How to get child benefit during education child benefit 2021: who gets when, how much?

In May, families with children will receive the child bonus in addition to child benefit. They don’t have to apply for it. It looks different with the regular child benefit. To the 1. January 2021 it was increased. But how high is it currently? How to apply for it? And who gets it and for how long?

By Jana Tashina Worrle

How to get child benefit during education child benefit 2021: who gets when, how much?

Since 1. January 2021 parents get 219 euros child benefit per month. – © Kristin Grundler –

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Children’s money families get paid out month after month by the family fund of the Federal Employment Agency, regardless of income – this month including the child bonus of 150 euros per child. The bonus is paid by the federal government as part of the financial aid due to the Corona pandemic. It is the second of its kind, because already in 2020 every family entitled to child benefit received it. However, the first bonus was twice as high as the one in May 2021. However, no one has to apply for it. The family benefits offices transfer it as a separate payment to all child benefit recipients during the month of May.

For the child benefit itself, however, an application is necessary. In most cases, this takes place directly after the birth of the child. Graduates children of full age an apprenticeship or a course of study, the Trainees or. students continue to receive child benefit during this time. Then they must apply for an extension of the payment. The local family benefits offices then check the entitlement and pay out the money.

In regular steps, the federal government has increased child benefits in recent years – in 2019 and finally also at the beginning of 2021. Since then, the following requirements and rates have applied:

How much child benefit there is since January 2021?

Since the beginning of 2021, the Child benefit amount at 219 Euro per month per child. For families with more than one child, the number of children determines the amount of the child allowance. It is important to note, however, that the family benefits office only includes children in this calculation for whom there is an entitlement to child benefits. At the same time, a higher child benefit rate can also apply in certain cases, for example, if children live with the other parent after a separation.

Since January 2021 there are:

  • for the first and second child 219 Euro each,
  • for a third child 225 Euro and
  • from the fourth child 250 Euro per month.

Who gets child benefit?

Child benefit is paid regardless of income. In principle, parents receive the Child benefit for all underage children, who regularly take care of them and who live in your household. This also includes stepchildren, grandchildren or foster children. However, it is only ever paid to one person – usually one parent. In exceptional cases it can also be directly to the child This is the case, for example, if the child runs an independent household and does not receive support from his or her parents.

The entitlement to child benefit ends at the end of the month in which the child reaches 18 years of age. Children over the age of 18. However, the family benefits office can extend the payment of child benefits if children are registered with the employment agency after the age of 18. The child must still be in the school or vocational training or in a course of study are. However, child benefit will only be paid until the child reaches the age of 25 at the latest. child’s second birthday is paid.

Tip for young people over 18 years without a training place: They can also receive child benefit if they are looking for a training place. Prerequisite: You are registered with an employment agency or a job center registered as looking for an apprenticeship. They must provide proof of this.

Another requirement for the claim is that the place of residence is in Germany, another EU country, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland or Switzerland. For some countries, special regulations apply and there are also various constellations with regard to the nationalities of parents and children, which influence the entitlement to child benefits. The details can be read here.>>>

In the meantime, the family funds check whether the requirements for receiving the child allowance are still met. For this purpose you will be sent a questionnaire.

Where to apply for child benefit?

Child benefit – and also the possible extension over the 18. In exceptional cases, the child benefit may be extended beyond the age of 65 – parents must always apply in writing to the relevant family benefits office. This belongs to the local employment agency. You can find the address of the relevant family benefits office at familien-wegweiser.

Although you can also find the regular application for child benefit online, it is only valid with a signature and must therefore be printed out and sent to the family benefits office by mail.

In addition to the actual application, the family benefits office also needs a copy of the birth certificate. Important when filling out the application: The indication of the tax identification number (tax ID) of the claimant and/or the child. You should have this at hand. The tax ID of the child is sent automatically after registration at the registry office.

Child benefit is also paid retroactively, but only for six months.

Child benefit: Federal Employment Agency makes it easier to apply

To reduce the bureaucracy involved in continuing to receive child benefits during vocational training or college, the Federal Employment Agency has made it possible to apply online in just a few steps. As a rule, there is also a claim to child benefit during the training and this can be maintained by parents or trainees who no longer live at home, now just by the digital proof of the training contract or the vocational school certificate. The proof can be submitted online. The BA presents on her portal exact steps to it. Here you can reach the new child benefit service.>>>

When do the family benefits offices pay out child benefits?

Child benefit is paid to families once a month. The payment dates depend on the individual child benefit number that is assigned when the payment is approved. The final digit of the child benefit number determines the payment date. A list of these can be found at the Federal Employment Agency.>>>

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