How to play games without cd with no-cd cracks

How to play games without CD with No-CD Cracks / Gaming

Scratch optical media. It is also susceptible to various degradations if CDs are not handled and stored properly. Not forever: the truth about CD / DVD longevity "Mold" and "Red -CD are not forever: the truth about CD / DVD longevity "Mold" & " Red "The digital age has revolutionized the way we handle information. Never before has mankind been able to capture and store so much information and in such variety. While the amount of data has increased exponentially, the projected life expectancy… Read More. And since games on CD and DVD usually come in boxes with some extras, this is beneficial for long-term value (monetary value and utility) if the media is used sparingly.

And even before we get started on the now-discredited DRM. What is DRM and why does it exist if it’s so evil? [MakeUseOf explains] What is DRM and why does it exist if it is so evil? [MakeUseOf explains] Digital Rights Management is the latest development in copy protection. It is now the most common cause of user frustration, but is this justified? Is DRM a necessary evil in this digital age, or is the model… Read More and its misunderstood anti-piracy measures.

No-CD cracks can be used for CD and DVD here. But do they still exist and why use them when alternative solutions are simpler?

Why play without CD / DVD??

Inserting a game CD or DVD into your PC or laptop’s optical drive may not seem overly complex, but it can prove inconvenient, if not impossible. From DRM to hardware changes, the use of CDs and DVDs for installing games is slowly decreasing as more gamers prefer digital distribution. 4 reasons why the digital proliferation of video games will make your life better [MUO Gaming] Video games are going digital; It’s a fact we can’t avoid. Chances are that the next generation of consoles will allow gamers to buy all games by downloading them directly. Read more .

Playing without a CD can be useful for video game pirates, but it has other purposes.

For example, you may have a game with a scratched and therefore useless CD / DVD. After paying $40+ for the game, you’ll probably want to earn your money. While publishers have often provided replacement media in this situation in the past, it is not a sustainable plan of action. If a publisher goes bust, the best place to look for a replacement is eBay.

How to play games without cd with no-cd cracks

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Then there’s the changing pattern of hardware. An ever-decreasing piece of hardware in portable computers (notebooks, ultrabooks, etc.).) is the optical drive (CD / DVD). Moving parts mean extra weight and battery drain, so it makes sense. However, if you install a game from CD, you need an external optical reader. No DVD drive on your tablet or laptop. Use an old laptop drive instead! No DVD drive on your tablet or notebook? Use an old laptop drive instead! More and more Windows computers are shipped without optical drives. This is a phenomenon that goes beyond the tablet PC. The lack of a DVD drive may prevent you from installing your favorite apps. You also don’t want to carry this around with you, which means that on-the-go games require a crack without a CD.

And finally, you may want to keep your game CD to admire. More and more games are being released as premium versions with a $100 bonus pack, which often includes statuettes and clothing, as well as some unlock codes for the game, in addition to the game media. To keep the pack together, you may not want to use the disc. In most cases, digital distribution services would be useful here, but there are still a few titles that need the disc.

How a no-CD crack works?

No-CD tears work in several ways.

Usually, you have to install the game first, look for a registry entry, DLL (domain link library), crack executable or replacement EXE file for the original game, or a combination of these elements. The new files are then added to the game directory on the hard drive (if existing files should be duplicated, they should be backed up) so that the game can be run without the CD / DVD.

Although it’s a straightforward solution, it can be inconvenient, especially if you’re a newbie. It’s all too easy to find that you’ve downloaded the wrong file or deleted an important file from your game directory. In most cases, however, instructions are provided. So make sure you take the time to read and re-read the steps before you begin.

2 safe places where you can find a no-CD jump

Once upon a time, finding No-CD cracks was a dangerous pastime. The online resources were full of NS ads, pop-ups and malware risks. How not to get stinky from dodgy malware-fallen downloads? How not to stink from dodgy malware-riddled downloads? But if you are the viruses, malware, crapware and bloatware, then you need to be extremely careful with your download sources. So where can you download free software safely? Read more . Fortunately, things have been cleaned up a bit as trends have evolved. While there is little use of no-CD cracks for modern games, some sites still offer them for older games.

How to play games without cd with no-cd cracks


Patches, fixes, trainers (unlimited health / ammo / etc) and no-CD / no-DVD cracks are available here, although the focus has shifted to trainers in recent years. However, with a useful search tool on the right, you can search the site for older games available on optical discs, as well as associated no-CD patches and EXE files.


The similarly named GameBurnWorld focuses almost exclusively on trainers in the meantime, but if you want to dig, you should find no-CD and no-DVD patches for older titles. Also available here are mini-tutorials and utilities that can help you make copies of your game media. This can be a useful alternative to using the original discs.

Why buy CDs in the first place??

Unless you pick up the game CD / DVD from a bargain bin or have limited edition boxes (as described above), this is no reason to waste time on physical media. The vast majority of video games are available as digital downloads, mostly through Steam (although there are alternatives. Tired of Steam? Here are the best alternative gaming customers from Steam? Here are the best alternative gaming clients. Not everyone wants Steam! Want to use If you want to know what else you can use, here is a list of safe alternatives for websites and platforms to distribute games. More information). Better yet, Steam lets you add CD keys from many older games to your Steam library so you can run the title without the disc.

How to play games without cd with no-cd cracks

As good as physical media is for your PC games, time is almost up. Forget the ritual of opening the box, admiring the disc and artwork, and dropping the media into the optical drive. This is now a thing of the past.

All you need is a double-click to launch the game from your desktop with minimal effort.

What do you think? Is this a good development, or does it take away from cultural games when physical art can’t be admired as part of the experience? Do you use no-CD cracks or have you abandoned them for Steam and other solutions? Tell us in the comments.

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