How to get your puppy housebroken

How to get your puppy housebroken

Poo in the house should not scare you off getting a puppy. Cute puppies still have a very untrained bladder and an unfinished digestive system. In the beginning it happens more often that water is drained in the house. For this one should make however no reproach to the puppies. Like human children, they first have to learn how to do the "going to the bathroom" thing correctly. As a dog owner it is therefore your task to get the puppy housebroken through proper training. This sounds more difficult than it is. Dogs are by nature very clean contemporaries. This way, small puppies would never wet their owner’s lap or their sleeping area.

Basically, you get your puppy housebroken through close observation. Pay attention to how he acts when he has to go to the bathroom. This way you will always know when it is time to go outside. You recognize it above all by the fact that the puppy before water let, a suitable place looks for itself. Here you have to intervene quickly and carry him outside.

Start immediately with the education of the puppy

There is a rumor that puppies should be trained after a certain "grace period". This is a misconception, as puppies are particularly receptive and teachable in the first few weeks. In the so-called embossing phase, which lasts until the 20. By the time a young dog is about a week old, he learns things like how to urinate outside the house most easily. On the basis of this you should start with the education already a few days after the purchase of the puppy. In the foreground is above all, because puppy to get housebroken. Keep thereby calm and composure. Like also we humans dogs need time, in order to learn effectively. Bad words are therefore a No-Go!

The alpha and omega of the puppy education: Praise instead of rebuke

Dogs learn best according to the reward principle. If they get a treat after an action, they understand that they did something right. They also hope to gain a reward in the form of praise or a treat the next time they do it again. This is why you should praise your puppy after every successful business outside.

Taboo is to scold the dog. Puppies are very sensitive and react very anxiously to bad words. Besides, reprimanding usually has the opposite effect. If you smack your puppy when it does its business in the house, it will be afraid to look for a more deserted corner next time. Therefore, focus on explaining to the dog how to do it properly and praising it clearly when it does its business outside the house.

Misfortunes happen

If you catch your dog peeing in the house, a simple "no" will suffice. Then lift the puppy directly and carry him into the garden. Such mishaps can happen even after the puppy has become accustomed to doing its business outside on a regular basis. He is still young and sometimes can’t keep his bladder under control. Only from the age of about four months can dogs fully control their bladder and bowels. Feelings such as excitement or fear can also cause the puppy to urinate uncontrollably. As you can see, however, uncontrolled urination is never malicious intent, but as the term "uncontrolled" implies, a physical loss of control.

Remains of mishaps are best removed with a strong-smelling cleaner. In this way, the remains disappear not only for the eye, but also for the nose. Make sure that the cleaning agent does not contain ammonia (an example would be vinegar cleaner), because the smell of ammonia encourages dogs to pee at the place of the smell.

Housebreaking puppies: Here’s how to do it

Limit the range of movement

To keep a close eye on your puppy, don’t let him run around the house unobserved. So that you can leave the room without worrying, it is advisable to assign a certain area to the puppy. This you can limit by a playpen or a certain puppy fence.

Find a fixed place for business

To make it easier for the puppy to get used to water or poop outside the house, you should give him a fixed place to do it. If you do not want the dog to defecate in the garden, train him right away to pee in a place outside the garden. In fact, it is very difficult to get the puppy out of the habit of urinating in a previously selected place. At his new "regular place" the puppy should not be distracted by anything and should be somewhat in the greenery. He needs the latter to be able to sniff. While he is doing his business, you can leave him alone and just be present. If you like, you can also walk up and down a bit.

After your puppy has defecated, stay a little longer with him in the fresh air. Dogs like to be outdoors. If it goes directly back into the house after urinating, your puppy may delay its business to be able to stay outside longer.

Puppies like to enjoy the fresh air

Bring routine into it

In order for housetraining to be successful, you should establish a certain routine in letting your puppy do its business. For this, however, the question arises:

When does the puppy need to urinate?

After eating, waking up or playing and romping, the puppy usually has to urinate. Other signs are restlessness. The dog baby expresses this by sniffing around everywhere, spinning around, running to the door several times or optimally already in the direction of the usual spot in the garden. Overall, puppies under three months of age urinate much more frequently, every 1.5 to 2 hours to be exact. In the third and fourth month, peeing will only be announced every three hours and in the fifth and sixth it will only be every four hours. Therefore, take too many pee breaks rather than too few.

Establish command

Some dogs find it helpful to have a fixed word associated with urination. This can be used later as a command. This so-called release word then also signals to the dog later, for example during walks, that he may urinate. Even longer car journeys and visits to friends can be made pee-free in advance.

Regulated procedure in the evening

Especially in the evening, a fixed routine is essential for a puppy. This expiration should be coined by always recurring temporal rituals. So dinner, the last exit and going to bed must always take place at the same time.

Be prepared at night

As sleeping quarters for a dog puppy is suitable a large cardboard box, a lockable dog box or a dog basket. However, the most important thing is that the sleeping place of your puppy is near your bed. This way you will not only hear if the puppy has to pee during the night, but you will also not expose him to loneliness. Being alone in the dark is still very scary for the puppy and can cause him to urinate unnoticed.

Just in case, be prepared at night and have your coat, keys, and shoes by your bed. This way you can quickly get outside to your regular place in case of emergency. Do not forget to praise your little rascal even if it is late in the day. At night, you will notice your baby dog’s urge to urinate by loud whining or scratching noises. Since he does not come out of his sleeping box alone and keeps his camp as clean as possible, he will definitely draw attention to himself before letting water. Do not set an alarm clock at night! Dogs quickly get used to timed episodes and then make a habit of having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

How long does it take for puppies to be housebroken?

An exact time can not be determined for this. It all depends on the breed of dog, the breeder and the puppy itself. Some dogs are already housebroken in a few weeks, other four-legged friends need months for it. Unfortunately, bladder infections can often cause setbacks.

If your puppy is not housebroken even after several months, it is best to talk to a vet. The reason for this can be not only organic diseases but also psychological problems. Dogs with severe trauma contaminate their territory in protest. In this rare case you can turn to special dog trainers.

No garden as peeing place: What to do??

In a city apartment without a garden it is often difficult with a small, uncontrolled peeing puppy. But of course it is not impossible to keep puppies in an apartment. A pee mat, so called training pads or a tub with a flat rim can help. So you create a dog toilet inside the house and you can train the puppy to defecate here. It is important that the peeing place is by the door or balcony door, so the dog knows that if there is time, it is best to go outside.

Be careful when using newspaper. Many puppy owners use a newspaper instead of a bathtub as a dog toilet in the house. However, this can lead to the adult dog later remembering old puppy times when looking at newspapers and peeing uncontrollably.

Even in a city apartment, the sofa does not have to become a peeing place

Acquiring a puppy very time consuming

As you probably already noticed while reading, a puppy takes quite a lot of time. Like a child, he is still very inexperienced, sensitive and has a lot of new learning to do. Therefore, you should only get a puppy if you have enough time to take care of it and you are not planning any big moves or trips in the next few months. The puppy has to get used to its new environment anyway and should therefore not be exposed to any stress. Over longer periods a dog baby may be left alone in no case.

A good time to get a puppy is therefore the vacations. You can spend a lot of time with the dog baby and focus on his education and housetraining. At the same time he has enough time to get used to you and to get closer to you.

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