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by Laura Knappmann, 01.08.2018

Do you still remember my article The second management level as a decisive multiplier for corporate success? The core message of my contribution was that (personally and professionally) enthusiastic employees are particularly valuable for a company, because their enthusiasm contributes positively to success and the working atmosphere.

The most important prerequisite for this enthusiasm is intrinsic motivation and a positive attitude towards one’s own life and oneself. But external factors also influence the motivation and enthusiasm of your employees. So what should a company do to get employees excited and, most importantly, keep them excited?

In the following I would like to give you some tips on this subject.

1. Clear tasks, structures and processes

Clear and transparent structures, defined processes, clearly assigned tasks – it sounds simple, but it’s not.

You may not believe it, but these things form the basis of any company. If the internal structures and processes are not right, the processes of a company are often chaotic and "everyone does what they think". Some employees can handle such a situation well and for others it is a pure disaster. But no matter what type of person is involved, such a system still stirs up a certain dissatisfaction and disorientation in everyone.

Clear tasks, structures and processes, on the other hand, provide orientation, security and satisfaction.

2. Optimal working environment

In addition to the things mentioned, an optimal working environment, d.h. a workplace and environment where employees feel comfortable is of high importance. This includes both the visual design of the individual workplace and environment, as well as emotional influences. An attractive and modern workplace is just as important as a well-functioning team.

Try to offer your employees different ways of working, such as z.B. Meeting rooms, quiet zones for concentrated activities, or a place to switch off and take a break.

A variety of work options influences the productivity and creativity of your team and increases your company’s success.

3. Praise and recognition

Unfortunately, praise and recognition are easily forgotten in the daily work routine. Continuous feedback on performance is an essential component of employee motivation and satisfaction.

Private conversations and the (not only professional) interest in the people around us, is also a form of recognition. Approach your employees and get into a conversation with them. Genuine interest in the other person is often worth more than praise that is not entirely first-rate. And recognize even the small successes. A short "great job" or "thanks for that", you should communicate regularly, because not only the big successes are important and worth mentioning!

It’s also just as important to provide employees with perspectives on. What you can achieve? Where does the path lead? You wouldn’t believe how motivated employees can be when working toward a professional goal.

4. Open and honest communication

"I thought that had to be done this way" or "I thought we clarified that". NO, don’t think but talk!

Even if you think some things are superfluous, communicate anyway. Often it is our own thoughts that deceive us. Because most of the time people think that everyone around them must have the same thoughts as they do. This is a misconception, because communication is the be-all and end-all!

So talk to your employees. Discuss tasks in detail and make sure that your employees have understood your request.

Communication also includes honest criticism. Positive and also negative criticism are important for the continuous development of employees. By the way, this also has something to do with appreciation.

5. Recognize employee needs

Have you ever thought about this? As an employer, you too often have your employer’s glasses on and don’t put yourself in the shoes of your own employees’ needs and concerns enough.

Put on the employee glasses and think about what you need and what you want. what you would want from your employer. If you find it difficult to put on these glasses, you could also conduct an employee survey to analyze the mood of your employees.

Often you can make quite a difference with little things. How would it z.B. times with a round of ice cream for all in the hot weather?

Always remember, happy employees are productive employees and employees who will enjoy working for you long-term.

6. Employer attractiveness

This leads us directly to the next point. Why people choose to work for you? Are you an attractive employer?? Do a lot for your company? What is your company culture? Have in positive working atmosphere and a good teamwork?

If yes, then thumbs up! If not, then you should do more about it and communicate that as well. Because as the saying goes, do good and talk about it!

Communicate your good deeds and thus expand your employer attractiveness. Especially in the current times of a shortage of skilled workers, you should do a lot to become a "chosen employer".h. Being an employer of choice!

And the best thing that can happen to you then is that your own employees tell enthusiastically about your company and thus perhaps awaken in other potential employees the need to also want to work for you, the greatest employer :-)

I hope I was able to give you some food for thought with my tips and wish you success in implementing them.

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