How to install kali linux apps in debian

Are you a Debian Linux user who also loves network security and computer testing? If this is the case, you probably want to install some security tools on your Debian Linux system. Of course the best way to install this kind of software is to use the . install Kali Linux software suite. Here’s how.

How to install kali linux apps in debian

Adding the Kali Linux software repository to Debian

The best way to install the Kali Linux software on your Debian Linux PC is to add the Kali rolling repository to your system. The reason is that Kali is very similar to Debian.

To add the Kali repository to your existing Debian Linux installation, open a terminal window on the desktop. You can create a terminal window on the Debian desktop with Ctrl + Alt + T on the keyboard or search for "Terminal" in the app menu.

Once the terminal window is open and ready to use, open the file/etc/apt/sources.list in the nano text editor. Remember to send this with sudo need to do and make sure you have sudo permissions set up on Debian before you try this.

In the source file, paste the following line of code at the very bottom of the file.

How to install kali linux apps in debian

## Kali Linux Rolling Repo ##

After you add the top line of code,’must add this second line just below it. This code is the URL of the Kali Linux software repo, and no software will be installed without it.

deb kali-rolling main contrib non-free

When the repository has been added to your system, save the changes in Nano. You can save the changes in the nano text editor by doing Ctrl + O press on the keyboard. Exit then the nano text editor, by Ctrl + X press on the keyboard.

Once everything is saved, you need to import the Kali Linux GPG key. This GPG key is essential. Kali software won’t work without them. The fastest way to import the key is to use the add-apt-key -recover Command to use below.

sudo apt-key adv-keyserver hkp:// 80-recv-keys ED444FF07D8D0BF6

Once the Kali Linux repo key has been added to your system, the next step is to run the command update to update the Debian software sources. Use the following command, update.

sudo apt update

After the update, there will probably be some software updates available for your Debian Linux system. You can use the command apt upgrade update or ignore it for the time being. Upgrades are not required to use the software.

If you decide to update, run the following command below. Remember; This update may take a while as your system may need a lot of updating. Also Debian can try to install the Kali desktop completely.

sudo apt-get upgrade

Install Kali Linux software

Once the Kali Linux software repository is activated on your system, you can install the Kali Linux software on your Debian system. To start the installation process, open a terminal window on the Debian desktop. The terminal is the best way to install Kali apps.

Open a terminal window, press Ctrl + Alt + T on the keyboard or search for "terminal" in the app. Menu and open it like this. When the terminal window is open, use the command below apt install, to install the packages "kali-tools-top10″in Debian.

How to install kali linux apps in debian

sudo apt install kali-tools-top10

If you enter the above command Debian will ask you for your password. The reason why you are asked for your password is that the command costs sudo Root access required. Enter your password using your keyboard.

After you enter your password, Debian collects all packages and all dependencies needed to make the software work. This process takes a few seconds. When you are done, you will be prompted to download the Y -Press button to confirm that you want to install the software.

After you have Y -Key on your. pressed have keyboard Debian installs the 10 best Kali Linux security tools on your computer. The installation will not take long. When you are done, open your app menu to access your newly installed Kali Linux tools.

Install other software from Kali Linux on Debian

Installing the top 10 Kali Linux applications on Debian should be enough for most users. However, if you have more specific requirements, you can install more software from the Kali repos here.

First, open a Terminal window. Once it’s open, use the apt search Tool and type in what you want to search for. To search for zonemaster in the Kali repos, for example, proceed as follows:

How to install kali linux apps in debian

apt search zonemaster

Browse the search result for the application you want to install from the Kali repos. Once you have found it, install the software using the following command apt install.

sudo apt install zonemaster-cli

Repeat this procedure to install any desired Kali Linux software on Debian.

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