone expected us to be champions. We were already the best in soccer, but as U 14 played against U 15 teams. The opponents were simply physically stronger. In the attack we had only physically small players, who can kick super, but were physically inferior. Finishing was our primary problem," says Jannis Oberborsch. In the process, one of his tasks is to make the offensive players individually better for the competition for the attacking third. But what good is the greatest talent if it lacks physical assertiveness?.

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