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New operator remodels restaurant

Kassel: The Xallo bar will soon be serving kebabs – renovation underway

Mazlum Bavli in the former Xallo bar, which he is converting into a kebab restaurant called 'Crunchy Kebab.'

On Kassel’s pub mile, restaurants don’t stay empty for long. This also applies to the Xallo bar in the Haus der Komodie Kassel on Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse.

Kassel- Überraschlich for many guests the past operators had given up the popular restaurant in Kassel with the beginning of the year. But there are already activities for a reopening under new management and with a new concept.

„Probably in April, at the latest in May" Mazlum Bavli wants to start in completely modernized premises. His new pub should also continue to function as a bar, but mainly make an offer against the hunger of pub crawlers, tells the 33-year-old, who is studying political science at the University of Kassel. Bavli is also a trained chef, he learned at the Hotel Gude in Kassel and has always stayed close to the gastronomic scene through his family. Parents and brothers have been running a snack restaurant in the City Center at Wilhelmshohe station since 2002.

New gastronomy in Kassel: Doner can be combined from a variety of ingredients and sauces

The kebab with homemade sauces goes down particularly well with the guests there. Elsewhere, the classic snack has "fallen into disrepute somewhat" due to unkind preparation and questionable ingredients, Bavli knows. But presented with a sense of quality and imagination, he says he is ideally suited to appeal to the nightlife crowd on Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse.

For it the Gastro founder does not only want to set on high-quality ingredients, but to help the popular Schabefleisch pocket to the appearance in completely new variants. Similar to what you know from baguettes or pizza, the kebabs in the new place called "Crunchy Kebab" should be combinable from many different ingredients and sauces.

"We will probably offer a vegan skewer in addition to veal and chicken," Bavli says. Observance of green trends such as plastic avoidance should also help dust off the image of the doner kebab: "With our ‘Doner plus Bar’ concept, we want to appeal to younger people in particular."On weekends hungry ones are to find there still up to the early morning hours a place to go on the mile.

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Kassel: New gastronomy on Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse is a family project

As in Wilhelmshohe, the store on Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse will also be a family project, says Mazlum Bavli. Since his mother is well acquainted with the previous operator of the Xallo Bar, Hakan Duman, he had heard some time ago of his intention to withdraw from the bar operation. Above all, the difficult Corona time had probably given the final impetus for it.

"I then got in touch with him and he put me in touch with the landlord," says the future operator. It was agreed, since closing at the turn of the year, Bavli has already almost completely dismantled the interior of Xallo Bar to make room for something new. The 120-square-meter restaurant is to be completely different from its predecessor and will have an open preparation area for kebab dishes.

With the planners of a regional gastro furnishing company, Mazlum Bavli now wants to work out how his "Crunchy Kebab" should be designed in detail. In view of the high costs, however, it is also clear: "We will probably have to do a lot of the finishing work ourselves." (Axel Schwarz)

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